Chapter 2

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"You look beautiful Carmen." Kenny says with a smile, "thanks Kenny but I feel pretty much like shit, it was hardly a fucking break." I said with anger laced in my voice. "I know Carmen, but you have to give your fans what they want." Kenny says looking it me. I sigh and lean against the chair. He started telling me about the shit I had to do for the next show but I wasnt listening. I  was looking at all the people passing by the glass windows. They ignore me, but if they saw me they quickly diverted their attention. Bunch of pussies. Easy to intimidate. "Carmen! Carmen are you listening?!" Kenny says angrily, "yeah, what?!" I say looking at him, "I said that your tour did amazing, 1 million from your last two shows." He says excitedly, "yeah I know, so what?" I say looking down at my nails examining my usual long red nails. "You're famous now Carmen, you have to stay there, its gonna take a lot." He said. I smirk and finally get up going over to him, "Didnt I do enough to get in?" I say with a small smirk. He blushes a deep red, "y-you've done a lot Carmen..." He mumbles looking at me, "you've just gotta do more..." He said. I roll my eyes and go to the door, "you're my fucking manager, handle it." "Carmen!" He says angrily stopping me. I turn and look at him, "What?!" I snap at him causing him to flinch a bit. I smirk as he continues, "you're somehow a role model now, millions of little girls look up to you Carmen, you can't go out partying smoking and drinking anymore." I roll my eyes, "why don't you just kill me." I say, "your underage anyway." He reasons, "that didnt stop you when you were bending me over your desk." I say with a smirk. "Carmen, its gonna ruin your reputation if you do your usual shit." He tries again, "people fucking love me, they're not gonna care if I have a little party time." He rolled his eyes, "go home Carmen, you have a performance tomorrow on Good day New York." Kenny says looking at me. I groan and glare at him, "dude im gonna have to wake up at 2 in the morning." I say angrily, "no you won't Carmen, just get there by 8." I roll my eyes and leave his office.

-the next day-

I feel hands on my shoulders shaking me rapidly, "Carmen! Carmen! Wake up!" I hear my sister say, "Agh Chuck, what the hell?" I groan as I turn over, "Carmen come on..." Chuck mumbles, "you have to go to the interview." "Agh I hate that stupid bitch shes so fucking annoying." I say looking at Chuck. "I know Carmen, but it'll be good for your career." I groaned knowing she was right, "help me up..." I mumbled. She scoffs and throws clothes at me, "get dressed Lizzy." She says. I roll my eyes at the name I hated. "Chuck you know I hate that name." "Then get up." She said leaving. I get up and take a shower changing into the dress I was gonna wear. I go to the living room and grab my jacket, "what'd you make me for breakfast Chuck?" I ask her as I walk into the kitchen, "nothing, make it yourself." Chuck mumbles "what the fuck did you just say to me?" I say angrily go her, "I said what do you want?" Chuck said with a slight sigh. "I don't know, toast I guess, I have to get going so make it fast hun." I tell her as I sit at the table and begin to text Francesco. A few minutes later Chuck places a plate of toast with jelly on them in front of me. I eat them and then grab my purse, "come on twit, or you'll be late." I say to her as I head to the elevator. Chuck grabs her backpack and follows me into the elevator. We go to my jaguar and I unlock it, I drive fast to Chuck's school dropping her off, then driving to that damned show. While I'm waiting for the make up people to finish my make up, I see Kelly Jordan, the talk show host. I instantly roll my eyes, hearing her annoying southern accent. "Hello Carmen." She says already annoying and being fake nice to me. I greet her back in the same way as she does (being fake) as my manager comes over and greets us, as Kelly walks away Kenny stares at her ass, to which I roll my eyes and look away to. These two have liked each other forever and are making me suffer so they can hang out. It was so fucking annoying. Soon the show started and we talked for a bit about my career and my friendship with Electra and other celebrities. Soon Kelly shows me a picture of my boyfriend Francesco, "this is your boyfriend correct?" She asks me, "yes, his name is Francesco, and we've been dating for a few months now." I say truthfully. "Okay, and do you think he loves you?" She asks me, "yes." I say almost in a definite tone. "Then how do you explain..." She pauses as the slide on the TV change, "this picture." She finishes. It was a picture of Francesco with a different girl. I feel my heart shatter and tears come to my eyes, "I-I...I guess we were just friends, we mostly were i guess..." I say swallowing my feelings, "oh..." She said as the audience began to discuss amongst themselves. "Is it true that you're coming out with a new album soon Carmen?" She asked me changing the subject, "y-yes, its in the works and I think I'm gonna call it Paradise, it isn't really an album really, more of an addition to Born to Die." I say looking at the crowd, "and I understand that you are going to sing a song from Born to Die for us today?" She said, "yes Kelly, I am, its called blue jeans, and I wrote it for...i just, wrote it about someone I cared about." I say. "Okay everyone, We'll be back right after this with Carmen Grant's new song Blue Jeans!" Kelly says. As soon as the person says cut, I get up and go to get my shit set up, when everyone is getting me ready to perform, I call over Kenny, "did you know about that?!" I ask him angrily. "About what?'' He asks me dumbly, "the shit about Francesco! Did you know she was gonna show me my cheating boyfriend!" I said on the verge of tears, "no carmen I didnt, but you've gotta forget about that shit right now and perform, this is going to be one of the biggest Shows Carmen Grant will ever do for herself, now wipe those tears off and lets go." I nod and we go to stage after getting my make up on. I get on the stage and sing my new singles, everyone loved them, clapping and cheering, Kelly herself standing and applauding. I smile and thank everyone then walking off the stage. "Great job Carmen." Kenny tells me smiling. "I know." I reply confidently. He rolls his eyes and follows me back to the car. He brings me home and by this time it was noon. I go to my floor and have a drink, after all, I deserved it.
I came home to my drunk sister. "Chucky, I'm going to a party later okay? Don't wait up for me." She says hugging me, "Carmen, I don't think thats such a good-" "I'll see you tomorrow sweetie." She says ruffling my hair, and giving me a kiss on the forehead. I liked it when she was like this, she was like a mom to me, the only problem was that she was drunk, "Lizzy..." I say feeling like I was about to cry. She looks at me concerned but I knew she wouldn't remember anyway, "What's wrong Chuck?" She asked me with her words slurring slightly. "I miss my sister." I say hugging her, "I'm right here?" She says confused. "Y-you're different when you're not wasted." I tell her as I feel myself beginning to cry. I feel her hugging me, "don't call me Lizzy..." she says slowly. I hug her closer as I cry more when I hear this. I hated her Carmen persona. She was such a bitch ever since she was 'Carmen'. "I have to go Chuck." My sister says pulling away from me, "p-please don't do anything stupid." I tell her. "I won't." She says. She leaves, going to party again.

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