Chapter 39

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We are currently laying in the bed of a truck I was watching the sky as they drove, I wish I could kiss Daryl one last time before we would die. I rolled to face him he was already looking at me, I love you I tried to say but it came out more as a muffled noise but some how he knew what I was saying because he answers with a muffled I love you too.

I know he knows what's going to happen to us but he's trying to be brave for my sake but I can tell by his eyes he's concerned.

Ricks POV

I was taking watch with Carl, Arabell and Daryl have been gone for a week now. We went searching for them at the grocery store they said they went to but the only thing we found was their backpacks, we think someone took them but what I think is it was the governor.

I have had people on watch on both sides of camp and some in the trees so they can use the sneak attack technique. Dad Morgan is really stressing out and I don't know how to calm her down, I don't want her to hurt the baby ya know? Well Carl we are all stressed but I think what she needs right know is you. Go talk to her and comfort her instead of being out here with me, I got everything under control he nodded and left.

Rick I see something I heard Sasha yell from the trees I looked in the direction she was pointing and sure enough it was a couple trucks coming our way at a fast pace. GUYS WE ARE UNDER ATTACK GET INTO POSITION I yelled everybody got into place, when the truck got closer I noticed it was the Governor I was right.

Arabells POV

The truck stopped suddenly causing me to hit my head I groaned what do you want from us?! I heard a familiar voice yell, it was Rick we are back at camp I knew this was going to happen.

I glanced at Daryl one last time before I was dragged out of the bed of the truck. The guys pushed me in front of the two trucks and soon after Daryl showed up besides me.

I made eye contact with Rick for a second, he looked angry and panicked

The governor finally started to talk answering Ricks earlier question

I want revenge was all he said suddenly I heard something I did not want to, Open fire! The Governors men started shooting at my group

It was like a war zone, I was about to run but was grabbed by him, he pulled a knife out and held it against my throat. I started to cry realizing I'm going to be taking my last breath soon, I closed my eyes and waited for the pain I felt the knife being dragged across my neck, the pain was awful, then felt liquid run down my chest. I fell to the ground and started to choke on my own blood it was difficult to gasp for air since I was gaged still.

I heard people screaming my name, I didn't know how much longer I would last so I looked over at Daryl he was crying and trying to get to me but was held back by one of the men he finally fell to his knees still crying it broke my heart that i couldn't just get up and tell him everything's going to be okay even though I knew it wasn't my eyes started to get heavy and I felt light headed

ARIE PLEASE NO!! Daryl yelled I felt my breathing start to slow I made eye contact with Daryl. A muffled I love you was the last thing I said in this cruel world.

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