Chapter 26

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Morgans POV

I was laying In my bed just thinking, what if Arabell didn't mean what she said I mean she has been through a lot lately, Daryl told me how she got kidnapped then found someone and then she died and in the same day so did Kaylum, I understand that she was mad but she wanted me dead.

I sighed but got up I opened the door quietly so I wouldn't wake up Beth we where sharing a room I grabbed a flashlight and I walked out the door and was met with Carl hey I smiled Hey where you going? he asked

I was just going for a walk he nodded okay be careful, I walked past him I started towards the fence Rick made out of the barbwire he put cans and stuff so we could here if a walker was coming I crawled over it and continued walking.

I didn't know where I was going maybe I could look for water or something I turned and went into the woods I walked for a bit just enjoying the silence suddenly I came across a stream I smiled the water looked pretty clear I ran back to the camp and spotted Daryl hey! Whats he doing up I thought to myself I found a stream a little ways into the woods it looked clean you guys should go check it out.

Did ya run all the way here he asked me I nodded yeah why? That could hurt the baby ya shouldn't be running

Oh is all I said I didn't know that I mumbled Just try to remember to take it easy okay? okay sorry I walked away slightly embarrassed I was looking at the ground when I ran into someone

I looked up it was Arabell I cleared my throat awkwardly sorry I mumbled its fine she smiled, so how ya been she asked me, pretty good I found a stream not far from here I told Daryl and I think they are going to check it out I said

That's cool, yeah this is so awkward I sighed hey I'm sorry for being so rude to you I said Oh no it's fine I understand I would be the same way

I nodded and walked away I went to lay down I put my hands on my stomach I wonder what it's gonna be

Arabells POV

I woke up and Daryl wasnt next to me so I went to find him, he was talking to Rick so I walked up to them I stood there listing for a second "So Morgan found a stream? Rick asked Daryl

I interrupted Ya guys need me to go with you? I asked Rick laughed a little what are ya laughing at I questioned Your starting to sound like Daryl when you talk.

I looked at Daryl he nodded agreeing with him whatever answer my question I whined yeah you can come but if you could bring some dirty clothes we could probably wash them In the stream he suggested I groaned I hate laundry

Bring Beth to help it has to be done I rolled my eyes okay so when are we leaving? tomorrow morning so be ready I nodded Daryl walked back to our room with me and laid down, i was going to ask him why he left but decided against it soon enough I fell asleep.

Next morning

I just finished putting on my jacket then walked out of my room, I went to find Beth to ask her if she'd help me with laundry I spotted her holding Judith, Hey Beth do you think you could help me wash some clothes? Morgan found a stream and Rick asked me to ask you if you could help me I laughed slightly

Yeah sure just let me give Judith to Carl she walked away and came back minutes later with a bag of clothes I ran up to my room and stuffed clothes into a bag we walked back to meet with Daryl and Rick they each had clothes I'm guessing there everybody's in our groups, Ready they asked

We nodded and started walking

So where did she say she found it I asked A little ways into the woods Daryl grumbled

We walked for a couple more minutes and came across it, well it looks clean enough I sat down and started washing the clothes Daryl sat down next to me and watched.

Would ya like to help I asked him

Nah I'm good

I rolled my eyes typical men I muttered what ya say about men? Oh nothing you wouldn't understand I tried not to laugh he was getting mad. I know ya said something I ignored him, okay ya asked for it I was about to ask him what he was talking about when I felt myself being lifted in the air I squealed Daryl put me down!

Okay if you insist and with that I fell in the water getting soaked, Daryl its freezing out here and now I'm wet I whined

I'm going back to camp you can finish washing these I muttered and took off running.

I laughed because he had no choice to stay because Beth was there and Rick already left, when I made it back to the camp Maggie came running up to me why are you wet your going to get sick she rushed. Well my idiot boyfriend thought it would be funny to drop me in the stream I shivered she grabbed me a towel, I thanked her and made my way to my room.

I took off my wet clothes and changed into some sweats and a hoodie that was still cleanish I put my boots back on and looked in the mirror I frowned at the sight my scar was hideous along with the bags under my eyes, my cheek bones where showing more along with my ribs and hip bones.

I ringed as much water as I could out of my hair and put it in a bun. I was still shivering but me being me I walked out of the room and back down the stairs I noticed they had the grocery store cleared and where bringing bags of food out they had a little fire and where boiling water I went and sat down by the fire putting my hands close to it trying to warm myself.

They had a few buckets of water already boiled, Arabell you can take a bucket of the water to you and Daryl's room we are using em so we have some sort of bathing system Carol smiled

It's better than nothing I guess.

I thanked her and dragged it to our room and into the bathroom. I laid down on the bed and covered up with my purple blanket Daryl came in not long after his cheeks where a light shade of pink from being outside for so long.

The clothes are drying outside he said

I yawned okay I'm gonna take a nap

He laid down beside me and wrapped his arms around me sweet dreams darlin.

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