Chapter 49

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Why can't life be easy? cause your in a damn apocalypse that's why, I was standing under the water watching the blood and dirt run down the makeshift drain.

My conscious was arguing with me I swear I'm going crazy. I turned the water off since I wasted enough already, I dried off with my towl

Then got out

I noticed clothes laid out on my bed I smiled knowing Daryl put them there.

I slipped my undergarments on then my clothes along with my boots. I dried my hair as best as I can do with the towel then brushed it

I sighed I hope I don't get sick walking around with wet hair in 50 degree weather. I put my holster on then my katana they was clean, the only thing that needed cleaning is my boots since they have dried blood and guts on them. I walked outside I spotted Morgan she looked uncomfortable but I pushed it aside

Hey I'm going to the river to wash my boots want to come? uh no I don't think so I don't feel up to walking, I frowned are ya okay? is the baby fine?

Yeah I'm fine it's fine just tired I nodded unsure okay I'll just go find Carl. that was weird I thought to myself, Hey Carl want to come to the river with me to wash my boots?

Yeah sure he followed me down the path past the fence we walked in silence till he spoke up. Does it seem like Morgans acting weird to you?

Ya actually it does but I'm sure it's nothing I assured him while putting my arm around his shoulder

He sighed don't worry to much about it Carl he didn't answer I sighed we finally made it to the river I took one shoe off I pulled my bandana out of my backpack getting it wet some. I started cleaning them, so how are you and Daryl? Carl asked causing me to smile Good actually I'm just glad to be back ya know?

He nodded do you ever wonder if your going to get knocked up? I gasped Carl! whatI'm just saying you don't know how many times I've heard you guys you need to learn to be more quite he raised his hand in defense. I punched him playfully don't talk like that ya to young!

Pft whatever I rolled my eyes this child is going to be the death of me I finished cleaning my shoes so we made our way back to camp. I noticed people running back and forth crazily then Beth came running to us.

Morgans in labor! she rushed

My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets I started to run following Beth but Carl was frozen in place come on Carl I grabbed his arm and dragged him with me. We went into their dorm where Morgan was in the middle of a contraction. Carl snapped out of his daze and ran to her side she grabbed his hand squeezing it making him make a funny face from pain.

Okay I need everyone out except Carl! Sasha and Arabell go get me some towls and water Maggie rushed

Do you know what your doing?! I asked she nodded my dad taught me the basics now go! I did as I was told grabbing a handful of towels and a bucket of water. I gave her the towls she handed me one keep this on her forehead so she doesn't get to hot

I did as I was told. Morgan screamed In pain she was crying Morgan look at me I rushed just breath through the pain breath in breath out she finally ended the contraction. She let her head fall back it hurts so bad she cried. Carl kissed her forehead it's alright baby your doing great. She screamed I see a head! Morgan your gonna have to start pushing on the next contraction! Maggie yelled

She grabbed mine and Carl's hand I cringed since she was squeezing the crap out of my hand ya doen good. Morgan stopped pushing she was panting, next contraction push again I see the shoulders come one your doen good Maggie yelled

Sahsa towel! she handed it to her then we heard crying

Morgan sighed in relief letting my hand go its a boy Maggie smiled Carl and Morgan started crying but it was because they were happy. I smiled

I'll let you guys be alone

I left the room Daryl and the rest of the group was waiting in the hall. I walked to Daryl she's fine but the baby's so tiny it was two months early, everything seemed to be okay with it though. Daryl hugged me tightly yaever want one? he asked

I looked up at him with a confused face. Ya know ya ever want a baby

I smiled yeah actually I do

Everyone went In and visited them the baby was small but so far was alive, I was sitting in the room with Daryl besides me. I was admiring Morgans little family they looked so happy so what did ya name him? I asked she smiled Keaton I nodded well we need to go on a run to get stuff for him Daryl

It's dark though he stated

I don't care he needs Clothes, diapers and a crib I don't think he can wear Judith's diapers much longer they are bigger than him I laughed he sighed okay we'll be back later.

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