Guardian Angel. (A Walking Dead/Daryl Dixon Fan Fiction) #Wattys2017 by LaceyDixon_
Guardian Angel. (A Walking Dead/ LaceyDixon_
Piper Deleware was all alone after her family were killed. Now she's a survivor thanks to Daryl Dixon. They take care of each other, and fall in love. But with their...
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Cult » Daryl Dixon by aleighdixon
Cult » Daryl Dixonby aleigh.
❛ you don't get to choose what I decide to do. you can't stop me. ❜ ❛ ya don't think I can stop you? think again, strawberry. ❜ [#5 in thewalkingdead , #24 in da...
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hunters curse ↦ twd/spn by potatojesus-
hunters curse ↦ twd/spnby madi
(from the mind of a thirteen year old me.. pls don't h8) ❝they know who i am. that's why they ran.❞ it's hard to accept you're different. it's even harder when...
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Sneaky by Miimaas
Sneakyby Miimaas
"That's Evelyn, but she prefers Eve." Dale spoke from behind us. "She doesn't say much. Maybe you'll get to hear her voice someday." Evelyn Rider's l...
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Then To Right Now// Daryl Dixon by TwerkingWithCara
Then To Right Now// Daryl Dixonby Cara 🌙
love ləv/ noun //an intense feeling of deep affection. combat medics are responsible for providing first aid and frontline trauma care on the battlefield. I own nothing...
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Survival 101 ↝ Carl Grimes [1] by BeautyAndMarie_
Survival 101 ↝ Carl Grimes [1]by Marie
❝The first rule about surviving a zombie apocalypse; don't be the black guy.❞ ❝You're on some other shit, ain't ya, little girl?❞ Survival 101 Copyright © 2014, BeautyAn...
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The Living Dead (Daryl Dixon Daughter Fanfic) by _angelwithacrossbow_
The Living Dead (Daryl Dixon M 🖤
Little Georgia Dixon has had only two people in her life who watched out for her: Daryl and Merle Dixon. They don't always care for her, but they always protect her, and...
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Innocence by CLBrierley
Innocenceby C.L.Brierley
Annabelle Adams is a young girl on her own living in an abandoned van just outside Atlanta city in Georgia that had recently been overrun by undead meat eating zombies...
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can't help falling||c.g by EllenRose32
can't help falling||c.gby Ellen Rose
"Falling in love. And say, it's crazy. Falling. You see? We don't say 'rising into love.' There is in it the idea of the fall." -Alan Watts This isn't just som...
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How i became Dixon's stress reliever (Smut) by ___SomeStuff___
How i became Dixon's stress ___SomeStuff___
Daryl Dixon smut book
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❝THE STARS DIDN'T CHANGE, BUT YOU DID.❞ The stars reminded Athena of many things: the way her sister's eyes used to sparkle in the moonlight, the soft glow of st...
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BAD BOY || Books 1&2 (Carl Grimes)  by zombaequeen
BAD BOY || Books 1&2 (Carl Grimes) by Em
Contains two books. Mature Content Strong Sexual Scenes Mature Language Vivid Gore Details Viewer Discretion is advised Absolutely NO translation or copy on this book...
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Alone | C.GRIMES by MayGarner
Alone | C.GRIMESby m a y y ✨
"I don't want to be a l o n e anymore." In the end, perhaps, the two souls will no longer be alone. C.GRIMES [s.4-s.6] ~ ( I have no ownership over an...
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GIF SERIES ▸ multifandom by impalaboys
GIF SERIES ▸ multifandomby ↠Impala Boys↞
|GIF-BASED IMAGINES| →multifandom teen wolf supernatural the 100 maze runner marvel star trek star wars walking dead vikings + miscellaneous Created June 14, 2017
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As They Rise (The Eva Series #1) by jenmariewilde
As They Rise (The Eva Series #1)by Jen Wilde
A Wattpad Featured story. As seen on The Huffington Post. Book One of The Eva Series, which has over 3M combined reads! A kick-ass young girl, a nation swarming with zom...
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Daryls Girl by geedixon1
Daryls Girlby Georgia
It has been a few weeks since the apocalypse broke out and Lily Riggs and her boyfriend Tyler are lost in the woods. They are trying to find somewhere safe to live when...
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Till Death Do Us Part: A Daryl Dixon Story (The Walking Dead) by youngarctic
Till Death Do Us Part: A Daryl A.
Daryl was always a cold person. But that day when I said 'I do', I knew that there was a caring and selfless man inside him. And I hated to admit it, but I missed him. I...
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Carl Grimes Imagines by starsabovej
Carl Grimes Imaginesby ♡
Carl Grimes and occasional Chandler Riggs Imagines :) [future me: i wrote this a while ago, my new stories are much better. you guys seem to enjoy this though, so it ca...
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Life I Left Behind (A Daryl Dixon Story) by Aint_It_Fun
Life I Left Behind (A Daryl Nikki
Charlie Asher has stayed true to her small town roots, despite her new big city life. All that changes though with the onset of the "epidemic"...aka the zombie...
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Li'l Sparky // [Daryl Dixon] by dead-as-disco
Li'l Sparky // [Daryl Dixon]by Lulabelle
"How did you know Merle?" "He saved my life. He saved me from somebody I loved." --- Ryan Melody Greene has not had the best life. She's not beautifu...
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