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Back to the Apocalypse by fatesmask
Back to the Apocalypseby fatesmask
It's the beginning of the Apocalypse, zombies run rampant over the Earth. Bai Jing jumped back through time using a hidden dimension. A lousy man becomes a loyal lover. ...
  • yaoi
  • supernatural
  • zombies
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Sanctuary's Aggression: The Infected (Book 1 Complete) Wattys2018 by MairaDawn
Sanctuary's Aggression: The Maira
#1 on Scifi and Pandemic Hot List, 1st for Scifi in Hidden Gems, Dizzy and Rebellion Awards. "I might have just procrastinated myself to death." As a psych...
  • adventure
  • infection
  • apocalyptic
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The First 30 Days ✔ by Haven84
The First 30 Days ✔by Lora
///A PREVIOUSLY FEATURED STORY/// Bri could think of several instances where being shut in her bathroom could be a pleasant experience. A long bubble bath, candle lit an...
  • featured
  • apocalypse
  • survival
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Finding Humanity by NinaMarks
Finding Humanityby Nina Marks
It started in an elevator. For Emily, every day of the last two years has been a blur. She keeps her head down, taking her college courses online and only going out to...
  • horror
  • undead
  • infected
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Detached [h.s au] - Completed by harreh_curls
Detached [h.s au] - Completedby narry
The world as we know does not exist anymore. After dealing with events that nearly destroyed the entire human race, people did everything they could to protect themselve...
  • onedirection
  • harry
  • apocalypse
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The Rise of the Outbreak by GatoKitten
The Rise of the Outbreakby K. M. Taylor
Eden Lemington's worst nightmare has become a reality. A deadly airborne virus has threatened death among an entire nation and only continues to get worse. Eden if force...
  • science
  • zombie
  • youngadult
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To Infinity [#Wattys2018] by triciabird
To Infinity [#Wattys2018]by T. Bird
[#3 #Mars🔥] The day I set foot on Mars, my dreams came true. Ten months later, they were shattered. Earth, my home, is on the brink of a nuclear holocaust. And our sma...
  • colonization
  • space
  • war
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✔️ A Life Worth Saving ~ Daryl Dixon ✔️ by TheWalkingDead_Norm
✔️ A Life Worth Saving ~ Daryl NOPE.
Megan Grimes, thirty two years old and pregnant with her first child. It should be a happy time for her but instead she's fighting to survive with her sister in law and...
  • death
  • apocalypse
  • rickgrimes
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Our Last Hope [RIREN] by MyLoveEren
Our Last Hope [RIREN]by Eren Stan #1 🖕
The world of betas and alphas has been at ruins for 40 years because of a deadly virus. Nearly everything was wiped out. Bombs were dropped to lessen the infected, and t...
  • alphalevi
  • erenxlevi
  • boyxboy
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Snow by jule009
Snowby Julia Esposito
Nobody knows what day it is anymore. Nobody knows the month, the day of the week...and the only way to tell time is by the slight change in the color of the sky from...
  • science
  • scifi
  • apocalypse
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Poison Hearts | ✓ by Kiara0357
Poison Hearts | ✓by Kiara M.
(Completed ✔️) We can't trust anyone. A zombie apocalypse erupts in the city and we flee to the country. There will be loss. There will be pain. This is my story. We m...
  • students
  • zombie
  • friendship
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Never Go Home by katkeenan
Never Go Homeby Kathleen H. Keenan
[Apocalypse Hot List # 5🔥] In a world ravaged by global warming, there is the Offering: A rite in which every eighteen-year-old woman in each village leaves their home...
  • rebels
  • action
  • theriseawards
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Losing Hope (Glenn Rhee Love Story) by jensenclays
Losing Hope (Glenn Rhee Love Story)by jensenclays
(Glenn Rhee love story) Living through hell is hard for Claire. That hell just so happens to be trying to survive in a world where the dead are walking and the living ar...
  • carlgrimes
  • zombies
  • walkers
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The Last She by hjnelson
The Last Sheby H.J. Nelson
A plague has swept over the Earth, killing the majority of the population and every female. Except one. Ara witnessed the horror and destruction, but for the last three...
  • love
  • youngadult
  • wattys2017
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The World has gone to SHXT by semereaderstuff
The World has gone to SHXTby Rᴇᴍɪ
- Seme Male Reader x BnHA Males - - Apocalyptic AU - A 20 year old male has been surviving for almost 4 years now and was alone for those hellish years. Well, he wasn't...
  • sememalereader
  • apocalyptic
  • bxb
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the so called cannon fodder by Rine220
the so called cannon fodderby Rine220
system: " welcome host, to the ....... 005 's space!!! Chen An: ... I wonder why I'm not surprised? ... wait, what!? system: now, let's get to work!! Chen An: The h...
  • fluff
  • system
  • apocalypse
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Taking your life is the ultimate taboo in the Christian and Catholic religions. By doing this, you condemn your soul to the pits of hell. Where you will burn for eternit...
  • horror
  • mecha
  • adventure
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Walking the Ruins by RainerSalt
Walking the Ruinsby RainerSalt
[Featured Wattpad Story] A girl cast into the future, navigating a dystopian wilderness with her friends. Leona is hiking in the rain, on a school excursion. She would d...
  • survival
  • dystopy
  • hunger-games
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Straight to You by DavidMoody
Straight to Youby David Moody
'Straight To You deserves to be ranked alongside such classics as The Stand and Swan Song.' -Ginger Nuts of Horror The sun is dying. The temperature around the world is...
  • moody
  • romance
  • autumn
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The Wolves ✓  [Book 1] • by cosmicgh0st
The Wolves ✓ [Book 1] •by cosmicgh0st
WATTPAD FEATURED • "You can't survive the smoke but they can." They call themselves the wolves. They're dangerous people but they're the best at what they...
  • apocolypse
  • fantasy
  • murder
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