Chapter 52

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Arabells POV

Would someone like to tell me who the fuck you guys are? I spoke

I wouldn't be yelling at the people who saved your friends life the guy with the mustache laughed

Arie let Rick handle this I nodded knowing Daryl was right so I sat down and started to sharpen my knife since I had nothing better to do. How did you guys get into our camp? Rick asked

We heard screames then gun shots we saw these three in a room so we broke the window helped them out but Morgan was putting up a fight saying her baby was still in there. told her we couldn't go back since the hallway was overrun then that girl Arie? I guess ran passed us to help the kid get her baby. Is that true? Rick asked Carl he nodded

So now will you tell us your names?

I'm Rosita a girl with a hat spoke I'm Tara another girl with brown hair said

Abraham Ford this is Eugene he pointed to the guy with a mullet

He knows some people working on a cure in Washington we could use you guys help, you up for it?

Rick looked at all of us how do we know we can trust you? Rick said

Well we saved three people in your group, we haven't killed anyone so I think that's good enough Abraham smirked Plus you guys don't have anywhere else to go

I looked at Daryl should we? I don't think we have a choice he mumbled

So what do you think the explosion was about? I asked

Daryl was about to answer when we heard a russel in the woods we turned thinking it was a walker but was met with Carol. Daryl smiled then ran towards her I smiled widely I thought she died, we all ran to hug her. I thought ya were dead I smiled

"nope not yet"

Well we are heading to Washington ya in? She thought about it yeah I'm in ain't no way our group is getting separated again she smirked

Alright then lets move out Abraham said while he got in Ricks truck while the other part of his group got in the back along with Carol, we had three cars total plus Daryl's motorcycle.

I got on the bike after Daryl did, it was finally starting to warm up again which I am so happy for. Do you think we can trust them? I asked

I never trust someone I just met Daryl answered I sighed he started the bike then followed the rest of our group

We drove for at least 4 hours the sun was starting to set it was breathtaking. I was snapped out of my thoughts when the bike stopped what's going on? I asked I think Ricks out of fuel

We got off walking towards him what's up? I asked

Im out of fuel We are almost out wouldn't last another three miles, We looked at Tyrees, Sasha, and Michonne We still have a qaurt

Then to us, "same" Rick sighed pinching the bridge of his nose can you guys travel a little ahead to see if there any abounded cars around we can get gas from? Yeah of course I answered

We all piled in the car Michonne was driving. I don't trust them she spoke

I don't either but it's really not our call its Ricks Tyreese said it was quite we drove about 4miles we were about to turn around when we spotted a lone car. lets check it out Daryl spoke we got out of the car I went to the door it was unlocked luckily. It was surprisingly clean I don't think there's any gas I turned to Daryl.

Well lets start it and find out

Want to learn how to Hotwire a car he smirked I nodded okay he leaned down then reached towards the petals then I noticed he grabbed some wires.

Ya get the red and Green ones and you kinda hit them together in a up and down motion he showed me. Now ya try. I got down grabbing the wires I rubbed them together the car made a clicking noise like it was trying to start but wouldn't.

I groaned lets just head back it's getting really dark out. When we got back to the group they had a small fire going they had tents already set up while some had blankets and pillows in the bed of the trucks we have.

You didn't find any?

We found a car but it didn't have gas, Rick sighed know how much fuel do you guys have left? not much we could make it for about 2 hours if that Sasha said sounding disappointed

Okay we still have one truck left and Daryl's bike maybe we can try to work with it. Me, Abraham, Morgan,Keaton,Judith can ride inside the car, while The others ride in the back. Rick turned to look at me, You and Daryl can follow us on his bike.

Okay, for know lets get rested we have a big day ahead of us, be ready we leave early to get a start on the day Rick instructed them he walked off with Judith probably putting her to sleep. very slowly people started leaving, we only had three tents not counting mine and Daryl's. Rick had one Abrahams group had a huge tent that could fit all of them.

Carl had one while Tyreese and Sasha were sleeping in the bed of the truck, Michonne was sleeping by the fire as was Carol. Hollee and Jake decided to take watch. Hey lets get the tent set up Arie I nodded okay I grabbed it from his bag, I walked a little ways away from everyone else knowing Daryl would of moved the tent if I put it close to others. I set it up quickly I've become very used to putting these up.

I used to never be able to do this, it would take me hours but now you just get used to things like this. Daryl handed me my pillow I threw it in the tent I undid my bag pulling my blanket out laying it neatly on the ground of the tent. I did the same to Daryl's. I smelled something awful all of a sudden...I sniffed my shirt and nearly gagged it smelled like death, blood and guts.

I pulled out a black long sleeved shirt with some green skinny jeans, I turned to Daryl who just zipped the tent, don't turn around yet Why? Cause I need to change my clothes smell awful I said kinda embarrassed he sighed that's ridiculous I've seen you before he argued but stayed facing away from me. I quickly took my shirt off but as I slid my new shirt on I noticed Daryl turned slightly. Hey I said no peeking I whined playfully, he laughed some

It's to tempting, I changed into my new pants quickly okay ya can turn around now I was in the middle of lacing my boots when Daryl stopped me. Why don't ya sleep without ya shoes for once? it'd be more comfy for ya. Because if we have to run I want to be ready I don't want to have to run barefoot.

Arie I know ya want to be prepared but wearing shoes and skinny jeans can't be comfortable he argued

Its not but ya get used to it eventually, please just for one night wear ye sweats I know ya have em in ya bag please I know ya have trouble sleeping cause ya scared something will happen but I'll always be here to protect ya okay?

I sighed fine I changed into my sweats it was comfier I haven't wore baggy pants in forever. Can I atleast sleep with my shoes on? He sighed if it will make ya happy. I smiled Thank you

He laughed ya are so weird sometimes but that's what I love about ya Daryl kissed me lightly I loved his kisses they relaxed me.

Now lets get some sleep, I snuggled up into Daryl's side he was so warm. It took me awhile to sleep but eventually my eyes got to heavy to keep open so I quite fighting it letting sleep take over


This may be my last update this week since I'm using ideas from the show and stuff but I will update sunday or Monday for sure hope you liked the chapter!☺✌

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