Chapter 25

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Since it was still cold outside I grabbed a beanie I found awhile ago, I put my backpack on and went out the door Daryl was waiting on me, we are just gonna walk so we can save gas alright? he informed me I nodded okay let's get going. We started down the road, Okay so right now we are looking for something we can make a fence out of and water supply and anything else that's useful I explained.

Okay I think there's a strip mall a little ways from here maybe there's a hardware store there he suggested okay

I grabbed Daryl's hand and stopped him from walking, he looked at me confused I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him lightly he kissed back, He shoved his tongue in my mouth then but my lip making me smile. We pulled away breathless, what was that for? he asked

I shrugged we never really get to do stuff like that so I just thought since no one was around I would kiss ya I smiled he smirked at me and we kept walking. So how long do you think our camp will be safe?

Because anytime we find something it seems to get ripped away from us I frowned I don't know we just have to enjoy it while we can I nodded

A few walkers started to stumble out of the woods I slid my katana out of its sheath I ran towards it and swung, it hit its head perfectly killing it instantly

I smirked Daryl shot the other one with his crossbow he pulled the arrow out only for it to break, fuck he grumbled I frowned he only has three arrows left he's gonna have to make new ones. I grabbed my bandana and cleaned my sword off before putting it back in its sheath.

We started walking, after about 30minutes we came across a mall just like Daryl predicted I spotted a hardware store Daryl theres one I pointed at it he nodded and walked over to it. I looked in the store and noticed there was at least a dozen walkers in there I groaned

How are we going to take all of them out? I asked He stood there thinking most likely I then had a idea okay I think this will work he looked up waiting for me to continue.

We can find some kind of horn and we can put tape around it and throw it then we open the doors, the walkers will be attracted to the noise and make there way towards it then we can sneak in and block the entrance.

Well where are we gonna hide he asked I looked around there was a ice box close to the doors I pointed to it

You can hide in there I'll open the doors and hide behind it so they can't get me. Im not letting ya do that it's to risky he tried

Daryl I can do this just trust me okay? He thought about it

Fine just be carful alright? I nodded

We went into this party store there where only three walkers in there so we killed them with ease I found a blow horn and some duck tape

We went back to the store, I pulled the duck tape off, ready I asked, Daryl nodded be carful, he knocked on the door really loud and they came banging on it I put the tape over the horn and it started to make a obnoxious noise.

I threw it and opened the door Daryl took off running I pulled the door open as far as it would go and stayed there.

The walkers slowly made their way towards the noise once they were far enough away I ran to the ice box Daryl was in come on! A stray walker noticed us i ran into it but pushed it causing it to fall I kept running while Daryl followed me into the store and closed the door.

Now what we looking for? he asked umm maybe some barbwire, nails hammers something useful, we should of brought a car he mumbled I nodded agreeing we grabbed some baskets and parted ways I went to the tools I grabbed some hammers, nails, screw drivers any tools will be useful.

Suddenly I heard groaning, shit!

I turned around and saw 6 walkers making there way towards me I grabbed my katana and swung at the first one and killed it I went to swing at the next one when something grabbed me from behind, the force made me drop my katana I screamed

I turned around and tried to push it off me it had ahold of my shoulders its face was so close to me I tried to push it away, then another came up behind me growling, DARYL!!!!! I screamed as I loud as I could suddenly one of the walkers bit down near my shoulder I screamed the walker fell on me along with the others I was trying to hold both of them off me when another one fell on me

They were to heavy for me I was about to give up and let go when two of them went limp on me then the another one.

I was crying Daryl pulled me up Arie are ya okay? I felt my neck frantically remembering one biting there but i wasn't bleeding I looked at the hood of my jacket and notice blood on it

I sighed in relief it just bit my jacket

I hugged Daryl and sobbed I thought it bit me, Its okay ya alright it didn't

I pulled back and wiped my eyes, Did ya find anything? I asked him quietly

He nodded yeah I got two baskets full

I nodded lets get out of here I grabbed my basket and followed Daryl he got his two and we walked to the back of the store, we couldn't go through the front cause there was to many walkers there.

I sniffed again my eyes started to sting

I felt a tear roll down my cheek, Arie what's wrong now? Daryl asked sounding slightly annoyed I don't know I just can't stop crying I sobbed. Its okay you've been through alot in the past two weeks he slung his arm around my shoulder we need to get back to camp before dark okay? alright

We started walking we walked for about a hour it was starting to get dark when we finally made it we gave Rick the stuff and went back to our room I took my boots off and changed into some sweats I laid down on the bed and covered up, Daryl soon followed

I laid my head on his chest he sighed contently Arie I love you he whispered

My breath got caught in my throat and I instantly got butterflies. I looked up at him I love you too I kissed him lightly. I laid my head back on his chest and eventually I fell asleep with a smile on my face Daryl loves me who knew love still existed in a world like this.

Hey you know we have a whole room to ourselves Daryl spoke

I looked at him smiling and what are you suggesting?

He pulled me on top of him and kissed me our lips moved in sync, he flipped me over and broke the kiss to take his shirt off, Then mine. He started kissing my stomach making shivers go down my spine, he made his way up to my lips and kissed them again. I'm the luckiest girl alive I thought to myself enjoying every second I had with Daryl.

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