Chapter 36

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This is really heavy for one tiny person to push I complained, we where currently pushing a desk in front of the door for the night well I shouldn't say we more like I was and everyone else was laughing at my attempt.

Guyssss I whined again Daryl sighed and helped me push it I thanked him and grabbed some boards and nails then a hammer Rick found earlier, we have to board up the windows that are broke and in the rooms we are staying at so it will be harder to get into. I started to board up a window I finished  after what felt like hours.

Okay guys I think it's secure enough for tonight I'll take first watch and we will switch every few hours so get your rest. I sighed in relief I could finally get some sleep, I noticed Morgan and Carl was sharing a room I still can't believe she's pregnant. Are ya coming or not Arie? Daryl asked

I snapped out of my thoughts and followed him into our new room, I still didn't feel completely safe here yet so I kept the same outfit and my boots on and I kept my weapons close to me just in case we had to get out of here.

Daryl fell back on the bed I followed

My stomach made a dying whale noise suddenly making me laugh and grab it. Are ya hungry or something? Daryl asked Yeah kinda but we don't have much food I just dont feel right about eating when I know Morgan, Carl and Beth aren't getting much to eat.

Arie ya still have to eat, I don't want ya to get weak and sick, Daryl I will be fine until tomorrow we can go on a run or something but I'm not eating until we have enough food for all of us end of story I argued No ya going to eat something he got up and went to his trash bag he carried around, he came back with a box of crackers.

He tossed them to me, just eat some please I groaned but did as I was told I ate three they were so good I handed them back to Daryl and he laid down besides me Night Arabell Daryl kissed me lightly then wrapped his arms around my waist I smiled I will never get used to him kissing me


I know it's awful but I'm kinda having writers block but I'm thinking of some more ideas hopefully they will work out fine but yeah

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