Chapter 14

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Daryl's POV

Arabell walked out of the store, but I stayed I needed to calm down. I can't believe I called her a bitch again I didn't mean to I was just mad and caught up in the moment. I hope she didn't go far, she's probably just outside. After a couple minutes I went outside. I didn't see her.

Arie?! I whispered/yelled, nothing where is she.

I started to follow the road but there was no sign of her. I was about to turn back when I saw foot prints going into the woods I looked at them they was Arabells, Where is she going I thought outloud. I followed them deep into the forest, her footprints went backwards then they disappeared but someone else's footprints were also there.

Someone took her...

Shit! why do I have to be so stupid. I followed the footprints for awhile when the trail went cold. What the? I looked up and I was near a old wear house, she must be in there I grabbed my crossbow ready to shoot I searched the whole place but didn't find anything where could she be?

I screamed and punched a wall why can't I just keep my mouth shut I punched the wall again. I fell to my knees I need to find her, she's the only person I have she mean so much to me I can't lose her. I got up and ran towards the door Im going to find her I have to. I just hope she hasn't done anything stupid to get her self hurt. She's talented at that but that's just who she is, she tries to be strong and handle things on her own but she can't.

I walked for hours the sun was starting to set, I needed to find a place to stay for the night. I came across a small gas station I tapped against the window and waited for anything to come out.

Nothing did so I opened the door I walked in ready to shoot, there was nothing so I blocked the door with a shelf and pulled a blanket out of my bag and put it on the floor and I used my backpack as a pillow.


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