Chapter 29

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Running I was running something was chasing me I don't know what but I do know I needed to get away, I fell to the ground I tried getting up but I couldn't.

Something pulled at my leg I looked up it was a walker I couldn't see it's face, it started to bite me and eat my flesh I screamed as loud as I could even though it didn't hurt.

Then it changed point of views I was watching it happen but when the walker turned its head I noticed it was Daryl I screamed No! this can't be happening I tried running towards it but I was stuck I couldn't move.

I heard a distance familiar voice, Wake up! someone screamed wake up

I shot up blinking a few times it was just a dream I wiped my face and noticed I was crying. How are ya feeling? I heard Daryl's voice ask

Like I was hit by a truck I laid back down I felt week, I noticed I had a IV hooked up to my arm with fluid going through it.

What's wrong with me? I questioned

Hershel said ya were dehydrated an he thinks ya got a virus is all. Oh so What happened? I asked Ya passed out on ya way up here, do ya still have a headache? Daryl asked
More like a migraine I groaned

Someone knocked on the door interrupting our conversation Daryl patted my arm before getting up to answer it. Sasha came in with a cup of something she handed to me. Hershel said to drink this it will help. Okay thanks I looked at the tea and smelled it

She laughed its just a herbal tea I scrunched my nose up gross
she chuckled and walked away closing the door behind her. Arie ya have to drink it I groaned but I don't want to it's gross and It smells funny

He laughed slightly stop being stubborn and drink it, no I challenged him, he squinted his eyes at me I just smiled at him and set the tea down.

He walked over to me and picked the tea up if I drink some of it will ya drink it then? he asked

I shook my head no probably not.                  Arie please just drink the tea he pleaded
No its gross and I don't want to I crossed my arms like a three year old would.

He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed open ya mouth he said No he grabbed my cheeks softly I squirmed in his grip trying to hit him, I felt the warm liquid in my mouth. Daryl let go of me and set the tea down but I wouldn't swallow the tea.

I spit it out, it went all over Daryl he gasped slightly while I started gagging from the taste I ended up throwing up luckily there was a trash can by the bed. After I was done Daryl had already changed his shirt, I glared at him slightly I told ya I didn't like it he rolled his eyes at me and started to walk out the door.

I sighed and laid back down I started coughing and sneezing again I groaned I hated being sick

A few seconds later Daryl came back with a bowl in his hand I looked at him questionably, its just noodle soup I took out the chicken cause it was most likely bad he explained

I smiled happily and ate the soup it tasted weird and was darker than usual but I ate it anyway after I was done I gave the bowl back to Daryl he was smirking I looked at him what did ya do to the soup?! I asked frantically I put some of the tea in it

Ewwww no wonder it tastes funny

I was about to talk again when I started coughing it was a gross cough I had alot of crud in my throat I kicked my legs in frustration Daryl chuckled No need to have a tantrum. Oh shut it I buried my head in my pillow I was tired even though I woke up not very long ago I felt the bed sink next to me

Daryl wrapped his arm around my waist and laid with me, Daryl I don't want ya to get sick I started to say but he stopped me, I don't care if ya get me sick and with that he fell asleep he was snoring lightly making me laugh

I closed my eyes drifting off into a dreamless sleep.

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