Chapter 31

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-1 day before Carmen's birthday-
I look at my phone, 0 missed calls, 0 new texts. Carmen wasn't answering. I knew I was kinda acting stupid but so was she, and she must've known that. I decided to go over her house having no luck calling or texting her. I get to her house and use my key to get in and go to her house. I see Chuck first, on the couch watching tv. When she hears the doors chime she turns and sees me, "oh thank god I can't take her anymore." She says grabbing my hand and bringing me upstairs, "she's sick because she drank too much and crying because of you and it's making her sicker because she has a migraine from her beer and she's throwing up." Chuck explains as she opens the door. "Hey..." I say to Carmen as she opens her eyes slightly, "agh..." she groans turning away from me, "I'll be downstairs." Chuck says leaving. I sit on the bed and go to touch Carmen's shoulder when she flinches, "Car I'm not gonna hurt you..." I say to her worriedly. She ignores me and moves away from me. She still didn't trust me, "I'll tell you about what happened to me..." I say rubbing her shoulder. She lets out a shaky sigh and I decide to continue, "I grew up with my mom in Canada, my dad left us a while after I was born and never talked to us after that. My mom struggled and did even worse when I stared to steal her money to buy drugs off the streets to deal with the fact that kids were mean to me everyday for being the weird outcast. When she found out she hit me, it was needed though, it was so stupid of me." I say to Carmen's barely functional body, "I'm sorry that I didn't tell you, I just want to forget that part of my life and move on with you." I say sadly. She sighs and turns to me, "you still don't trust me do you?" I ask her sighing, "I'm sorry Abel..." she mumbles. "How can I can make you trust me..?" I say to myself getting off her bed,"W-where are you going?" Carmen asks me, "where would you go?" I ask her, "you're gonna cheat on me..." she mumbles to me sadly, "if that's what you think..." I say Sighing.
-A few hours later-
I wake up and sigh deciding I should register Chuck at that school. I go to her room and knock at the door, "come in..." she says. I go in and see her laying on her bed, "Hey..." I say slowly, I knew she'd be mad at me for drinking and shit, "hi." She said sighing. "You wanna go to that school we went to the other day?" I ask her. She sighs and nods, "I guess so, everyone seems nice enough." She said giving me a small smile, "Chuck, I want you to be okay with the decision." I say to her seriously, "I am..." she says to me. I hug her and begin to cry into her shoulder, "Carmen-" "he's not coming back Chuck..." I mumbled against her shoulder, "don't be to dramatic Carmen, what did he say exactly?" Chuck asked me, "He said he was going where I would go, which is a bar, he's gonna meet some other girl, who loves him more than I do, and he's gonna go with her. I fucked up Chuck..." I say. She sighs and hugs me Back, "you don't know that Lizzy, he loves you too..." "but he doesn't think I love him!" I say upset, "you're gonna have to just trust him." Chuck says to me looking at me. I sigh and nod, "come on let's go to the school." I say giving her a small smile.
I get to a bar and begin drinking. I wanted to forget about Carmen but I couldn't. She didn't love me. She didn't trust me. I have a few drinks and sing a few songs on stage for the crowd. After I'm done a girl comes over and introduces herself as Bella, "and you are?" "Abel tesfaye." I say to her as I walk back to the bar. She follows and we have a few drinks together and she offers to take me back to her hotel and I except. When we get there and she stars to kiss me I push her away. I was doing exactly what Carmen does to me. It was wrong, "I'm sorry Bella I can't do this..." I say to her, "the one guy I go for!" she says annoyed. I ignore her and leave going home. I get home and pet my dogs for a while then going into my room to think, did Carmen actually love me? I sigh and start writing some music to get my mind off of things but it doesn't seem to work. I sigh and put my head in my hands as I think if Carmen, It's her 18th birthday tomorrow.
-the next day-
I wake up in an empty bed once again. It's my birthday. It wouldn't matter anyway, the only people who would care are my friends, and Kenny of course was looking foward to fucking me. A few minutes later I hear the door open and Chuck running to the bed and jumping on me, "Carmen, its your birthday!" she says happily, "yeah so?" "so we should celebrate!" she says enthusiastically, "what do you think we should do?" I ask her turning around to face her, "let's go out to Breakfast or something." she says, "you want me to buy us breakfast on my birthday?" I ask her chuckling, "yeah come on Carmen please!" she pleaded. She honestly sounded like a little kid and it was funny as hell, "okay fine." I say getting up. She leaves and I get dressed letting us go out to the elevator then to the car. We go out to breakfast and I drop Chuck off at home before going to Kenny's. "welcome to the resigning of your contract." Kenny says shutting doors and locking them. I sigh as I go to Kenny's desk and Bend over his desk as he takes off his pants and mine. happy freakin birthday.
When he's done with me he told me to sign a few things and said then I could go home which I did happily. When I got there the doors open and I see Abel standing in my living room in a suit, "Abel?" l say confused. "yes Carmen...I-I wanted to come back, I feel so stupid." he says shaking his head, "did you cheat on me?" I ask him bluntly. "No Carmen..." he says looking into my eyes. I feel him pull me into a kiss, "happy birthday Car..." He mumbles kissing my cheek. I Smile and hug him, "here wait I got you something..." He says to me going to the couch letting me follow him. We sit down and he hands me a jewelry box, "Abel you didn't have to..." I mumbled smiling at him, "yeah I did." He says with a small laugh. I open it and see a golden bracelet with my name on it, "baby, t-this looks amazing! Thank you!" I say happily hugging him and giving him a kiss, "look Carmen I'm sorry, I love you and I should trust you more, but you've gotta trust me too..." he says to me taking my hands in his. I sigh and nod, "Abel I don't wanna talk about my past right now okay? But I won't cheat and I won't lie to you okay? I-I love you too, and I've never felt this way about anyone before..." I say nervously, he smiles and hugs me. 

Abel and talked for a while and cuddle while watching TV when Abel stated to kiss me, "you want to...have an amazing birthday?" He asks me smirking. I nod and smile as I unbuttoned Abel's shirt and pushed it off looking at his body, "Abel fuck..." I mumbled biting my lip, he smiled and pulled at my shirt I lifted my arms and he pulled it off throwing it to the side. "'re so beautiful..." Abel said stroking my sides under my breasts. I smiled and brought him into a kiss, "fuck Abel..." I whispered he wraps my legs around his waist and we go to my room. He pulls down my pants and kisses my neck gently sucking and biting varrious spots, "Abel..." I gasp as I feel him suck on my sweet spot. He smirks and begins to suck at it, "god Car..." He mumbles as I rub his bulge through his pants, "take them off..." He says against my neck. I take his belt into my hand and unbuckled it, then pull at his pants sliding them down off of his boxers. I'm holding his shoulders as his hands go under my back trying to get to my bra clip. He unclips it then reaches for my straps, pushing them down, then taking off my bra. "Fuck...Carmen..." Abel says admiring my breasts. I smile and hug him close kissing him, I reach for his boxers pulling them off, "I need you Carmen..." Abel says grabbing my breasts and rubbing them with his hands, circling my nipples and taking them between his fingers pinching and squeezing roughly. I moan and wimper pushing my leg up so my thigh rubs against Abel's dick, "Agh god..." He mumbles I break our rough kiss and take off my panties watching Abel kiss my neck, "okay, baby, fuck me hard..." I mumbled looking at him, he kisses my neck and pushes into me gently not stopping his actions on my breasts. I bite my lip and put one of my hands in his hair and the other grips the sheets. He waits for me to adjust and begins to thrust into me quickly causing me to moan and grip his hair and the sheets moaning out his name, he goes faster and moves inside of me deeper, "what do you want Carmen?" He asks me, "deeper Abel..." I mumbled through gritted teeth. He obeys and goes harder and deeper trying to get my g spot, "oh god Abel!" I moan as I feel him hit it, "fuck yes! Agh Abel!" I moan as he continues to hit my g spot over and over again, his thrusts becoming sloppy, "b-baby I-I need t-to-" "okay cum Carmen..." He moans holding me tightly. I release and moan his name as I hold him close to me. I feel cum inside me, and gasp as I hold him, "fuck Abel..." I mumbled holding him to my chest. "Carmen, you're fucking amazing..." He mumbles kissing my neck gently. "S-so are you..." I said with a small smile rubbing his Back. Abel begins to rub my breasts again, "you ready to go again?" He asks me running his hand up and down my body and he pulls me closer to him, feeling him get another boner. I rub my ass against him and his grip on my breasts tightened causing me to moan, "so hot Lizzy...only for me..." he mumbles into my ear. I pull away from him a bit and smirk at him, "i-i want you me out..." I whisper in his ear my hand rubbing his dick. He nods and flips us, kissing my thighs and licking up my slit. He flicks my bud teasing me causing me to yelp out in pleasure, "mmm tesfaye..." I mumbled watching him. He pushed his tongue in and out of me slowly while his fingers ran up and down my clit mmm, still teasing, he was really good at it, "oh baby..." I mumbled as he began to fully divulge into me. I arch my back and moan Abel grabbing my hips and pushing me back down, "so eager Carmen, so desperate for me..." Abel says smirking against me sending vibrations up my body, "Abel I-I need you...please..." I beg him. He smirks and begins thrust his tongue in and out of me along with two of his fingers, "Jesus Tesfaye oh god!" I moan, "you look amazing like this..." Abel says smirking. I moan and feel myself needing to cum, "a-Abe-" I moan as I feel myself finally release again. After a few more minutes Abel picks me up and pushes my head against my pillow, careful not to hurt me. He pushes my legs apart and begins rubbing my clit then dipping his fingers Back into my pussy. I moan and only faster a few moments I already needed to release, "I need to cum god..." I mumbled, "no, not yet." I nod but feel myself clench around Abel's fingers anyway causing him to pull away, "I wanna be inside you when you cum." He mumbled running a soothing hand up and down my stomach as he pushed the head of his big cock inside of me, "Abel!" I moan my voice cracking like 3 times and my arms giving out. He holds me up by my waist as he begins to rock his hips back and forth slowly at first, "I-I gotta go faster Carmen..." Abel warns, I nod and he goes faster, "b-baby..." I mumble. The feeling of his hips slapping against my ass Abel whispering a mix of sweet and dirty things to me, "I want you to cum with me Carmen..." he says between moans and grunts, "o-okay...j-just tell me!" I moan. He thrust into me a few more times, he trusts getting sloppier, "cum for me Elizabeth." He says to me, allowing me to let out a loud moan and cum Abel doing the same while saying my name. We finally relax and while we're cuddling I kiss him, "happy birthday Lizzy..." He mumbles, "thank you baby...b-be my boyfriend..?" I ask him cautiously, "of course Lizzy..." he says giving me a kiss, "good..I'll see you in the morning baby..." I mumbled. We kissed and I fall asleep that night only wearing the bracelet Abel bought me and sleeping in his arms.

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