Chapter 44

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Are ya ready? Daryl asked we just got to a field where we were gonna leave Hollee but I still felt so bad leaving her on her own I don't know it just makes me think what if she was Morgan I mean yeah Morgan isn't crazy but she's still a kid and kids need guidance even during the end of the world.

Yeah I guess, I hopped out of the truck and over to where Hollee was sitting I grabbed her arm so I could lead her to the field, I can't believe I'm going to do this.

Are you just gonna leave me here?! Hollee cried kinda panicked but covered it up quickly Yeah we are Rick mumbled he pushed Hollee slightly and left her standing, without any weapons?! that's murder!

We got ya knife that's all ya getting though Daryl spoke while throwing the knife in the ground a couple feet away from her. Come guys let's go, they started walking away leaving Hollee blindfolded and her hands tied.

I quickly ran over to her, I'll give ya a hint to where our camp is. Go west that's all I'm sayen I didn't give her time to answer.

I took off so I could catch up with Rick and Daryl and Michonne she was just here for backup. We got in the car, Rick started driving it was silent a awkward silence probably cause they wanted her dead but it didn't happen. We finally arrived at the camp, I sighed do ya want anything to eat Daryl?

Yeah sure I nodded and walked over to the bucket where we kept food I opened the bucket only to find three cans left along with only 6 water bottles, who let the supplies get this low. Guys we are super low on food someone needs to go on a run!

I'll go I looked up it was a tall boy probably 6"0 with curly brown hair that went just below his ears he has bright green eyes and a dimpled smile.

I snapped out of it and slid my katana out ready to kill if needed. Why do people always seem to find us I wondered out loud. Who are ya?!

I-I'm Jake please don't kill me you could see the fear in his eyes this caused me to smirk, RICK! DARYL! Give me ya weapon, he handed me his hatchet that all ya got? he nodded

Rick and Daryl came running seconds later how do people keep on finding us Rick said just as I did earlier.

Says his names Jake. Rick asked him the normal questions he seemed pretty legit he didn't try to kill any of us at least. Okay ya gonna have to prove yourself around here, work for ya stay got it?! I spat not in the mood to deal with new people.

My attitude made Daryl smirk proud probably.

ya up to go on a run ya said?

Yeah I really want to stay here so I'll work for it I just don't want to be alone anymore I handed him his hatchet the group will leave in 5 come on Rick walked away with Jake following. He went with Maggie and Glenn hopefully they make it back okay. Daryl do ya remember when I told you that you where the jelly to my peanut butter? Suddenly everything hit me like a ton of bricks I remembered everything from before the apocalypse happened to know

Daryl I remember!! He smiled are ya serious?! yeah I remember how on my 16th birthday my dog knocked me into the pool in front of my friends and embarrassed me to when I first met you! he hugged me lets go tell everyone Morgan and Daryl was probably the most excited about getting my memory back.

Im just happy I can finally remember all the things that happened with Daryl good and bad.

Maggie, Glenn and Jake just got back with bags of food and water along with some other stuff we might need. That night we ate spaghetti O's, corn, oatmeal and ramen noodles probably the best thing we've ate in a long time.

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