Chapter 63

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Abel and I finished another performance and Ben pulled me aside, "Lana you've been offered to play at lollapalooza in Argentina!" He says to me. I smile, "thank you Ben! I can't wait!" I say to him hugging him, "you're welcome Lana." He says smiling. I meet Abel in the dressing room and he's beat, he looks so tired. I sit down with him and whisper into his ear, "we need to talk later or something..." I tell him. He hums in agreement and I kiss him, "Abel are you okay?" I ask him. He nods, "I'm just tired Car..." he mumbles pulling me against him. I nod, "me too..." I whisper into his ear before then kissing down his jaw and to his mouth, "Lizzy..." he mumbles into our kiss causing me to pull away, "what's wrong?" I asked him, "I need to go take a shower." He tells me. I nod and pull away from him letting him get up to go. While he's in the shower I get a text from Ben asking me if I was okay to go. I say yes even though I don't know how Abel feels about it yet. When Abel's done in the shower I take mine after. When I come out I see Abel sleeping on the couch and shake him awake, "Abel come on we can go." I say to him. He sighs and gets up and we go outside and sign shit for fans then go to the car and the driver starts to our hotel. Abel pulls me against him a we cuddle for a bit. We get back to the hotel and when we get to our room we get into bed right away.
-the next day-
I wake up early and decide I'd go get breakfast for Abel and I so I go to the car and go to an ihop and order breakfast to go. When I get back I see Abel sleeping in the bed still. Careful not to wake him up I go into the closet to grab my outfit for tonight and lay it out in the bathroom so I could shower. When I went back into the bedroom to get my makeup I hear Abel whimper out a "Lana..." and I turn to look at him and see he's laying on his stomach, face pressed against the pillow. I smirk to myself happy he's thinking of me and go back to my business when I hear another whimper of my name followed by Abel pressing his body into the mattress. Oh? I smirk to myself watching him lazily thrust into the mattress and mumble out dirty things. I go to the bed kneeling on it and rubbing my hand gently through his hair grasping it gently knowing he loved when I did that when we were fucking. He lifts up his head slightly and turns around to see me and the first thing I notice is his dick poking against the sheets. I pull them off and look at him smirking at what I see, "look who's finally awake..." I say to him smirking. He bit his lip, "I-I didn't mean to sleep in Lizzy-w-What time is it?" He asks me, "don't worry about that we have plenty of time." I say to him. He nods as I lean over and begin to kiss his neck, "did you have a good rest?" I ask him lustfully, "I had a dream about you..." Abel mumbles, "Oh yeah? What was I doing?" My voice seductive against his ear and for a second he seems at a loss of words, "fuck..." he mumbles, my lips and hands already overwhelming him. I let out a giggle, "What was that? I couldn't hear you." I say to him, kissing at his neck, biting at his sensitive skin and letting my tongue soothe it after, "Jesus fuck." He twitches again precum making a dark stain on his shorts, "I'll give you a hand..." I mumble against his cheek as I kiss him my hand going between his legs and gently scraping my nails against his thighs, "Fuck, what are you doing to me?" He groans weakly, more to himself than to me. I kiss until his hip bone and begin to suck and bite at it, "Elizabeth..." he groans. I smirk as my hand glides up his inner thigh, and I stare at the wonderful vision in front of me. Abel trying to sit up desperate for me and anxious about what I was gonna do to him. "No," I say to him, pushing firmly against his chest so he falls back against the pillows, "Just Relax" I say to him. He obeys instantly and I smirk. Abel's hips buckle involuntarily when I squeeze the base of his dick, causing his breath to hitch. I pull down his shorts and boxers with one quick yank and it takes him by surprise especially when I slip one of his balls into my mouth. He begins to tremble when I take each one in, gently sucking on them, "fuck Carmen..." He mumbles as I begin to rub his cock, "yes Lizzy, just like that..." he mumbles. I drag my tongue up the underside of his cock slowly until I taste his precum leaking out of his tip. His breath quickens and he begins letting out a series of swearing and random shit, "Lizzy you're amazing..." he mumbles. He runs his hands through his hair and across his chest, touching himself the way I would usually, "Elizabeth, t-that feels amazing" he mumbles as I push myself to take his full length into my mouth, "fuck-Carmen!" I continue to do this until his hands are gripping the sheets under him and he's panting, I smirk and bob my head painfully slow. "Baby, I'm...fuck." He mumbles out quickly, "Carmen!" He moans his hand grabbing my wrists tightly as he twitches inside my mouth. I have other plans in mind so I pull off him without warning so he wouldn't cum and he lets out a small "fuck" from the sudden loss of my mouth. He's fucked up at the moment, flustered and frustrated, and it's making me so horny. "Carmen..." he moans with a small whimper causing me to smirk. "Not yet, I'm not done with you." I say, crawling up his body until my lips meet his, both of us desperate for each other. He pulls me close and I grind against him as I rest my hands on his face, running my hand along his beard as I lick his bottom lip. He's very eager and lets me in, and we begin to moan into each other's mouths. He grabs my ass and I melt into him letting out a small whine, and he sneaks his fingers under my shorts. I pull away from him, and push off from his chest with one hand, "no Tesfaye, not yet." "Lizzyyyyyyy," He groans, "just be a good for me Tesfaye..." I mumbled rubbing his chest gently. "I'll try." He says smirking his voice cracking causing me to smile, settling my body against his and kissing him again slowly and passionately, I can't help but grind against him, the head of his cock brushes against my clothed pussy and we both moan into the kiss. While we were doing all this shit he slips his hands under under my shirt, pushing up cautiously while I'm distracted. When I realize I smirk knowing he wants me and wants to see me and I decide to let him have this. I pull away reluctantly to straddle him and he looks up at me curiously. I grab the bottom of my shirt, taking it off and put it beside us on the bed followed by my bra and shorts, "are you happy now?" I ask him pulling him back into a kiss. He nods a bit and smiles, his eyes going to my breasts and he swallows and licks his lips. My panties are the only thing separating us and he knows exactly how wet I am when I grind onto his hard sensitive cock, "you gonna be good for me now Abel?" I ask him my voice all raspy, "yes Elizabeth..." he mumbles, "good...sit up." I tell him. He does leaning back on his hands and I see the bit of sweat on him from not being able to cum causing me to smirk. I grab his jaw and pull him into another kiss, "Lizzy, please..." he whimpers, the way he said my name turning me on even more, "I know babe." I say to him rubbing my thumb against his beard and jaw, "stay still for me alright?" I ask him. He nods and I move myself away from him and go behind him leaning against the headboard. He turns to look over his shoulder, his face showing confusion when he sees me sitting there, "Lizzy?" He mumbles confused, "Scoot back." I say to him, spreading my legs out to take him. "Lean against me." I say to him. He looks at  me with realization what I had in mind and smiles. "I see where you're going with this." He settles in between my legs, back against my tits, "Oh, do you?" I say smirking, letting him get comfortable as he lays back against me. His head rests just under my chin, giving me an amazing shot of his body displayed in front of me, "Mmhmm." He hums. "Is this okay? I'm not hurting you right?" He asks causing me to smile. It's so cute that he checks to make sure I'm okay, "It's great Abel." I say to him kissing his cheek, "And you know I can take it." I mumble smirking slightly as my hands slip under his arms and around his chest, feeling him tense up a bit, "You can take it pretty well," he says smirking and gripping my thighs while I continue to run my hands up and down his body. His head falls to the side, exposing his neck and I see it as an opportunity and begin to kiss his neck sucking and biting at his sweet spots to mark what's mine. His body stutters beneath me when I wrap my hand around his cock, still wet from earlier. "So hard for me," I mumble as I nibble at his ear. Each stroke gets him going again, and it's the best thing I've ever seen. I pause at his slit, my thumb swiping over it to spread the wetness that's accumulated. He bucks into my hand, wanting more, "Fucking hell, just like that Lizzy." He says gripping my thigh and leaning against me more "What do you say?" I mumble to him, stopping my actions, "Please Lizzy, please." He begs to me, lifting his hips off the bed in desperation, "Want it that bad Tesfaye? Keep going." He thrusts up, fucking himself into my hand, "You look fucking amazing." I say to him as he goes faster, desperate for more. Him begging to fuck my hand and soft groans come from him and it gets me more turned on. "Shh, I got you." I mumble as I rub him a bit faster, steady enough so he doesn't cum, but enough to make him happy. He's fucking heavy but I honestly didn't care, I love feeling him against me especially in this situation, "Fuck what are you-" He interrupts himself with a loud moan when I begin to go faster, his head leans back against the crook of my neck and I can't help but rest my nose into his hair. "I can' I-I'm-" He's fucked not even able to focus on a sentence instead whimpering under me and I can tell he's so, close. "Not until I say so." I mumbled into his ear causing him to whine as he tries to keep it in. "Don't cum Tesfaye." He moans his body trembling. I smirk getting an idea as my free hand snakes up his chest, traces along his collarbone until my fingers wrap around his neck. Abel's moans send vibrations against me when I tighten my grip around both his cock and his throat, "you like this Abel? Being so submissive for me?" "yes" He mumbles quickly, I rest my head against his and I kiss the top of his ear then whispering, "Come for me." Abel curses, cock twitches in my grip and he cums on his stomach chest and on my arm letting out moans and gasps for me. He whines helplessly, and I can tell he loves it. And I continue stroking his cock until he stops cumming, "E-Elizabeth..." he mumbles out. I give his cock a final squeeze watching a bit more cum get onto his stomach before finally letting him go. His body falls limp while he catches his breath, his eyes shut as he still tries to catch his breath, "L-Lana-" He gasps, "you look so hot." I say to him smiling, "Oh my God..." He mumbles as he tries to catch his breath. "Fuck, that was...amazing Carmen." He mumbles as pull him into another kiss. Abel grabs the shirt next to him cleaning himself up, "get on your knees..." I say to him, "L-Lana I cant-" "yes you can..." I mumble rubbing his jaw encouragingly knowing he loves it. He sighs hesitantly and gets on his knees on the floor. He kisses my thighs slowly going up towards my vagina, right where I need him. I moaned, shutting my eyes as Abel began lightly licking along my clit. My mouth opened slightly as he slid his tongue along my slit, "Abel, yes..." I moan resting my left hand into his hair my right one behind me supporting my weight as I learned back, "fuck me Abel..." I say to him. He pulls away slightly and spreads my legs apart farther to push one of his fingers in thrusting in and out of me before pushing his tongue inside me as well, "yes Abel!" I moan giving small tugs on his hair. He moans the vibrations driving me wild. He adds another finger and speeds up his actions watching me moan and submit under his touch, "fuck Elizabeth..." He mumbles against my thigh giving one of my scars a gentle kiss then beginning to suck and bite at it causing me to moan and lean my head back moaning his name as he marked me, "Abel, give it to me..." I say to him. He nods and pushes a third finger into me thrusting hard and fast, "I'm so fucking close Abel agh!" I moan letting my head fall back as I moan. Abel takes my clit into his mouth and sucks on it gently until I moan out his name loudly and cum on him, "f-fuck Abel..." I mumble as he cleans up my mess. He crawls back into bed with me, "are you okay?" I ask him. He nods and kisses me, "y-yeah are you?" I ask him. He nods as he crawls on top of me, "love you." I say smiling to him, "love you too..." he says holding me tightly, "what did you want to tell me Lizzy?" He asks me, "I'm going to lollapalooza and I'm going to sing there in a few months." I say to him, "okay that's fine I guess." He says

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