Chapter 3

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Arabells POV

After I put the food down I decided to meet the people here I spotted a blonde girl sitting on a bench so I walked over to her. Hey I said oh hi your the new person I heard Daryl grumbling about she laughed Yup that's me. Well I'm Arabell by the way

Oh I'm Beth its nice to meet you we talked for awhile till we where interrupted by a baby crying. Oh I have to go take care of Judith so I'll talk to you later she waved then jogged over to a cell.

I was left alone so I decided to walk around for awhile and introduce myself to the people around here they all seem nice all except Daryl he's such a jerk.

I went to find Morgan but she was talking to Carl I talked to him earlier he seems like a good kid. I guess I'll go find Rick and ask him about our weapons. I walked out side I spotted him Hey Rick! What? umm do you think we could have our weapons back? I asked

Yeah but if you make one wrong move I'm taking them away he said very sternly he grabbed them out of a car and handed them to me.

Do you mind going on a run with Daryl and Glenn where running low on supply's Rick asked me I really didn't want to go but I have to work for my stay. Sure no problem when are we leaving?

Right know let's go I heard a southern accent say I turned around, Daryl was standing behind me I nodded let me just go give Morgan her weapons and I'll be ready I ran in the prison before he could protest, I went up to Morgan she was still talking to Carl hey here's your gun and machete I told her, oh thanks she grabbed them from me oh I'm also going on a run so I'll be back. okay be safe! she yelled

I walked outside Daryl was leaning against the truck he saw me walking towards him so he got in the truck after I got in he started to leave. I thought Glenn was coming with us I asked very confused He decided to stay oh I was kinda disappointed I don't fully like the idea of being alone with Daryl yet he gets on my nerves.

Why you got a crush on that Asian boy well don't waste your time he's already got a girlfriend! he yelled quite angrily I thought I heard a hint of jealousy in his voice it's probably nothing why would he be jealous as far as I know he hates me.

I snapped out of my thoughts and answered I don't like Glenn he's just my only friend here so far so I was just wondering cause that's what Rick told me! I yelled back.

Whatever he mumbled so what do we have to get I asked breaking the awkward silence we need more formula so where gonna go through some houses and stores.

I was starting to recognize the area the truck stopped in front of Walmart I smiled cause its the Walmart me and Morgan used to go to

I hopped out of the car I ran to stab a Walker that was making its way towards us but before I got there a arrow went threw its head.

I turned around Daryl had a stupid smirk on his face.

"I was about to kill that"

well you where taking to long now come on. I went into the Walmart I didn't check to see if any walkers where in there luckily I didn't get attacked yet. I went to get formula, I stuffed alot in my backpack I also grabbed some diapers just in case when I thought I grabbed enough

I went to find Daryl but something pulled my hair hard I heard groaning Shit it's a walker I tried to turn around but the walker fell on me I managed to get my hair free and turn so I could hold his face away from mine to stab it but my katana was out of reach. I was holding its head away from me but it was still trying to bite at my flesh.

DARYL!! HELP!!! I don't know how much longer I could last, the walker was so close to my face I was about to give up when a arrow a arrow flew into the walkers head nearly hitting me. Blood splattered on my face I cringed from the smell of it, Daryl ran up to me throwing the walker off me he helped me up.

I looked at him he looked concerned ye alright? he asked me while looking for any bite marks, yeah I'm fine.

Ye need to be more carful ye coulda got ye self killed! he screamed he's got to be joking, Oh I'm sorry that a walker yanked my hair and fell on me it wasn't my fault! I argued.

Actually it was ye didn't even bother to check if there was any in here before ye came in ye stupid bitch! I was silent I just turned around and walked out I am not going to just stand there and be called a bitch by some stupid redneck.

I walked out of the store and started to walk down the road I am not riding in the same truck as him. Where are ye going now?! I heard Daryl yell. Back to the prison I'm not riding in the same truck as you!

I continued walking until I was lifted off the ground. What the heck Daryl put me down I started hitting his back but he didn't budge he just ignored me. I'm not letting ye walk all the way back to the prison by ye self he answered surprisingly calm I thought he would be yelling at me.

Why would you care I'm just a stupid bitch remember! I screamed, who does he think he is geez I swear he's bipolar. He put me in the truck, he got in the other side then started driving it was silent but I was planning on keeping it that way. I thought drama would be over with since the fucking world just ended.


There's the 3rd chapter I think it was kinda a long chapter i cant really tell because i update on my phone but I don't think the others will be this long so if you don't like long chapters don't worry. Lol I'm at taco bueno and I had Internet so I updated haha

Anyway hoped you guys liked the chapter thanks for reading! :)

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