Chapter 43

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So are you just crazy or are you working with someone we should know about?! I asked Hollee casually

I convinced Daryl an Rick to let me talk to her before they decide what to do. She laughed you have no idea nor do you want a idea what's going on in my head so I'll take the first answer

You know they are most likely going to kill you right I'm getting annoyed by her attitude I'm here trying to get her to explain her self and she's just making it worse. Do you have a group? used to they got ripped to shreds at the beginning been on my own since then the world changes you I don't even know who I am anymore you guys would be doing me a favor by killing me she said surprisingly calm

I walked out of the shed they were keeping her, so ya find anything out? Daryl asked me he was leaning up against the wall casually. She used to have a group I think she's insane just by the way she talks, she's like the governor she doesn't care about anyone but I don't think you guys should kill her, I think she's just a young girl trapped by herself in a awful world what is she like 14? 13 maybe.

Arie ya don't understand if we let her go she could turn into a psycho just like the governor and come back to kill us! she's a threat and we don't deal with em we get rid of em he whispered/yelled I don't care it's not right we can just blind fold her and drive far away from camp and leave her there. Arie why are ye so difficult?!

I didn't answer I just stared at him with a look that said don't test me

He sighed in defeat fine I'll go talk to Rick, I smiled in victory

I was on watch right know so I sat against the shed, I got bored so I started drawing in the dirt with my knife I noticed someone sit besides me but I didn't look up. Hey can we talk?

It was Morgan I looked up at her she had dried tears on her cheeks and her eyes where red from crying.

I frowned yeah sure, what do I do about Carl she whispered

Well you should listen to him I saw his face when he was kissing her he looked shocked and disgusted I don't think he meant to I think she pulled him in right when we found them, ya need to stop stressing your going to hurt ya little one I gestured to her stomach she nodded

I guess it's just the thought of him with her made me so sad like my heart just broke, I understand but ya need to stop being angry with him like someone once told me ya never know how long ya will last in this world so don't spend it angry with someone I said referring to Michonne back when I was upset with Morgan

She nodded thanks, know what are we gonna do with her? she nodded towards the shed. I don't know Daryl went to talk to Rick about it, awhile ago he hasn't came back yet though

Okay well I'm going to go find Carl

She got up and walked away leaving me alone with the dirt.

Suddenly I heard a groan I jumped up by instinct I pulled my katana out and walked towards the small barb wire fence, there was two zombies struggling to get through. Why aren't you two ugly son of bitches I mumbled focusing on there feature there wasn't much though one hardly any hair, and it's flesh was ripped up I cringed I swung my katana quickly hitting the side of its head.

I was about to kill the next one when a arrow flew by my head killing the walker instantly I turned around, Why do you always do that I whined making Daryl smirk he's so sexy when he smirks cause I know it annoys you, wait ya know I always do that he was surprised yeah I remember it I smiled

I've gotten alot of my memory back in the last two days it's exciting.

What do ya want loser I muttered
changing the subject, I talked to Rick he said he doesn't agree with it but were gonna have a vote tonight to be fair.

~later that night~

We were all gathered in the library "we" consisted of Daryl, Rick, Michonne, me, Glenn, Maggie, Lucy, Sasha, Tyreese. Rick wouldn't allow Carl, Beth and Morgan to come he said they were to young to be involved in this, Carl wasn't happy about it.

Okay so we all know Hollee is a threat we were just going to kill her but we had a argument with someone who doesn't think it's the right thing to do that person will not be named. Who would think that she tried to kill Arabell! Tyreese yelled

I was kinda laughing cause I'm the person who didn't think it was right, okay so we are going to vote which ever wins is the one we are going to pick. Who ever thinks we should execute her raise there hands, Daryl, Rick and Tyreese raised there hands

I was surprised that they were the only ones. Why aren't you guys raising your hands?! Tyreese was taking this very seriously he needs to calm down

Because she's like 13 and it just doesn't feel right to do that to her she's just confused I argued at him making him look at me shocked, SHE TRIED TO KILL YOU ARABELL HOW CAN YOU THINK LIKE THAT?! He yelled making me cower some he can be scary when he's mad.

Hey don't ya yell at her like that Daryl whispered roughly while stepping in front of Tyrees. They stared at each other until Ty finally stepped back but not before looking at me, when something happens to us because of her don't be surprised and with that he left. Okay we will do all of this tomorrow lets eat then get some sleep we need to get up early.

Everybody started leaving the room, Daryl, Arabell, Michonne your coming with me to do this so be ready we nodded and walked out.

~After we ate~

I was laying down with Daryl besides me I felt comfortable enough for him to sleep besides me again. he had his arm wrapped around my torso, he was snoring lightly making me laugh at his cuteness I was messing with his hair

when I heard a scream making us both jump up quickly grabbing our weapons and running outside where we found Beth getting cornered by walkers.

Shit! I ran towards her I screamed trying to get the attention of the walkers but they were set on her

I finally reached her I stabbed a walker with my katana while Beth got another one, I killed another just as Daryl killed the last one. Beth was gasping for air she was shocked I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and led her back into the building

Just as everyone else was running out, Maggie took Beth with her I sighed tired I hope she's okay I whispered

Daryl grabbed my hand I'm sure she is who was on watch? he asked I thought Lucy and Sasha was, Sasha came up behind us along with Lucy but she didn't look good she looked in pain

Oh no no no no where are you bit Lucy?! She was bit on the stomach I-I couldn't shoot her Sasha sobbed

I don't know what to do suddenly Lucy got light headed and fell. Rick stepped up I got it you guys go in side. Ya sure Rick? Daryl asked Yeah

We all went inside and sat in our rooms just knowing what was happing out side I felt a tear run down my cheek suddenly followed by another Daryl noticed and pulled me into a hug its gonna be alrigh I sobbed some more, I cried my self asleep that night like I do most nights

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