Chapter 13

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I feel Abel shaking me awake and I groan turning away and putting a pillow over my head, "come on ms. Grant." Abel says pulling the pillow away from me. I groan again And turn around facing away from him. I hear Tesfaye sigh annoyed, and then feel him pick me up, "Tesfaye!" I say pissed off. I hear him chuckle as he brings me into the bathroom, "Ms. Grant, take a shower I'll get Chuck up." He says. I sigh and listen getting into the shower. When I get out I see Abel waiting for me with my sister who looked just as tired as me, it was 4am. "let's go." I say to them going to the elevator. We go to the car and tesfaye drives us to Electra's. I get out with Chuck and go to the door. I knock and a very sleepy and annoyed Electra answers, "Jesus Carmen you have to come so early?" she says in a drowsy voice, "I'm sorry E, you know how touring is, here's her bag, please take care of my little sister." I say giving Electra a hug, "I will." she says giving me a small smile, "I'll send you guys tickets to one of my shows alright? Bye Chuck." I say to her. She looks at me and gives me a hug, "bye Lizzy..." she whispers. I smile and let her go, "I'll see you later." I say to her, "can I call you whenever?" She asks me, "yeah I've gotta go." she nods and sighs going inside then Electra closing the door. I go back to the car and get in Abel drives us to the airport and we get on my private jet where we meet Kenny. I roll my eyes and sit down pretending to listen to his complaints. We finally get to our first stop, Amnéville France. We went a few days earlier so I could look around in France. I put on sunglasses and a cap hoping no one would know me. We touch down in Paris and go into the city, "are you ready baby?" I ask Tesfaye smirking, "actually, can you wear some regular clothes so we don't look so obvious?" I ask him. He sighs but nods and goes to change, I smirk and lean against the wall. He comes out a few minutes later wearing black pants and a black shirt with a blue jacket, "you look nice." I tell him smiling as I go towards him and reach for his sunglasses, "those stay." he tells me. I roll my eyes, "let's go." I say. We get into a cab and I tell the driver to go to A designer store. He takes us and I try on clothes showing them off to Tesfaye, "gorgeous..." he mumbles looking me over. I smirk, "thank you." I say looking at him. We finish and I go with Abel to the Louvre. We look at all the amazing art from over the years and I talk to Abel about how beautiful it all is. We then go to the Eiffel Tower, I drag Abel up all the stairs to the top. By this time the stars were out. It was beautiful, "Abel this is..." "beautiful..." he mumbles taking my hand in his, "no, Abel we cant-" he cuts me off by kissing me, I put my arms around his neck, he was being so romantic, "wanna go eat?" he asks. I smile and nod taking my hand in his. We walk through the almost empty streets, looking at the amazing buildings and structures. Abel pulls me into a restaurant and speaks fluent French to the waiter, surprising me. We get sat in the middle of the empty restaurant, "what did you tell him?" I ask opening the menu and looking, "I told him if he let us eat here, you'd pay them a lot." He says seriously. "You fucking suck." I say to him smiling and shaking my head. He smiles and chuckles looking back to his menu. After we eat, we're just relaxing and talking when Abel comes over to me bringing me into a kiss, we begin to make out and I pull away, "stop..." I mumbled. He obeys and goes back to his seat smiling at me. After we're done we go to Amnéville where my first show was. I go to the hotel I was staying at and go to my room collapsing on my bed. I just wanted to sleep, it was hard to fall asleep on a plane. The way I was able to was because I passed out from drinking. I wake up the next day by Abel throwing water on me, "Jesus Christ Tesfaye!" I say annoyed getting up and begin to get dressed. I feel Tesfaye's stare on my and I feel myself blushing, "where are we Abel?" I ask him turning to him once my new shirt was on, "we're in Amnéville ms. Grant, we should get to the stadium it's almost time." He says to me. I nod and go with him to the car that was waiting for us. Abel and I sit in the back as the driver brings us to the stadium. It was pretty quiet until we get there I'm greeted by Kenny, "finally Carmen, I was waiting for you all day!" Kenny says. I roll my eyes and walk to my dressing room ignoring him. I get into the dress I picked out and did a line of cocaine and a shot then turning to leave when I see Tesfaye at the door, "I didn't know you did that shit Carmen..." He mumbles, "yeah because it's none of your fucking business." I say to him pushing past him. I go to Kenny, "I'm Ready." I tell him. He nods, "its almost time for you Carmen, get your mic and shit." he tells me. I smile as I feel some of the other workers putting the battery pack in the back of my dress and handing me the earpiece. I take it and put it in my ear hearing the talking of my fans and my band tuning their shit, "alright Carmen, your ready." The tech says. I smile and thank him, then go on stage. I hear my fans cheer and smile, "hey guys! I'm so glad I'm here! You all look amazing." I say. They cheer and stuff as I start my first song.
-almost the end of the show-
"hold on guys I'll be right back!" I say running to the side of the stage where Tesfaye was, "what are you-" "come on stage with me and sing." I say to him, "are you fucking crazy?!" he says, "get him an IEM!" I say to the tech guy, "Carmen there's like 1 million people out there I can't do it!" he says slightly nervous, "yes you can Abel, you're amazing! Please just, trust me." I say to him, practically begging him. He sighs, "you're fucking crazy Carmen..." "I'll make up for it later..." I whispered into his ear, "Carmen you know that doesn't matter to me-" "Tesfaye, come on, you'll have fun." I say pouting slightly. He rolls his eyes, "fine." he says annoyed. I smile and grab his hand bringing him on stage, "hey guys this is my friend Abel Tesfaye, I think he is so talented and an amazing singer, were gonna sing a song together called prisoner, which he wrote." My fans cheer and  he started singing, he was just as great as last time. When he began to sing the chorus My fans went crazy they loved it. I sang my part and we finished and I pulled him into a hug, "you did amazing..." I tell him smiling. "thank you Carmen." he says smiling. "please clap for Abel!" I say looking over at him. He smiles at me, I smile and thank my fans for coming and I bring Abel off stage, "you're so god damn lucky they liked him Carmen! What were you fucking thinking?!" "fuck off it worked didn't it? And if Abel's okay with it I'd like to make him part of the show at the end for the rest of tour." I say looking over at him, "I would really appreciate that Mr. Neilson." Abel says to him. He rolls his eyes, "fine fine! Get out of my face for the rest of the night, I gotta keep track of both of you now." Kenny says rolling his eyes. I smirk looking over at Abel. "we can go to the hotel after I meet with some of my fans..." I mumbled into his ear. He smirks and nods, "sounds pretty good..." he says. I smile and we go out where my fans were. I hugged and kissed them, signed their shit and took pictures with them, Abel watching making sure no one was hurting me, "is that Abel?" one of my fans asked, "yeah he's my bodyguard that's how I found out he could sing." I told them. They talk incoherently as I continue to answer questions and do fan stuff. When I'm done I tell my fans I love them then go with Abel to the car. He kept me pretty close this time, probably because of what happened with Albert. He opened the door for me and I got in. I push the little door between us and the driver closed after I tell him the address and pull Abel into a kiss, "anxious are we?" Abel asks chucking slightly. I roll my eyes but feel Abel's arms around me, one of his hands already on my thigh, "you tell me baby..." I say smirking. He slides his hand up my dress and rubs against my panties slowly, "you're getting wet for me Carmen, so good for me..." he mumbles as he continues causing me to whimper and arch my back. "I wanna thank you for letting me sing with you baby, tonight will be about you..." He tells me kissing my neck sloppily. "Fuck yeah..." I say smiling at him. He chuckles slightly and pulls me onto his lap kissing me harder, "Abel..." I gasp as he grabs my ass, "wait until we get back to the hotel okay?" I say to him letting out small gasps and whimpers from him kissing me, "as you wish Carmen." He says letting me climb off him. We get to the back of the hotel to avoid paparazzi and see someone waiting for us with our bags, "your room is ready ms. Grant." He says. I nod and he brings us to an elevator and brings me to the 20th floor and to a room. The guys hands me my room key and I thank him giving him a tip allowing him to leave. I put my purse on the nightstand then turn to Abel and we begin to kiss again. He pushes me against the wall and begins to grind against me causing us both to moan, "Abel, god why are you so amazing..." I moan, "Francesco never did this for you?" He asks with a smirk, "n-not like you do daddy." I mumbled bringing him into another kiss, "you want daddy to do shit to you Carmen?" He asks me as I feel his hand yank down the zipper on my dress, "y-yes daddy..." I mumbled to him as I grab his jacket and pull it off throwing it somewhere, doing the same to the rest of his clothes, until we're both in our underwear. He pushes me to the bed and kisses me down my neck sucking and biting down on my sweet spot causing me to thrust my hips up rubbing against his cock, "fuck Carmen." He mumbles against my neck, "take off your boxers..." I tell him. He nods and does as I ask, "you like seeing me like this Carmen?" He asks me smirking, "yes daddy." I say smiling at him as he begins to kiss my chest down my breasts and unclipping my bra, "beautiful..." he mumbled looking at my breasts. I blush and Abel notices smirking at me as he slips one of my nipples into his mouth swirling his tongue around it and flicking and sucking, "Jesus Abel!" I moan placing a hand in his hair. It gets better as he begins to do the same with my other one with his hand, then later letting his free hand explore my burning vagina, "daddy, oh god yes, m-more please!" I moan. He smirks as he stops and looks up at me, "What's the magic word?" He asks me, "p-please Abel..." I moan looking into his eyes. He smiles and alternates to the other switching his hands as well. His fingers go faster inside of me and I feel myself getting close, "oh Abel...I-I need to-" "do it Car..." he mumbled. I release and moan gripping his hair, "fuck..." I breath out. He smirks up at me and kisses down my stomach and to my entrance, "what are you doing?" I mumbled watching him as I begin to get aroused again. He kisses my knee, slowly going down my thighs causing me to moan and gasp until he stops, "Carmen, are these scars?" He asks me a bit concerned, "t-talk about it later please..." I mumbled looking to him. He sighs and nods, then begins to kiss the scars slowly, "so many Carmen..." He mumbles sliding his tongue against one of them causing me to shutter, "you're so fucking hot..." I moan resting my hands onto the bed sheets as Abel gets closer to where I needed him. He pull my panties down and licks my slit before pushing his tongue fully into me, causing me to moan and arch my back, "m-more daddy!" I say as he begins to thrust and flick his tongue in and out of me, placing my legs over his shoulders, "A-Abel g-god, I-I ugh." I couldn't get out anymore words as I finally release once again. "s-shit..." I mumbled out as Abel licked up my juices "can you go one more baby?" he asks me kissing me sweetly. I nod and he kisses me as he pushes his tip against my entrance, "you ready?" he asks me rubbing his cock against me, "y-yeah..." I mumbled pulling him closer. He kisses me as he pushes into me slowly, "Carmen..." he mumbles out as he lets me adjust, "f-fuck..." I mumble wiggling my hips a bit to adjust faster, "g-go Tesfaye..." I say to him. He smirks and begins to rock his hips slowly. I feel pain but soon feel pleasure as he continues, "f-faster..." I moan looking up at him, "taking it so good Carmen..." Abel says to me as he speeds up. I nod, "t-thank you daddy..." I say to him, "spread your legs Car..." he says pushing them apart more so he could get a better angle. He began to go harder and faster until he hit a spot that felt amazing, "A-Abel! Y-yes daddy right there!" I basically scream. He smirks and does as I say hitting my g spot going faster and harder with every thrust, "you feel so good angel..." he says rubbing my thighs, then grabbing my ass, causing me to moan and arch my back, "fuck me harder daddy!" I moan digging my nails into his back, "Jesus Carmen..." Abel grunts as he feels me tighten around him, "I need to cum." I tell him. He nods and begins to rub my clit until I finish, "Tesfaye, y-youre fucking amazing!" I moan as he releases as well, "fuck, Carmen!" He moans thrusting into me a few more times until we ride out our highs. He pulls out and lays next to me bringing me into his arms, giving me a quick kiss, and holding me as he grabs the sheet and pulls it over us, "tell me about your scars..." he says after a few minutes. I sigh and look away from him, "come on Carmen you told me we'd talk about this..." he says. I roll my eyes and grab the cigarettes and the lighter that were on the nightstand next to us lighting one and putting it my mouth taking a drag. "They're nothing okay? Just bad memories." I say looking at him, "did...did you do them?" He asked me, "" I say hesitantly, " know you can tell me." He says. I sigh and kiss him, "I'm sorry I can't..." I say to him as I look into his eyes, "you want the rest of this, I gotta go to bed." I ask him as I hand him the cigarette, "yeah." he mumbles as I turn on my side facing away from him and close my eyes. I wanted to tell him but I can't, too many risks, I don't wanna risk ruining my career and my sister's life for a boyfr- friend. A friend.

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