Chapter 55

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Me and Daryl walked back hand in hand I was smiling so much my cheeks hurt. Arie if you don't stop smiling ya face is gonna get stuck like that Daryl chuckled oh hush Dixon and let me enjoy this moment

There you guys are everyone was smiling you guys knew he was gonna didn't you?! I squealed yeah that's why he went on a run with me cause he wanted help picking a ring out Carol spoke this made me feel bad well thank you I love it. I walked over to Morgan and Carl.

Morgan was smiling you know I always thought that when you got married I would be your maid of honor and I would get to help pick out you wedding dress and decorations. But one thing I never would of thought is that you would get married during a zombie apocalypse.

I smiled me either but I'm glad I did cause I couldn't think of marrying any other man than Daryl she nodded well congrats and don't forget to use protection I glared at her oh shutup.

I went along talking to everyone until Hollee came into view, hey congrats she smiled I thanked her so I know you don't really like me but I hope one day you will I shook my head no I'm over what happened you were just scared.

She nodded well thank you

So what's the plan guys? I asked well we decided we are going with Abraham as soon as the bus gets fixed I smiled awesome, well don't just sit there lets celebrate Rick smiled and that's what we did it was nice it wasn't anything huge just friends and family hanging out talking it felt normal and for some reason there weren't any walkers interrupting us.

We sat in the church everyone was having a good time I looked up at Daryl smiling he had his arm wrapped around me. what ya staring at he mumbled nothing I kissed him softly I love you Daryl Dixon he smirked and I love ya Arabell Dixon I will never get over the fact that I'm married to Daryl.

I started thinking about all the shit me and Daryl been through how he saved me when I was in trouble he risked his life for me so much, I thought about from when this first started I was weak tired of living like this. All this thinking made me realize something though.

This world changes you for the best and the worst but its all up to you and how you choose to handle it. But when you get surrounded by people you care about and love its like your living a normal life yes it's a different life but it's our life we learn to make the best of it I don't know if I could live in this world without Daryl though. He's my rock he keeps me sane in this cruel world, when I look at him I feel complete he makes everything better. 

If I know anything though it's that Daryl Dixon will keep me safe in this sick world.


Thats the end of the book I hope you enjoyed it! I loved writing this book I am probably going to make another one but I think it's going to be a Norman Reedus one instead of a Daryl Dixon fanfic I'm not for sure yet though but I will have it up soon if I write one but thanks for reading ☺✌

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