Chapter 33

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I wrap my arms around Abel and we go to the car, "Tesfaye, I want you now." I say to him grabbing hand, "Carmen we can't we're in public..." He says slowly, I smirk and grab his face pulling him into a rough kiss, his hands went into my waist and pulled me closer to him, deepening the kiss, "Car, Stop..." He mumbles pushing me away a bit. I roll my eyes and stop, "you're drunk." He says to me, "so are you, aren't you?" I asked him, "not as much as you." He says, "now let's go home..." he says touching the small of my back and pushing me to the car. I smile and obey going in. Abel gets into the car and starts it, "drive to my house baby..." I say smirking, "I would but I hate driving this car." Abel says sighing, "then where are we going?" I say smiling, and leaning over the counsel to kiss Abel's neck, "my place if that's okay..." Abel says. I giggle and nod, "of course baby..." I say running my hand up his thigh, "Carmen stop-" "come on baby..." I say running my hand close to his cock, "Carmen I don't wanna crash your Jaguar please stop..." Abel says taking my hand and putting down on my own lap. I sign and lean back, "fiiiinnnne." I say sighing.
We get back to my house and I look over to Carmen and see she's passed out in her seat. I go to her side and pick her up carrying her into the apartment and bringing her upstairs, "Abel-" "Relax Carmen..." I whisper to her giving her a kiss. She snuggles closer to me and kisses me gently, "I love you..." she mumbles slurring slightly, "I love you too Car..." I say. I lay her down on the bed and go to the bathroom and take a shower. When I'm done I go back into my bedroom and get into my shorts getting in bed next to Carmen. I take off her jacket and throw it to the chair, then taking off her shoes and throwing them near her coat, "Tesfaye..." She whimpers, "I'm right here Lizzy..." I say to her stroking her cheek. She turns into me and wraps her arms around me snuggling into the crook of my neck. I smile and put my arms around her too, going to sleep.
I wake up and hear Abel talking, "Lamar you can't I need to record you know that!" He seems angry and annoyed, "I can't ask her, she'll think I'm just using her." "Lamar you're a dick sometimes you know that?!" "fuck you!" He hangs up the phone and sits on the bed putting his face in his hands, "Abel are you okay?" I ask him wrapping an arm around his waist, "no Carmen, Lamar said he was gonna help me with my album but now he says he has to work on his own now, I don't know what to do now I only have a few days, I told the record company that it would be out on Saturday." Abel says, today was monday. I got up and get behind him wrapping my arms around him and laying my head on his back, "well you know I produce and write my own songs, I know how to do mostly everything in the studio." I say to Abel, "I'm sure you do, but I didn't wanna ask you because I thought you'd think I was using you..." He says to me, "no babe, it's fine I'll help you." I say to him, "okay when do you wanna go?" He asks me, "whenever you want baby, it's your album." I say, "get dressed we'll go after you're ready." He says getting up. I nod and go to get dressed realizing we were at Abel's house, "shit..." I mumbled. I grab one of Abel's sweatshirts and pull it over the shirt I was wearing yesterday and hoped no one would notice these were the same pants I wore yesterday, it was a black nike sweatshirt so I mean it could be mine. I go into the living room and Abel smiles when he sees me I smile back but before I could say anything Abel's dogs came over to me and jumped up on me, I smiled and pet them saying hi, then look up at Abel, "ready to go?" I ask him, "yeah, I love that sweatshirt you're wearing." He says smirking, "you should it's yours." I say smirking. He smiles and takes my hand in his bringing me to the elevator we get in and I kiss him, "what was that for?" He asks, "because I wanted to." I say smiling at him, when we got downstairs we went to the car and got in. We started driving to the studio and I put on my radio listening to my song that was currently on, "that was Carmen Grant's gods and monsters from her new extended play paradise, hey did you hear about Carmen and her bodyguard last night?" I felt myself tense up and grip the steering wheel, "no what happened?" Asked the other radio person, "she was seen walking out of a club with him and they kissed." I swerve a bit as I was very panicked, "Jesus Carmen relax." Abel says grabbing the wheel, "Abel, Kenny's gonna be pissed, you're gonna get fired, I might never make music again-" "Carmen, don't worry about me, I'll have enough money from my albums, and Kenny won't stop you, you're his money maker." Abel says rubbing my thigh, "look at the bright side, now we don't have to hide our relationship anymore." Abel says smiling at me,"y-yeah maybe you're right..." I say giving Abel a small smile, as soon as I say this my phone starts to ring and I look over at it and see that it's Kenny, "oh great." I say rolling my eyes, "I'm busy you giant fuck." I say annoyed and ultimately deciding to ignore the call. "Tesfaye turn off my phone." I say to him. He obeys and does what I ask then putting it back where it was. We finally get to the studio and go to Abel's floor again, "okay hun, this is earned it for fifty shades of grey, are you ready?" He Nods and begins singing. I listen to the song and start mixing based on Abel's notes on what he wants it to sound like. As I'm listening I realize the song is about what we used to be like. When he's done he comes out and sits next to me and I hand him some headphones, "okay so here's what I did, we can change anything you want okay?" I say to him. He smiles and nods then I play the song. "Yeah I like it, sounds good Car." He says smiling, "thanks baby." I say smiling at him. He nods and gets up, "we'll do another one yeah?" I nod and put my headphones on. The next song, Shameless, was wonderful and kinda Hot, I smirk listening to the song. When he's done with the song he comes out and we listen to our shit together Abel only fixing a few things.
-a few hours later-
"I think we're about done Carmen." Abel says to me smiling, "this is fucking great baby, I can't wait to hear your album." I say to him getting on to his lap straddling him, "our album baby." Abel says smiling as he rests his hands on my hips and pulling me into a kiss. A few seconds in Abel breaks away and looks at his phone, "it's Lamar I have to take this." Abel says I nod and lean my head against his shoulder, "hello? what?! Dude don't fuck with me. I can't believe it! I will thanks!" he hangs up the phone and looks at me, "Carmen I love you so much!" Abel says kissing me hard, "u-um okay, I love you too but what's going on?" I ask him, "Lamar says my singles for my albums were doing so good that he heard the Grammy Academy people want to nominate them!" Abel says excitedly, "oh my god baby! That's great!" I say hugging him, "Lamar says I should put out my album now, so it can make it for the Grammys." Abel says happily. "thank you so much for helping me Carmen!" Abel says happily kissing me everywhere. I smile and giggle kissing him back, "I'm so happy for you babe..." I say smiling. "anything I can do to repay you?" Abel asks smirking, "there's a lot you can do baby, publish your album first though darling." I say smiling. He smiles and tells his people to get it out as soon as possible then looks back to me, "let's go..." Abel says to me smirking. I grab Abel's hand and we go to my car it was pretty dark out when we came out of the studio, it was around 7. We begin driving and I feel Abel slide his hand onto my lap slowly going towards my pussy, "Abel..." I mumbled concentrating on the road, Abel's hand making it increasingly more difficult, "what? What am I doing Elizabeth..?" Abel asks rubbing just below my entrance rubbing slowly in small circles, I move a bit closer to his hand and he smiles, "anxious aren't we?" He asks his voice getting slower and deeper, "s-shut up Tesfaye..." I mumbled to him, he smiled and began to rub clit slowly in matching circles. I let out a small moan and bite my lip, "fuck me like one of your songs Tesfaye, yeah..." I let out small moan as he begins to circle faster, "Abel! Oh baby, I -I can't agh!" I moan practically humping his hand. He smiles and holds me, "we almost home Ms. Grant? You think you'll cum before you get there?" I moan in response as he goes faster, "Abel stop- I-I don't want to get cum in my Jaguar." I say to him chuckling slightly. He sighs and leans over the counsel kissing me gently, "oh Abel..." I mumbled holding him Closer, we finally get home and I park the car in the garage quickly then getting on top of Abel and kissing him hard, "how much do you want me?" I ask Abel as I run my hand up his shirt touching his Abs, "Car..." he whimpers as I trace his happy trail down to the hem of his jeans. I open the first button and unzip them seeing Abel's arousal, "so hard for me already hm?" I ask him as I run my hand down his cock, "c-car...i-i wanna do something with you..." he says looking up into my eyes, "what is it?" I ask him lifting his shirt and kissing his abs and v line, "i-i wanna cuff you Carmen..." he says to me. I stop thinking of the last time someone used cuffs on me. It was Darren. I look at Abel, and his kind lustful eyes were starting back at me. I nod, "we need a safe word..." I say to him. "how about we just keep it simple, stop for real!" Abel says smiling. I nod and get out of the car, "would you blindfold me too daddy?" I ask him seductively as I kiss him. "whatever you want Carmen..." Abel says tugging at my jeans. Once we were in the apartment I looked around for Chuck, "she must be asleep." I say with a smirk, halfway down the hall Abel pulled his sweatshirt off of me throwing it to the couch and picking me up, my legs wrapping around his waist and my arms finding my way around his neck. His hands squeezed the back of my thighs as he pressed me against the wall, "w-we should go upstairs, i-i don't want to wake up Chuck..." I mumbled against his lips. He nods and kisses me as he brings us to my room. His lips find the base of my neck and suck hard on the tender skin, making sure to leave bruises. We finally get to my room and he lays me down on the bed. Abel gets on top of me supporting himself with his arms against the sheets. He takes off all my clothes quickly until I'm left in my lace lavender bra and matching panties. He pulls off my bra and pulls down the straps slowly kissing my neck And shoulders as he does. Once my bra was gone I kiss him hard as one of his hands travels to my lace panties, fucking with the waistband, before he rips them off. Which kinda pisses me off but turns me on at the same time causing me to moan into the kiss, "those were expensive." I mumbled as Abel breaks away from the kiss, "they're mine I can rip them off of I want to." Abel says to me, "they're yours? Do you wear them?" I ask with a small smirk and giggle. Abel smirks and grabs my ass, causing me to gasp and moan, "I mean only I can see them, you wear them for me..." he mumbles against my neck, "yes daddy..." I mumbled, "good girl..." he mumbles. I swallow nervously at Abel's tone, knowing what was coming next. I was nervous... I've actually never been restrained before since I was younger and I was a little scared. He watched me go to the head of the bed and look at Abel for further instruction, "put your hands above your head..." Abel says biting his lip as he watches me. I do as he says and look at him, "so fucking hot Carmen, so ready for me..." He whispers into my ear as I hear the click of the handcuffs locking around my wrists. My heart beat increases, I was so damn nervous, "Carmen, you don't have to do this if you don't want to...tell me if you want me to stop okay?" he says to me looking into my eyes, I nod and give him a small smile, "kiss me please..." I mumbled, he listens and kisses me, "no matter what I say I love you okay?" Abel says to me. I nod and give him a small smile. He looks over me and his eyes grow darker and he slides off his shirt, "Carmen...let's see what you have..." he says getting up and going through my drawers, "oh good here it is, exactly what we used last time." Abel says with a smirk, "promise me you'll tell me if you need me to stop." Abel says to me, "I promise Abel..." I say to him biting my lip. Abel puts the blindfold around me. I felt the bed shift under me and felt Abel gently spread my legs rubbing his long fingers down my thighs, causing me to shutter a little. Without warning he went down on me, sliding his tongue along my slit. He pressed his tongue flat against my clit as he slid a finger inside me as he began to lick my clit, but pulled away when I bucked my hips, ever so slightly, "be a good girl for me Carmen, don't move..." he says ribbing my thighs slowly before thrusting a finger inside of me. I gasped and went to buckle my hips but feel Abel's hand keeping me down. "I-I'm sorry," I breathed out as he pumped his finger into me, he didn't add another finger, even though we both knew I was ready, he wanted me to keep wanting him. Abel's mouth soon came to my nipple, licking and sucking at it causing me to arch my back wanting more contact with him. He curled his finger inside of me, causing my breath to hitch. I bit my lip hard, attempting to hold in my disire to cum on his finger. He could tell I was close and pulled his finger out quickly, causing me to moan in frustration. "You taste good Car..." Abel mumbles kissing my neck as the bed shifts underneath me. I hear Abel's belt buckle click against the floor. Then, it was quiet, "A-Abel..?" I mumbled, he says nothing but instead I feel him hovering over me once again then his lips against mine. He made his was down my neck, sucking and biting hard at my skin, "I want you to wait. Can you do that?" Abel asks me the tip of his cock rubbing against my clit, "y-yeah..." I mumbled. "Good girl..." Abel says as he slowly pushed his hard cock into me making me whine, he didn't exactly wait for me to adjust, but he didn't make it fast either making me feel his full dick inside of me, I try to keep my hips steady, knowing that if I moved Abel probably punish me, and his slow pace was already torture enough. Abel's hands run down my sides, barely touching me. I wanted him so bad, to beg for him. I feel Abel finally slowly start rocking back and forth, causing me to moan and go to grab him only to find that I couldn't, the sound of the handcuffs against the headboard causing Abel to chuckle. I soon adjust and want more, "T-Tesfaye..." I whimper, "yes Ms. Grant?" "f-fuck me..." I mumble, "I already am..." he says. "tesfaye I want you to fuck me as hard as you can until I forget who I am and all I know is you." I say to him. I feel him kiss me, "so fucking submissive Carmen, begging for me, waiting me to fuck you." As soon as he finished his sentence his hands grip my hips, and he pounded into me. My hips begin to shake a little as I breath heavily into his shoulder. Abel puts a hand on my stomach, pressing down my hips as he pushed himself farther inside of me. I moan out his name with a little whimper, causing Abel to moan. He adjusted to hit my spot and he finds it right away. His thrusts become harder and faster making it harder for me to stay still, and I was so fucking close. I felt my stomach tighten and Abel begins to whisper dirty things in my ear which, as usual, sends me over the edge, pressing my knees against his waist causing him but he stops preventing me from coming. "Abel!" I moaned frustrated again. He chuckles, "I told you to wait angel..." Abel Says beginning to kiss me again. I moan into the kiss, Abel winning dominance. I Want to touch him so bad...anywhere and everywhere, I pulled at the handcuffs but get the same result as last time, "what do you want Carmen?" Abel asks, "y-you Abel...I-I want you..." I mumbled out, "you're being really good for me good for me..." Abel mumbles as his hand runs over my arm and unlocking the cuffs finally letting me wrap my arms around him, I took this as permission for me to grind on him, rocking my hips hard against him, creating more friction between us. He let out a low growl biting my already bruised neck, "let me ride you Tesfaye..." I moan, "y-yeah..." he says flipping us. I slid down onto his cock, placing my hands on what I assumed was his chest and he squeezes my thighs. I began swiveling my hips and I hear him curse under his breath as I begin bouncing a little. Abel grabbed my hips and helped me steady myself on him and I fall forward a little, resting my arms on his chest. He begins thrusting up into me causing him to hit my g spot and I moan almost instantly coming on him, his movements become sloppier as I hear him moan my name and feel his cum inside of me causing me to follow after, "fuck Carmen..." he mumbles as I kiss him and sliding off him slowly when we're both done. I feel Abel push up the blindfold and and kiss me again, "I love you..." He tells me his hands rubbing my sides, "I-I love you too Abel..." I say resting my head against his chest. "You, you're alright right?" He asks me, "y-yeah I'm fine babe..." I say hugging him. "Goodnight Abel..." I mumbled too tired to say anything else, "goodnight angel." Abel says kissing my forehead.

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