Chapter 52

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I wake up to see a pair of green eyes looking into mine, "finally awake." Adam says standing up from his chair, "w-what..?" I mumbled looking up at him. "You've been out ever since we knocked you out." Adam clarified making me even more confused, "let me make it clear to you Lizzy, you've been kidnapped." I hear a voice I haven't heard in years say from the shadows I look over to see Darren coming over to me.

My eyes widened and I feel my fear level shoot through the roof, "w-who is that?" I say trying to play stupid. Darren slaps me and I look away from them, "fucking stupid whore Elizabeth, didn't you always know I would find you?" Darren says smirking, "w-where's mom..?" I ask him, "What was that darling, couldn't quite hear you love." He says, "where's my fucking mom!" I yell at him.

He punches me and I let out a small gasp but refuse to groan. I won't give him satisfaction, "she's safe, and won't be seeing you anytime soon." He says pulling me up from the chair, "I can't wait to have you..." He grumbles into my ear as his hands rubbed against my boobs through my tank top, "much better than last time..." he says smirking against my ear, "m-maybe it's because I'm not fucking twelve anymore you sick fuck." I say to him, "got such a mouth on you Lizzy, I've got to fix that." He says as he pushes me into a room and onto a bed locking my wrists against the posts of it with handcuffs after taking off my shirt and bra. He smirks as he pulls down my shorts and panties and begins to rape me. I cry through the whole thing but every time I'd sob he'd cut me with a knife somewhere on my body.
-months later-
When I wasn't getting raped by Darren or Adam I was left tied up. Adam was the nicer one, he brought me food and drinks and let me out to go to the bathroom and clean up, he was also more gentle when he fucked me, compared to Darren at least. Sometimes they'd both be there and that was the worst, one would fuck me while the other watched or they'd both fuck me at the same time. They didn't care what I felt so they were relentless. When I was alone I thought of Abel, worrying about if he was looking for me, if he cared I was gone or if I'd ever be found at all.

I feel tears roll down my cheeks but Adam wipes them away, "why did you lie to me Lana?" Adam asks me one day, "I didn't want to be back with him..." I say to him truthfully. Adam sighs, "w-why did you help him?" I ask him, "I needed the money and I needed you, not like this, I thought it would be different." He says. I look away from him and think of Abel and I. I missed him so much. To think that the last thing I did was be mean to him and cheat on him killed me, I wish I could say goodbye to him, I wish I could be with him forever. Adam dressed the recent cuts I had on my body for me including the ones from the handcuffs digging into my wrists. I wanted this to end I need this to end.
-a few months later-
I feel Darren raping me. I'm not even aware anymore. I feel numb, I'm just their bitch anyway. The used me day in and day out and I couldn't even defend myself, all I knew is that I wouldn't last much longer. My body can't handle this much, "look at me Elizabeth." He says grabbing my chin and forcing me to look at him, "open your fucking eyes." he says as the cold knife digs into my stomach. The pain was too much and my eyes open seeing him.

I feel tears running down my cheeks but don't make a sound knowing the consequences, "that's right Liz, take it, I know you like this..." he says his rough calloused hands rubbing my breasts. I close my eyes again looking away. I didn't want him at all and certainly didn't want this, "you know you're a lot more beautiful then you were when you were younger..." Darren mumbles but I ignore him. Darren finally cums then pulling out of me.
I Lay there alone on the bed for what felt like hours until Adam comes in, "Lana..." he mumbles, concern laced in his voice. I looked away from him to the wall. He leaves but comes back with the key to the handcuffs letting me out. He puts his arms around me and brings me into the bathroom. He sets me down on the toilet as he strips himself of his clothes picking me up and bringing me into the shower.

I lean my head against the wall wincing at the pain from all my cuts, "Lana I'm sorry..." he mumbles pulling me against his chest. I look up to him and kiss him, "t-thank you..." I mumble. I feel him kiss me again pushing me against the wall gently, "please Adam not now please..." I whisper to him practically begging him. He nods and grabs soap wiping it over me and washing me up, "You were a good boyfriend..." I mumbled as he rubbed my back. I think of Abel wishing he was the one taking care of me and making everything better.

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