Chapter 24

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We get to the show and I see my fans going to them first, Chuck and Abel following me. "hey guys, do you know my little sister Chuck?" I ask them, they all say yes and start saying hi to her. I take some of photos with my fans, and sign their things giving them hugs and kissing them and shit until Abel comes over to me, "Car, we have to go." Abel says to me touching my shoulder gently, "okay, in a minute Abel." "hi Abel!" some of my fans say to him. He smiles slightly and waves at them, then waits behind me with Chuck. After I was done with this fans autograph I walk to Abel and Chuck and say goodbye to my fans and tell them I'd see them in a bit. I go to my dressing room and bring Chuck with me, "here, I've got your backstage pass, I won't let security do anything to you alright?" I say to her, as I go to grab my special friend I had in my purse. When I found it and pulled it out, "Lizzy, p-please don't..." I hear Chuck say scared. I look over to her, "please Lizzy, i-i don't want you to be like this, not tonight, please." I bite my lip and look at the bottle. "ok..." I say putting it away, "thank you Lizzy." Chuck says hugging me. I hug her back, "go with Abel he'll bring you to your seat." I tell her, "okay I'll see you soon right?" she asks me, "yeah I'll see you in a bit." I tell her. She smiles and goes to Abel who was waiting outside the door, "Carmen you have three fucking minutes!" Kenny yells from the other room. I roll my eyes and grab my skirt, shirt and jacket that were played out on the couch and get dressed. I fall over putting my skirt and swear at how stupid I was being. As the door opens and Kenny comes in, "as much as I like to see you like this you're fans want you, now hurry up Carmen." Kenny says, "shut the fuck up." I say to him as I pull up my skirt. Kenny comes over to me putting my receiver in in my belt that was on my skirt and giving me my ear prices to put in. I do and I hear what I usually Hear but this time it makes me a lot more nervous then usual. I look to Kenny nervously, "what? Don't tell me you're nervous Carmen?" he says disappointed and annoyed, "a-a little..." I say. He rolls his eyes, "everything will be fine baby, you're the biggest star in the world ok? They won't ever hate you." Kenny says to me giving my shoulders encouraging pats, "now go out there and make me some money." he says smiling and laughing as we leave my room. As we reach the stage and a sound guy gives me my mic, and begin to feel a little more nervous, "give em hell Carmen." Kenny says giving me a slap on the ass causing me to get really annoyed and roll my eyes, I go onto the stage and I'm greeted by millions of my fans, "hey guys! I'm so happy to be here tonight! I love you guys!" I say smiling as I hear the fans scream with joy. I smile and go over to the band, "let's do this." I say to them. They nod and begin to play, I sing a few songs and during one of them I grind against my guitarist Blake. He smirks as he continues playing guitar and I smile slightly at him. When the show is over Blake follows me off the stage, "hey Carmen, that was Kinda fun, but I don't really like you like that, I have a girlfriend." he said, "I don't like you like that either Blake, but I mean I knew you don't like me like that, that's why I did it, I knew you wouldn't care." I say to him. He smiles and nods hugging me, "I'll see you later Carmen." He says, "bye!" I say to him. I hear footsteps and look over to see Chuck and Abel coming towards me, "Carmen! You were so good oh my god!" Chuck said hugging me. I smile and hug her back, "thanks Chuck!" I say to her hugging her back, "did you get some good shots of me during the show?" I ask her as I point to the camera I bought for her yesterday that was around her neck, "hell yeah I'm pretty sure google will love them." she says taking out her camera and flipping through each photo and showing me the best ones. I smiled and we went back to my dressing room, Chuck and Abel waiting on the couch as I went to go shower. When I came back they were talking and I went into the room in my towel and grab myself some clothes and bring them into the bathroom to get changed into them and go back to Abel and Chuck, "guys let's go see my fans." I say to them as I begin to walk out the door. I lead them outside and begin to sign shit and stuff like that again. I feel Abel's hands on my arms, "Carmen we have to leave." Abel says to me placing a hand on my shoulder, "I don't have to listen to you, you're not my dad." "That's right but I am you're daddy..." he whispers in my ear with a small chuckle, "Tesfaye please just let me finish this." I say to him smiling. He sighs but agrees and waits a few more minutes before I agree to leave, we get back to my car and Abel brings us back home. "Abel, Chuck, Electra and I are going out Tuesday for ice cream, you wanna come?" I ask him, "I-I don't know, id be getting in your guys' way." He says nervously, "don't worry about it, Electra can bring Jack too so you guys can hang out." I say to him, "yeah, I mean I probably will have to go anyway to watch over you." He says to me, "yeah of course." I say with a slight sigh and look out the window. We soon get back home and we get back to our rooms. While I'm getting ready for bed I hear a knock at the door, "come in." I say. The door opens and Abel comes in, "Hey..." he says, "hi." I say grabbing my shorts and shirt taking off the clothes I had on now and getting into those, "you and Blake?" He more asks, "we're not together Abel, he has a girlfriend and I'm occupied with other things." I say as I grab my makeup bag bringing it to my dresser and sitting down and start to do up my face, "what are you doing?" Abel asks me. "I'm putting on makeup on." I say to him. He chuckles a bit, "why it's time to go to bed?" I blush, Ive never told anyone this before, "I-I just like to-" he stops me, "you don't need it..." he says stroking my cheek and giving me a small smile. He grabs a makeup wipe and wipes it off, "let me kiss you..." he asks me. I pull him into a kiss and his arms go around me hug me tighter. "You were amazing Car..." he says, "thank you Tesfaye." I mumbled back, "do you do that a lot?" He asks me, "what?" I ask stupidly, "yeah I put makeup on before I go to bed, I don't know why though." I pause "I've always done it, ever since I was younger." I say. "Hm." Abel hums in a slightly confused tone "We should go to bed." I say to him laying down, "goodnight." Abel says. I say the same to him and we soon fall asleep.

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