Chapter 8

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Daryl dragged the deer back to the prison we haven't said a word since he kissed me. I was walking slightly behind him thinking of the kiss, what does this make me and Daryl or did it mean nothing? was he mad at me. I needed answers so I finally mustered up enough courage to ask him.

Hey uh Daryl I asked quietly, What? he asked roughly

So what did that kiss mean I asked hoping he didn't get mad, he finally spoke up after a couple of minutes, well I guess it makes you mine but don't go telling everyone he smirked.

I had butterfly's in my stomach I was happy for once in all of this mess. We walked silently the rest of the way it wasn't awkward though. When I walked into the prison, I heard crying then something ran into my legs nearly knocking me over I looked down and saw Kaylum It broke my heart why was he crying?

I picked him up, he snuggled into me continuing to cry. I looked up for some answers when Beth walked up to me, he woke up when you where gone. He started crying when he saw you weren't here, he-he called you his mommy she said smiling softly. I just stood there this kid called me mommy? Did he already forget about his real mom?

I walked into my cell and sat him on the bed, I knelt down in front of him are you okay sweetie?

He sniffed but nodded, I thought you left me mommy he said um Sweetie you do know I'm not your real mommy right? He nodded before speaking my old mommy said that you where going to take care of me and to treat you like it was her. I was silent, confused but I didn't argue with it.

I started tearing up though this kid is so sweet. I noticed some paper and a pencil lying on a desk, hey why don't you draw me a picture I smiled Kaylum nodded happily then got to work. I walked out of the cell to see Daryl standing by the door. That kid really likes you he mumbled, I nodded he called me mommy I smiled slightly.

Daryl grunted in response I dont know what possessed me to do this but I hugged Daryl. He seemed taking aback by it but he awkwardly patted my back I laughed slightly, Im not used to affectionate people he mumbled.

I nodded Well I'm gonna go find Morgan I whispered I started to walk away when Kaylum ran up besides me grabbing onto my hand.

"did you finish your picture already?"

Yeah it's in your room he answered with the biggest smile on his face before running off again.

I spotted Morgan talking to Carl I walked up to them.

Hey guys I smiled, hey Carl do you think I could talk to Morgan alone? I asked he nodded and kissed Morgan on the cheek before leaving.

She smiled up at him while he walked away. So what's going on there? I asked motioning between the two of them.

Oh well he likes me Arabell, well you can tell the rest she smiled. I laughed and told her about Daryl I knew it I could tell he liked you by the way he looked at you! she screamed. Shhhh people are going to hear you I laughed.

After we were done talking I made my way outside to take watch, Daryl was already out there I smirked and walked up to him I tapped on his shoulder then hid behind him since he is like 6in taller than me.

What the- he started but I started cracking up he turned around and rolled his eyes very mature he mumbled. I laughed again and focused on taking watch.


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