Chapter 33

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I ran out of the grocery store with excitement guess what I found guys!

Daryl and Carl looked at me confused so I continued I pulled the case of Mtn. Dew behind my back Carl's eyes lit up are you gonna share that he asked curiously

I nodded yeah some of it, I gave him 10 cans it was a 24 pack. But you didn't get this from me I whispered while he walked away nodding

I opened a can and chugged it I sighed when I was done my eyes slightly watering from it. Daryl smiled and took one, hey! that's mine I whined

Yeah? well now it's mine I frowned don't be a Gank! this caused him to laugh what the fuck is a Gank exactly?

I shrugged I don't even know but I like the sound of it I laughed Guys we have a problem, Carl yelled causing everyone to run in that direction when I turned the corner I noticed a herd coming towards us. Guys we have to move there's no way we can take all of these our walls are to weak, just grab as much stuff as you can and get to the vehicles.

We all ran towards our rooms we always had our stuff in bags just in case this happened I grabbed mine and my blanket and pillow I ran out and went to Daryl's bike, he met me there shortly after. We have to go Arie I looked at the herd they were breaking through our make shift fence

But the others aren't out here yet! I yelled

We have to go now his voice was serious so I didn't argue I got on and he drove off towards the back exit we made in case we had to escape. I looked back every couple minutes checking to see if they are following, I haven't seen them yet. We drove for probably 30minutes till we stopped on a old dirt road.

I got off the bike and started pacing just thinking were they could be, Arie stop worrying ya gonna have a panic attack. I can't Daryl what if we get separated again?! what if someone dies?! what if-I was cut off by the sound of cars I spun around on my heels quickly. A weight was lifted off my shoulders when I spotted Ricks jeep and the Van we found on the highway.

Daryl hugged me from behind stop worrying so much it makes ya look week he mumbled I rolled my eyes and wiggled out of his grasp.

Morgan got out of Ricks jeep and hugged me I hugged back and let go, Everyone but Carol and Hershel got out of cars I was confused until I noticed Maggie and Beth crying.

I was speechless what happened? I managed to say We tried to help them but they got surrounded. I silenced them not wanting to hear anymore Guys come on we have to keep moving Rick said trying to be strong but you could tell he was upset just like everyone else in the group.

We all huddled around the hood of Ricks Jeep looking at the map trying to decide where to go next.

We could go back to the prison Beth spoke up Rick shook his head no that would be a death trap to many walkers and who knows what else. How about we head North, my old College is there and when this all broke out everybody left the building and they put it on lock down so nothing could get in our out? I suggested while pointing to where it was located

She has a point Dad Carl spoke up and they would have dorms so we all could have rooms and they would have some medical supplies since she went to a vet school. Rick thought about it you and Daryl lead the way, you better be right about this Arabell he stated sternly

I nodded and got on the back of Daryl's bike, he started it and turned to me what way do we go first? Go straight till we get close to 69 highway then we can take back roads North he nodded and started moving hopefully this will work

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