Chapter 22

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Arabells POV

After I cooled off I returned back to camp I noticed everybody had panicked looks on there faces I walked over to them confused, what's wrong? I asked them Its Morgan we can't find her anywhere, we think she ran off.

My breath got caught in my throat,

She ran off?! we have to find her she's pregnant she can't risk getting hurt.

We know but we need to act quick because she left all her weapons here.

This can't be happening, I know I'm still beyond mad at her but she's family I love her she's all I have left,

She can't be gone.....this is my fault if I wasn't being such a bitch to her she wouldn't of ran off like this.

Guys here's the plan we split up in groups and search the woods we meet back in a couple hours Michonne you come with me and Daryl we will look west of here , Tyreese, Sasha and Carol you guys head North, Carl, Rick you look east of here, Maggie and Glenn you head south lets move out I rushed.

I just hope she's okay.

Morgans POV

After I heard Arabell I left my weapons in my tent then ran off without anyone noticing, I don't know where I was going but I was getting away from there, I ran for a couple miles then stopped I hit a tree with a thick branch a couple times to attract walkers I then laid down and waited for the worst, I hope they don't find me but its not like they would miss me.

Arabells POV

I took off running with Daryl and Michonne following I slowed down to a fast walk, Daryl came up besides me we'll find her don't worry to much. I nodded knowing that if I talked I would burst into tears I'm just just having mixed emotions about all this. You don't think she over heard what I said do you I asked Daryl.

Honestly I don't see any other reason she would run away like this unless she heard you say what you said.

Michonne spoke up after awhile

Just remember what I told you Arabell you need to learn to forgive in a world like this not everything is going to be perfect. I know I know lets just not focus on that lets focus on finding my cousin.

A few walkers started to stumble in front of us I grabbed my katana and stabbed them, I looked down at them and started to stab their heads, I kept stabbing them over and over until I felt they had enough until finally I stopped. I looked up at Daryl and Michonne they were staring at me with concerned looks I just ignored them and kept walking.

Daryl noticed tracks on the ground a few minutes later they looked like Morgans We followed them for awhile they seemed to go on forever. I heard groaning I started to panic at what I saw Morgan laying on the ground just staring at the sky while 4 walkers where stumbling towards her.

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