Chapter 24

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Ready? Daryl asked me I nodded

We were getting ready to clear our room he knocked on the window three walkers came hitting the window trying to get out. I unlocked the door I had my hunting knife in hand, I flung the door open and stabbed the first walker then the second one, Daryl got the last one.

We walked in slowly just in case there was anymore. when we didn't see any we started to look around. I went to the bathroom there was blood everywhere I cringed at the sight, Daryl where gonna have to clean this out soon, okay he mumbled.

I set my stuff in the dresser then laid my backpack down I heard a thud so I turned around and saw Daryl laying on the bed he sighed happily, this is the most comfortable bed I've had in a long time. I laughed and agreed I laid down with him just enjoying his presence, Daryl?

Yeah? Do you think I'm a bad person? I asked him softly. No your just stressed, I stayed quite not totally agreeing with him I got up and put my katana on my back I walked out the door I spotted Rick so I walked up to him, So what's the plan now I asked

Tomorrow we are going to clear the grocery store so we can stock up on food then we will clear the gas station

I nodded we need to find water supply

And maybe we can find something to make a fence out of so walkers can't get in here as easily he agreed

Me and Daryl can go on a run if you want we can look for a pond somewhere and maybe barbwire?

You guys need your rest we can have Maggie and Glenn go Rick tried but I refused We can do it Rick okay?

He sighed but agreed I ran back into the room me and Daryl shared, get your stuff were going on a run

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