Chapter 3

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I leave the house and take a cab to the party I go in and look around for Electra and eventually find her at her usual spot, the drink table. "Hey!" I say excitedly as I hug her, "oh hey Carmen." She says with a small smile, "you want a drink?" She asks me. I nod and take it from her thanking her, "I saw your show this morning." Electra says cautiously, "Oh yeah, what did you think?" I ask her, "youre performance was amazing, but that Kelly girl was such a bitch to you for showing you that picture, on national television." "Did you know Electra?" I ask her. "Yeah but I was gonna tell you tonight." She said. I nod, "he's an ass hole anyway." I say taking a swig of my beer. "Carmen!" I hear his annoying voice say from behind me. I roll my eyes and turn to see him, "What the fuck do you want?" I ask him angrily, "Carmen let me just talk to you." He says. I turn to him and glare angrily, "I'll talk to you later Electra." I tell her. She nods and I follow Francesco to a private area, "so what do you fucking want??" I ask him angrily, "I saw the show this morning Carmen, I-I never knew you thought of me as a boyfriend." He says smiling slightly. "Dont over think it Francesco, were not together-" I say turning around before being stopped by two strong hands on my shoulders turning me around and causing me to face Francesco, who then kissed me.
I'm in my room and typing up a paper on my laptop when I hear the elevator doors open. I go out to the hallway and look down to the living room to see Carmen, "Car-" I start to say excitedly before I see her asshole boyfriend following her with a bottle in hand. My face drops and I go back into my room, when theyre both here they make twice the mess and twice the noise. I hear them coming up the stairs and throwing each other against the wall with small moans. I groan annoyed and grab my ear buds putting them in and blasting my music. After a bit I hear my sister yell, "god yes daddy!" And at that moment I never wanted to leave more. I turn up the music and put my head down on my desk, "I fucking hate her." I mumbled to myself. A while later I feel hands on my shoulders, I ignore her. She takes out my ear buds gently, "chuck?" She says. I stay quiet and pretend to still be asleep. She picks me up and brings me to my bed putting me down, "goodnight Chuck." She mumbles walking towards the door, "goodnight Lizzy..." I mumbled back turning around and getting comfortable.
When I'm done with Fran I put his shirt on, a fresh pair of panties, and the shorts I slept in. I go to Chuck's room and see her with her head down on her desk, "Chuck?" I say as I go towards her. She doesn't respond so I pick her up figuring she was asleep and placing her on her bed, "goodnight Chuck." I say going towards the door, "goodnight Lizzy." She mumbles. I smile and go downstairs to grab some Advil for tomorrow mornings hangover. I go back into my room and place the drugs on my nightstand next to my water. Francesco smiles at me and opens his arms smiling at me, I bite my lip trying to hide my smile, "come here love..." He says. I smile and plop on top of him smiling and hugging him, kissing his jaw "I love you..." I slur as he kisses me, he smiles and kisses me back, "I love you too baby." He tells me. "Be my boyfriend." I say to him smiling, "of course my love." He says kissing me and rubbing my shoulder gently. I kiss him again and cuddle up with him.
-a few days later-
I hear my phone ringing and grab it reluctantly, "who the fuck is this?" I ask sleepily. "This is your damn manager Carmen, get ready, you've got a show in 3 hours, and knowing you you're probably still in bed at 2pm." He says. I roll my eyes and get out of bed. I go shower and put on a shitty shirt, a sweatshirt and jeans with some high tops. I go to my sister's room and knock on the door, "Chuck?" "Come in." She says. I go in and see her playing on her phone laying on her bed, "whats up Carmen?" "I just wanted to tell you that I'm going to go perform tonight and if you need me I'll be at Madison Square." I tell her, "what if they don't let me in?" "Just show them this," I say throwing a pass on her bed, "okay, good luck." She says, "I dont need it." I say with a smirk. I get into my car and tell Albert, my driver, to go to Madison Square Garden. He was about 50 and the closest thing I'd ever had to a dad, no matter how much of a bitch I've been he's always stuck by me. He told me once it was because he had always worked for celebrities and a lot of them could be douche bags. Albert pulls up in front of the place and my fans are already waiting for me, "Albert, how much time do I have before the show?" I ask him, he glances down at his watch, "2 hours Ms. Grant." He says, "oh fuck it..." I say getting out of the car, "Ms. Grant!" He calls after me. I look to him, "just go park the car, tell Kenny I'll be there in a bit." I tell him. He sighs but accepts. I go to my fans and greet them, "oh my god Carmen!" They all became very excited to see me and I went over to them smiling and taking a Sharpie out of my pocket. I begin signing there records, pictures, shirts, and whatever else they gave me. I hugged some of them and gave them kisses, and stuff like that, "I'm so glad you all came I miss my darlings." I tell them smiling at them. "Carmen you're so amazing!" "We love you mom!" "What a queen." I smile at the complements and I soon feel a hand on my shoulder, "Ms. Grant, you have to come in now..." Albert says to me, "bye guys! See you soon!" I say smiling and blowing my fans kisses. They cheer as follow Albert into the back smiling.

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