Chapter 7

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I got to the prison, I put my katana on my back then went to pick up Kaylum, without waking him I carried him in the prison past Daryl and Rick I put him on the bottom bunk In mine and Morgans cell. I walked out only to run into something I looked up it was Daryl.

Who is that kid and why did ya bring em here?! he whispered yelled

His mom got attacked by walkers I wasn't just going to leave him there I snapped back. Rick came up behind Daryl and started to speak, he's just another mouth to feed Arabell I-

I cut him off I don't care if he's another mouth to feed he's like 4 I'm not going to let him leave this prison to just to die I understand that he's just another mouth to feed but I'll deal with that okay?! I was sick of this how could they think of making him go back out there.

You didnt let me finish I was going to say He's your responsibility know, that means providing him with food and making sure he's safe but if something happens to him then its on you with that he walked off.

I looked up at Daryl he was staring at me like he was hypnotized, I took this time to take in his features he actually wasn't that bad looking his eyes where so pretty I've always like blue eyes wait what am I saying I don't like him do I?

I shook my head and walked away to check on Kaylum I sat on a chair I admired how peaceful Kaylum was, how his Blonde hair covered his bright blue eyes I frowned its so sad how he is going to have to grow up in this cruel world and won't know what it's like to be a normal kid.

I walked past Daryl who was still looking at me I playfully pushed him he snapped out of his trance and walked off but I followed him.

Hey Rick I'm going huntin he mumbled, I am to I yelled at Rick

Daryl stopped in his tracks turning around, uh no ya not I'm goin alone he said. Actually Daryl it might be good if you brought her we could use somebody else that knows how to hunt.

I ran and grabbed my katana, I also went to find Beth. I Spotted her playing with Judith

hey Beth I walked up to her do you think you could watch Kaylum while I'm gone? I asked

uh yeah sure Rick already told us about him she smiled I thanked her I met Daryl by the door. He turned and walked out the door without saying a word so I just followed him outside the gates and into the woods.

Do ya even know how to shoot a gun or hunt for that matter he asked me. Um not really I answered truthfully but I want to learn some more. He shook his head and kept walking.

In all honesty I just wanted to be alone with Daryl there's just something about him that makes me not want to leave his side.

We are currently sitting behind a bush while Daryl aimed at a deer, we have been out here tracking it for probably two hours.

He taught me the basics of tracking so I tried to help some.

His arrow flew threw the air hitting the deer in the chest I whooped and took off running towards it I was almost there when I tripped over a tree limb and face planted I started laughing my head off I was crying Because I was laughing so hard.

Daryl walked up to me Are ya okay? you could tell he was stifling a laugh he held out his hand for me which I gladly took he pulled me up so fast that I lost my balance causing me to fall into his chest I looked up about to apologize but he was already staring at me, I was about to ask him if he was okay but before I could comprehend what was happening he kissed me.

I was shocked but I kissed back his lips were so soft and moved perfectly with mine, my stomach was doing flips he pulled me closer letting his hands rest on my hips after a few minutes he pulled back I stood there shocked and out of breath.

What are ya doing to me Daryl asked himself more than me. I didn't know what to say but I do know one thing I like Daryl Dixon.


Oh snap what's going to happen know?! this is so exciting like omg🙊🙈 thanks for reading!

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