Chapter 42

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I grabbed my katana from Daryl I looked at him cautiously. Ya don't remember how to use this do ya? He asked me frustrated

No I'm sorry I can't help it I frowned Its fine just don't leave my sight and don't take the sword out until ya get ya memory back I can't risk ya getting hurt.

Daryl really does care about me, I decided to ignore him and take it out of its sheath anyway I started swinging it it felt normal like I knew what I was doing, Daryl stepped back and crossed his arms I thought ya said ya didn't know how to use it. He was smirking he looked so hot when he did that, well I thought I didn't I slid It back in and walked with Daryl

We walked over by I think Morgan, hey Morgan can you watch Arie for a bit I need to go hunting. Yeah of course Daryl turned to me he looked at me very sternly don't ya two leave this camp and stick with Morgan till I get back got it? he motioned between me and Morgan so we both nodded

He left leaving me and Morgan, he really loves you Arabell he's changed so much since we first met him he used to be a real jerk she said sitting down slowly since her stomach was big I nodded I don't remember meeting Daryl I frowned I can tell you about it if you want she smiled happily

I sat besides her on a log waiting for her to continue, Well it was months ago but me and you were going on a run when we ran into a herd of walkers so we hid in a outlet mall to take cover till they passed. We had decided to split up since we needed supplies, well apparently while I was looking for food Daryl and Glenn stopped you

Then you called me over and they took us to our old camp at the prison. You and Daryl hated each other for awhile but I knew you two would end up together she explained I thought about it really hard but didn't remember a thing I groaned frustrated that I couldn't remember I felt a hand on my shoulder so I looked back at Morgan

She smiled sweetly don't worry your memory will come back just give it time I decided to change the subject and ask her about the baby. So who's baby is it I motioned to her stomach making her smile widen. Its Carl's my boyfriend.

How far along are ya?

She thought about it "probably 4 1/2 months"

what do you want it to be?

I want a boy I nodded so where is Carl? Oh Umm I don't really know she got up with my help we started walking around camp looking for him. Thats really weird I think he was going to look for some berrys or something lets go check the woods she suggested

What about Daryl? I asked Damn your a goody too shoes when you have memory loss she joked I frowned but kept following her we were walking around when I heard a thud towards my left so I followed it, I was shocked at what I saw Carl was kissing some random chick, he pulled away suddenly with a horrifying look but I don't think Morgan saw it.

WHAT THE FUCK CARL! She screamed making him turn around its not what you think I just found her and she pulled me into her he rushed but Morgan ran off crying. Carl cussed but chased after her I looked at the girl who had kissed Carl she was smirking

Who are ya I asked curious as to why she thought it was okay to kiss a random person in the forest, I just wanted to make sure she wasn't going to kill me. Im Hollee why do you care?! she spat I was just wondering I trailed off not really knowing how to deal with these kind of situations so you guys got a camp? I was to busy kissing that boy to ask him

I was debating on whether to tell her or not, uh no where on the run he was just walking ahead to make sure there weren't any walkers near by. I see well I hate to ruin your day but I need a place to stay and you guys are letting me in your little group she spoke

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