Chapter 35

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Daryl woke me up the next morning quite early I sniffed some because of the cold weather. I pulled my hair in a side braid I looked through my bag and pulled out some maroon skinny jeans and a misfits long sleeve t-shirt I changed and put my sweater and jacket over it I pulled my gloves on then put my katana over my back.

I walked out of the tent Daryl started taking it down after I pulled our blankets and such out, I sat on his bike waiting for him, everybody was in there cars waiting on him to finish he finally did. We left minutes later I was so cold I hid my face in Daryl's back for the majority of the ride.

I looked up and saw the one story building I pointed that's it he pulled into the driveway. We got off I pulled my katana out of its sheath and ran to a walker that was making its way towards us I killed it then another one.

Lets head on in guys Rick said Daryl broke the lock on the door we waited for a bit no walkers came so we all walked in ready to kill something.

I was leading since I knew the place we walked past several classrooms then the library, this part is clear past those doors are the dorms once we clear those out we need to find something to block the door.

I walked to the doors and poked my head through I spotted two walkers I closed the door back quietly, okay there are two walkers in there me and Daryl will get them. Let's go I opened the doors and went up to the walker killing it easily we searched all the room they where clear.

Everyone pick out your rooms come back right after you get settled in we need to secure this place so nothing can get in we all nodded and went our separate ways. I walked over to the dorm closest to the end of the hall and opened it, this was my old dorm I set my stuff up and fell on my bed.

I sighed when I noticed all my books still here on the dresser, I heard someone open the door it was Daryl I smiled hey

Hey this our room? he asked me

Yeah it was my old one. its nice he noticed the small twin bed here lets do this he went over to the other bed that was once my old roommates he pushed it over next to mine making it bigger. I smiled that's much better

Lets go back out Rick needs our help.

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