Chapter 17

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Morgans POV

We found the others just yesterday they were waiting for us a little ways from the prison They said after a couple days they made their way back and just waited luckily we checked there everyday for anybody. We made camp in a clearing we found in the forest. We still can't find Arabell and Daryl we go on runs about everyday looking for them but we find nothing. Im worried about her but I trust Daryl will keep her safe. I was currently sitting taking watch it was night time everybody was asleep.

Hey need help I jumped ready to shoot someone but relaxed when it was just Carl.

Hey it's just me don't shoot he laughed while putting his hands in the air.

"Sorry you just scared me, what's up?" I asked

Do you want to get out of here? he asked I looked around I'm taking watch right know Carl I can't.

It wont take that long he smirked and grabbed my hand, we ran for about 5minutes before I saw a small lake it was shining under the moonlight it was beautiful.

I found this yesterday we can get water supply here he shrugged

I nodded I was about to say something when his lips captured mine I smiled and kissed back our lips were moving in sync i felt him smile into the kiss i reached to take his shirt off he pulled back are you sure he asked i nodded and the rest was history.

Arabells POV

I must have fell asleep because when I woke up it was barely light out, I sat up and put my back pack on along with my katana I made sure my knife and gun were in there holders, and woke up Lilly. I looked out the door I only saw two walkers, I grabbed my knife and was running up to one I grabbed its head and was about to stab it when a arrow flew and hit it blood splattered on my face i cringed the body went limp and fell to the ground I glanced and noticed the other walker had a arrow threw its head. I smiled and turned around.

Daryl! I screamed and ran up to him hugging him. I pulled back and connected our lips for a brief second before pulling back.

I can't believe I found ya is all he said

I knew you would. He looked at me and his eyes got big would you care to tell me what happened to ya face!? Daryl yelled

I forgot about the gash on my face.

I nodded When I ran off into the woods I felt like someone was following me so I grabbed my knife just in case, I was walking backwards when suddenly someone wrapped their arms around me I turned around real quick trying to stab them but he knocked the knife out of my hands it was the governor.

He knocked me out and when I woke up I was tied to a chair he came in shortly after that he said he wanted revenge on our group and was going to kill me and you guys he then grabbed my knife and made this gash on my face.

I looked up at Daryl he looked furious but I continued anyway. After he left I made my way to my weapons by hopping on the chair since I was tied to it ya know I fell in the process and got this I pointed to the back of my head.

I got to my knife and cut the ropes off but accidentally cut my hand in the process I said showing him, then I snuck out of the room and I found Lilly in a room I pointed to her and we got out I finished the story and Daryl looked like he was about to kill somebody.

When i find him i'm going to kill him Daryl sneered talking to no one in particular.

Well hey if we hurry we should get to the grocery before dark and then we can make our way to the house then tomorrow we can search for the group I said to Daryl and Lilly.

No Arie! I'm going to go kill that son of a bitch for hurting ya!

Daryl I want him dead too but without more people we might as well call ourselves dead think about this! please lets just push the thought aside and when we find Rick we will do something about it I tried reasoning

He just nodded and grabbed my hand we started walking I looked back at Lilly who was slowly following us I let go off Daryls hand and went to walk besides her She didn't say anything just walked besides me I sighed, look I'm sorry I haven't been the nicest person I was just under alot of stress trying to find Daryl I explained.

She nodded I know I just don't want to make you mad, I feel like I'm slowing you guys down.

I smiled your not going slow us down we need all the help we can get but we will continue to look for our group and after we find them Its not up to me if you can stay its up to our leader Rick I explained to her.

"Okay thank you though for saving me back there by the way" She smiled, it was nothing


Okay so I have had so much homework lately since I started school like I've been working from the time I get home from the time I got to sleep, so I haven't had time to write new chapters so i may not be able to update as much as I did during the summer I hope you understand! :) but Thanks for reading yay they finally found each other!

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