Chapter 32

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Daryl aimed his crossbow at a deer he pulled the trigger and shot it right in the chest causing it to fall to the ground, I walked up to it and tied its feet together so it would be easier to carry. Thanks Darlin I heard Daryl's voice say

I smiled up at him no problem, he picked it up and started walking, so how long do you think this will last us? i asked him he shrugged a few weeks maybe I nodded in response it was silent the rest of the way to the camp when we got back Daryl skinned the deer and got the meat off it he put the meat In the icebox well more like a plastic tub with ice In it.

I sat down by the small fire Rick had made it wasn't much but it works Carl sat down next to me hey kiddo I smiled causing him to scoff don't call me that. I laughed so how's life going I mumbled

pretty crappy but I'll manage he answered same here Carl same

Daryl came and sat besides us, "Here" his rough yet soft voice spoke I grabbed the jar of peanut butter and started to eat I looked at Daryl he was eating jelly, I laughed before speaking hey Daryl Your the jelly to my peanut butter he looked at me weirdly then smirked well then your the peanut butter to my jelly

He smirked once again want to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich I smiled you know it. Okay you guys are weird I'm out of here. I forgot Carl was sitting next to us I started laughing my head off, I was taken off guard when Daryl grabbed my hand he started walking towards the woods.

Where are we going Daryl? you'll see is all he said we walked for about 30minutes until I spotted a small clearing Daryl laid down in the grass and looked at the clouds I followed his actions. I found this place the other day when I was huntin he grabbed my hand causing butterflies to erupt in my stomach

Do you ever wonder about the future like what's gonna happen? he asked me softly, yeah I wonder if we will ever have a family and maybe one day the world won't be like this anymore but that's to much to ask for.

Daryl was silent he was just staring at the sky probably thinking about what I just said.

Can I ask ya a question Daryl?

Sure he faced me as if telling me to continue What was your life like before all this happened?

He was silent I knew I shouldn't have brought this up it was a touchy subject but it was killing me not knowing

If ya must know my dad was a ass, Merle was no better. My mom died when I was 7 this whole damn apocalypse is probably the best thing that's happened to me besides you.

I'm sorry I sighed I felt bad for bringing it up but I couldn't help it, that's probably what those scars are from on his back but I sure wasn't going to bring that up. So when did ya get that tattoo on the back of ya shoulder? Daryl asked me changing the subject

I thought about the tattoo I had there, it was my favorite bible verse

"Nothing Can Stop Gods Plan For Your Life Isaiah 14:27"

it was written in cursive I liked it, ummm I think I was 19 he smirked but stayed quite for along time I didn't mind I just enjoyed the silence I almost felt normal for once like we where actually on a date but that never happens anymore.

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