Chapter 85

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-a few hours later-
"You look so good Abel..." I mumble against his ear as I slide my hand up and down his thigh slowly, "just wanna touch you..." I whisper against his cheek before kissing it, "Lizzy stop, not now." He mumbles to me, there's no one else..." "Lolita's outside stop..." he says pushing me away. I smirk and push him against the wall, "you're fucking mine, I can fuck you when I want to Tesfaye..." I say leaning in for a kiss. He kisses me back and I let out a small groan from wanting him. He grabs my shoulders and pushes me away, "wait until we get home Lizzy, please." He says to me. I sigh, "fine whatever." I mumble pulling him away, "let's go..." I say biting my lip and looking him over. I take his hand and pull him to his car, "drive me to your house." I say to him, "okay hold on, get in the car." He says to me. I listen to him and wait for him. He comes back a few minutes later with Lolita, "mom?" "She can't go home." He says to her. Lolita nods a bit, "Lolita can you take Lana's car back to our house?" Abel asks her. She nods and goes back to my car. Abel begins to drive us back and we're pretty quiet, "was your birthday good?" He asks, "yeah." I say giving him a small smile. After a bit longer we get back to the house, and I get out of the car quickly and grab his hand pulling him to the house. We go in, "upstairs. Now." I command him. He listens and we go upstairs. We get into his room and I push him against his door shutting it behind him as I kiss him roughly, "Abel, just tell me to stop if you need to, okay?" I say against his jaw before I kiss it, "what are you going to do to me to make me use it?" He asks me, "what was that?" I ask him digging my nails against his ass causing him to whimper. "What are you gonna do to me ms. Grant?" I smirk, "That's better. You'll find out if you're a good boy. If you're not, then you won't get to cum." I say walking towards the bed Abel immediately following instinctually. "Lizzy-" "gonna be a good boy for me Abel?" I ask him cupping his cheek. Abel bites his lip and nods quickly, "yes ms. Grant, I'll be good." I smirk and brush my fingers against his jaw and down his neck, "I love you." I say to him. Abel's breath hitches as I slide my hand down his chest, over his pecs, and down his stomach. Inching towards his swimming shorts which seemed quite tight "don't try to take control Abel, got that?" I ask him with stern tone causing Abel to smirk causing me to get slightly more pissed, "Don't be such a brat! Do. You. Understand?" The tone of my voice was sharp and almost unpleasant causing me to smirk. Abel nods frantically as I slide my finger along the waistband of his jeans, "say it to me honey..." I mumble my voice softer as my hand reached his bulge, "y-yes ms. Grant-I-I understand..." barely grazed my fingers over the outline of his cock, and I feel him twitching under my touch. I pull my hand away and Abel let's out a small whimper as he thrusts towards my hand desperately, "good..." I mumble as I pull him towards me for a kiss. I feel him lean into my body, desperate for me to touch him. Just before we would kiss I pull back, almost causing Abel to stumble forward, "ms. Grant, please kiss me..." Abel whines as he reaches over to grab my shirt, pulling me close to his body again, "no Abel..." I say taking his wrists and pushing his hands off me. He sighs, "don't make me think you're not a good boy Abel." I say snaking his ass causing him to moan. I slowly run my fingers around his waist before stopping in front of him and grabbing on to his chin with my thumb and pointer finger. He's finally playing the part. And even though I know he'll go back to his usual bratty behavior I smirk and decide I should tell him how good he's doing, "You're being such a good boy" I say to him my voice noticeably more gruff as I give him one of my softest kisses on his lips. He whines in response, "Go sit on the edge of the bed for me, baby. Can you do that?" I whisper against his lips. He nods and moves away from me sitting on the edge of his bed while I go to the nightstand and grab some handcuffs, "No, no please Lizzy. I'll behave. I promise. You don't have to cuff me, I'll be good Ms. Grant!" he begs. But he seemed to know better than to defy my orders. Maybe he had actually learned something already. "Oh no, baby. You don't like the cuffs?" I say with a large smirk on my face, cuffs dangling on my finger, "no Lizzy please I want to touch you, please Lizzy let me touch you." He whines. God this is so hot. I love seeing him like this, begging me and being so submissive, "you gotta fucking earn it Abel." I mumble dropping to my knees in front of him, placing my hand against his cheek, slowly caressing his cheekbone and pressing a soft kiss to the corner of his mouth, "Lizzy," he whined desperately his eyes just as desperate. "Don't give me that shit, take off your shirt." I command him. He opens his mouth to say something but I stop him, "shirt off Abel." I say to him sternly. He obeys and takes off his shirt and I look him over, "now pants." He pushes down his pants and pushes them to the side with his pants, I'm still on my knees in front of him so once his pants are off I push his legs open and get comfortable between them, "Mmm, so fucking hot," I whisper as I run my fingertips over his thighs, up the sides of his torso, completely ignoring the boner in his boxers. A soft whimper emerged from Abel and I feel him lean into my touch. I chuckle softly at his needy sounds and stand up. Abel looks up at me with pleading, desperate eyes, instinctively pushing his hand to his crotch, causing him to moan at the pressure, bucking his hips into his own touch. "Did I fucking tell you to touch yourself?"I ask him, raising my eyebrows at him before I yank his hand away, rolling my eyes at the groan that left his mouth when his hand left his cock, "B-but Lizzy I'm so fucking hard." "No fucking shit" I say as my eyes trail down his body before falling to rest on the bulge in his boxers, his cock stretching the material. "I don't care. You're not allowed to touch yourself, or me, unless you're told so. Do you understand Abel?" "Lizzy..." "if you don't behave I'll have to use the cuffs, do you fucking want that?" I ask him, "I'll behave. I promise" he insists, shifting his body and placing his hands on his thighs. His nails dug into his skin as he looks up at me, chest rising and falling rapidly. Cock twitching in his boxers. He's never looked better, so fucking ready for me, wanting me so badly, "Get on your hands and knees for me." I say to him. He obeys and puts his ass up to me. I squeeze his hips before sliding my hands over the curve of his ass, slapping it softly and enjoying the quiet moans that left Abel's mouth. "I'm going to spank you, baby" I say as I slide my hands up and hook my fingers into the waistband of his boxers pulling them down just enough to expose his ass while still covering his cock, "okay." He mumbles out quickly as he pushes his ass against me, wanting me to touch him. I hum in approval as I drag my nails over his skin, seeing red streaks appear as go. Abel's a whimpering mess, desperately trying not to buck into me. It's so hot seeing him like this, completely at my mercy. Watching him all fucked up made it even harder to resist my burning desire between my thighs but I don't want to give in yet. I lifted my hand and brought it down against Abel. He moans and pushes his hips against me, desperate for more. I spank each of his cheeks until his ass was red. His arms giving in as he slid down to his elbows. He turns to look at me, "Lizzy more, p-please..." I slapped his ass again, my nails digging into his ass as I grab it, "what do you want Tesfaye, you've got to tell me what you want." "Slap my ass harder Lizzy." Abel says desperately. I do as he says slapping his ass as hard as I could watching his reaction his ass got redder by the minute as I steadily placed another few smacks there. I feel Abel shift against the bed which caused me to place two slightly harder slaps on to his ass. I look up towards Abel's face and see the real reason he moved. His hand is rubbing his own cock again, "goddamnit Abel!" I say angrily pulling his hips towards me then flipping him over to look at me, "I-I'm sorry ms. Grant, is so hard and I just need to cum..." he whimpers, "you don't need shit Abel, just fucking obey me, be a good fucking boy Abel." I say to him angrily grabbing his hand and pulling it away from his cock. "Lizzzzyyyy..." He whines, "being such a fucking asshole, you need to be punished..." "l-Lizzy no!" He groans as I grab the handcuffs and cuff one of his wrists, then pulling it around the headboard and cuffing his other wrist, "Ms. Grant please, I'll be good for you baby please..." He begs, "no, you disobeyed and now you need to be punished." I say to him. He whines, "Elizabeth," his voice falters as he tries to be tough. I chuckle, "you're not in charge tonight honey..." I remind him. I rub his pecks causing Abel's breath to hitch as I continue the journey down his body. I run my fingertips down his happy trail down to his boxers. The tip of his cock was poking out of the waistband, a small puddle of precum gathering on his lower stomach. I swipe my fingers against the puddle and gather some on my fingers the licking it off causing Abel to groan, "Carmen," he groans desperately, "what do you fucking want Abel, use your words." I say to him, "please touch me Carmen." He moans out desperation evident in his voice, "I'm gonna help you, but you can't cum." I say to him, "Carmen!!!" He groans but I slap his thigh sharply causing him to jump and whimper, "if you don't cum I'm gonna ride you, Do you understand Abel?" He nods and I slide my hand down to the base of his cock, Abels eyes shut tightly in frustration as I rub agonizingly slow. He bites down hard on his lip, lifting his hips slightly to thrust into my hand, "C-Carmen please..." he begs his eyes watering as I run my hand down his very hard cock, "quiet Abel." I say to him as I bend down and give Abel a light kiss on the tip of his cock. He groans as I smirk and open my mouth taking him into my mouth, my hand still wrapped around the base of Abel's cock. I let my tongue explore the underside of his cock pressing against his most sensitive area behind the tip as I start bobbing up and down, slowly sucking his cock into my mouth over and over again. Abel, much to my pleasure, was struggling to breathe me, thrusting his hips to meet my mouth and tugging at his handcuffs, dark red marks appearing his wrists. He looks so good, all fucked out. His hair was messed up, blushing hard, his big bottom lip almost bleeding because of how hard he was biting it, sweat covering his entire body, "L-Lizzy more p-please," he begs. I pull off his cock, spreading my spit over his cock with my hand, "that's not how this works, baby" I say a cocky smile spreading over my face as I cock my head and squeeze his cock harder, jerking him off faster. "Brats don't get what they want..." "God it feels so good ms. Grant" he whines as he throws his head back in pleasure his cock throbbing in my hand, a steady stream of pre-cum leaking from his slit. I use it to lube him up more and move my hand faster, "Shit I'm not going to last Carmen," Abel whimpers, his cock twitching in my hand. His eyebrows furrow and he leans his head back as he moans, "you fucking better, you know the rules Abel..." I say as I increase the speed of my hand slightly, twisting my hand as I reach the tip, causing Abel to moan, "Lana...I'm gonna cum, I-I can't hold it..." "I don't fucking care. You're going to hold it." I command him, "L-Lizzy...I-I-" he cut himself off with a loud animalistic moan as I let go of his cock. His handcuffs banging against the bed post as he bucks his hips, trying to gain some friction, "Lizzy p-please I need to cum, Lizzy please it hurts so fucking bad..." he groans "Is your cock throbbing? Do you just want me to take it into my mouth and let you fuck my throat?" I say seductively, running my finger over his cock causing him to twitch under it. "Ms. Grant...p-please let me cum p-please..." "No." I say coldly, wrapping my hand around his cock again. I lean over and spit on it as lube then add extra pressure as I reach the tip of his cock. Abel groans biting his lip harder, "p-please Elizabeth! Let me cum! Carmen please!" I hum before giving him two more pumps then let him go. "Why can't I cum?" His voice was so rough and fucked out, it came out as a desperate plea. "You've been bad, don't deserve to cum." I say to him, smirking before leaning down and wrapping your lips around the tip of his cock again. I slide my tongue over his slit, licking up his pre-cum. The noises that came out of Abel's mouth got me so fucking wet, I just want to fuck him. But I want him to wait, I was enjoying this too much... "Are you getting close?" I ask him after pulling off his cock. "Ms. Grant..." he groans desperately as I rub his cock with one hand and rub his balls with the other. "You have to hold it. You're not allowed to cum." I remind him, "Carmen please I'm so fucking close, Car it hurts..." he whines. "No. Hold it. I know you want to cum, even me saying the word makes your cock jump in my hand. Such a desperate baby boy, so desperate for me..." I say giving him a wink before lowering my head again and taking him into my mouth while still rubbing what I couldn't get, sucking harder, faster. His moans are more frequent, his chest rising and falling rapidly as I look up at him. He was close, "C-Car-I-fuck!" He moans out as I taste cum in my mouth. I pull away quickly, "n-no! L-Lizzy! D-don't stop please I need you!" He groans as he rides out his high, or tries to, desperately thrusting his hips up in an attempt to get something, his cum spilling onto his stomach, "You're so fucking disappointing, can't even hold your cum." I say shaking my head, "I-I'm sorry Car, y-you're mouth was too much, I had to cum..." he says. I sigh, "Guess I will have to punish you then." I say as I grab his cock again and start jerking him off, hard and fast. Abel's eyes widened in panic, a strangled cry leaving his mouth. He twists and turns on the bed, pulling at the cuffs. Almost crying from the overstimulation causing me to smirk, "No oh god, it's too much Lizzy!" he yelled, trying to pull away from me, "Abel...just say something..." I mumble to him  before twisting my hand over the tip, rubbing against the sensitive underside, "I-it feels s-so...good..." he groans  "Elizabeth please s-stop!" He groans. I let go of him and hug him kissing him, "I'm sorry." I say to him, "Yeah yeah, I fuck-it was too good" he mumbles as his cock twitches against my leg, still rock hard. I sigh and begin to rub my leg against him causing him to groan. I stop for a second and straddle him rubbing my clothed crotch against his cock, "c-Carmen, I-I have a vibrator in my drawer..." I smirk, "what do you use it for..." I ask him with a smirk and I take my shirt off causing him to groan. I lean over and grab the vibrator out of his drawer. He whines as I turn on the vibrator, testing its power and making sure it had enough battery to get me off. I push off my shorts. Just as I get out of my them I hear Abel gasp, "are you alright Abel?" I ask him, "y-yeah you''re just so beautiful Lizzy..." he mumbles to me causing me to smile, "thank you baby." I say to him as I push down my bikini, "please be gentle, I'm so sensitive Carmen." I flash a devious smirk and wrap my fingers around his hard cock to line it up with my entrance. I slowly lowered myself on to him, hearing tiny whimpers and gasps leave his mouth. As you you made it all the way down to my limit, Abel threw his head back and closed his eyes, "No honey,"I say my free hand running over his chest, leaning forward to grab his chin to point his face towards me, "Look at me when you're inside me," I demand. His eyes flew open immediately and look into mine. I give him a cocky smile and turn on my vibrator, gently placing it against my clit. The sensation made me jump a little, making Abel moan. "Mmh, god" I moan softly, pressing the vibrator against my clit just a little harder than before. It pushes me straight to the edge quickly, all the things I did to Abel had made me so fucking horny. I keep my hips completely still, just moving the vibrator, making sure Abel won't get any fiction, "Carmen, please..." "Keep still...if you don't stop squirming like that I have to tie your legs up too, baby..." Another strangled cry left his mouth but he stopped struggling. I turn up the vibrator just a little more, moaning at the pleasure it shot through my body. My walls clench around Abel's dick at a steady pace as I brought myself closer and closer to my high. "Please move Lizzy!" He desperately screamed, "baby, you said you were too sensitive, I'm just giving you time to relax while I get off." I say sweetly, clenching my walls again, causing Abel to gasp, "more please I need you!!!!" his voice was rougher than ever at this point. I laugh at how desperate he was. I feel the knot in my lower stomach slowly tightening and just before I start to cum, I turn off the vibrator and toss it to the side wiggling my hips a bit causing Abel to groan. "Now, baby. I'm going to ride you, okay? Don't you dare cum before I tell you it's okay for you to mk?" I say beginning to move my hips. "Yes ms. Grant, I can hold it." Abel gasps, tugging at the cuffs as I slowly pull off his cock before sliding back down. I go agonizingly slow, squeezing my walls around him, enjoying the sensation of having him inside me, the tip of his cock rubbing against my g-spot with every thrust, sending waves of pleasure through my body, making my nipples harden under my bra. "C-Can you take your bra off, please?" He asks giving me the puppy eyes. I giggle and shook my head, making sure to press my tits together as I place my hands on his chest. "God you're so big, baby." I moan leaning forward and carefully avoiding the droplets of his cum stuck in his hairs. I dig my nails into his skin as I squeeze around him, smirking as he yelped. "Car I- shit, I don't think I ca-can hold it..." he whimpers, tears about to fall from his eyes. "Baby" I warn, starting to move up and down a bit faster. I feel my orgasm starting to build, but I can tell Abel was closer, "You're not going to cum until I do, you've already had yours." I say to him. "I-I know I just- I want you to cum so bad, Lizzy I can't hold it, please slow down" he begs, "You're not a fucking teenager. Hold. Your. Fucking. Cum" I command, dragging my nails down his chest. Abel tugs at his restraints, sweat covering his entire body as he's trying not cum. I move one of my hands to my clit and start rubbing small circles, causing me to clench even harder around Abel's cock. It throbs inside my pussy, his tip rubbing my g-spot causing my orgasm to approach quicker, "Lizzy...P-please can I cum?" He asks his voice cracking slightly, "not yet Abel, just a little longer Abel, hold it for me, don't fucking cum." "No no, please! I can't, Lizzy!" He begged. Abel thrusts his hips up to meet mine, closing his eyes a tear escaping one of them at the intense pleasure. "You're not allowed to fucking cum." I remind him, rubbing my clit harder. My body starting to tense up, ready to cum "Ah! Don't! Hold it!" Abel almost screams out as I feel his hot cum inside of me. His handcuffs dig into his skin as he desperately thrusts his hips, riding out his orgasm. I stare at him with an annoyed expression on my face, keeping still allowing him to finish before his cock softens inside me. "You can't even listen to a simple command, you fucking bitch." "I-I'm sorry Carmen... I told you I was close." Abel says between breaths, trying to steady himself his chest rising and falling quickly. "And I told you not to cum! You're so fucking greedy...whore." "I'm sorry, Lizzy..." he repeats, his cheeks turning even redder and he refuses to look into my eyes, embarrassed as he should be. I pull off him, dripping onto his stomach as I move up his body. Abel doesn't seem to understand what I was doing until my pussy was hovering over his face, "make me cum." I order him as I lower myself onto his face, watching his eyes go wide as he looks into mine. He whimpers, "Yes, Elizabeth I want to taste you..." Abel says, voice barely audible from all the whining. I gasp as his tongue made contact with my entrance and Abel whimpers as he eagerly lapped at his own cum mixed with my wetness, his dark lust filled eyes locked on mine as he licks up my juices, "Oh, that's a good fucking boy" I moan, digging my fingers into his hair tugging as I thrust harder against his face, feeling his tongue flick my sensitive nub before sucking it into his mouth again, he hums in response, the vibrations sending pleasure through my body. He switched between kissing, licking and sucking at an incredible pace. Swirling his tongue over my clit, adding the perfect amount of pressure. The stinging on my inner thighs from his beard was enough to push me to the edge, "yes Abel, yes, fuck..." Tugging on his hair a little harder grinding against his jaw. He flicks his tongue over my clit again before sucking it into his mouth while pressing his tongue underneath my bud causing me to finally release, cumming hard as I grind against Abel's mouth just a little more, feeling my walls clench around nothing, my clit twitching under his tongue. I moan and whine loudly my grip tightening in his hair as I ride out my orgasm. I stayed on his mouth for a little while after I had come down, letting Abel lick me clean again, carefully avoiding my sensitive clit. I groan and pull off of him relaxing on the bed for a second, "Carmen..." he mumbles out, "yeah?" "Can you uncuff me?" He asks me quietly. I sit up a bit and do as he asks and he collapses on the bed causing him to groan slightly as his ass runs against the bed, "what's wrong?" I ask him, "my ass hurts..." he mumbles, "sorry..." I mumble blushing slightly, "it's alright." He mumbles his voice still scratchy. I get up, "Car?" "I'm just gonna get us some water." I say to him grabbing his robe and pulling it on, giving him a small smile. I go downstairs and get us two glasses of water, "mom?!" I hear Lolita say from behind me causing me to jump, "holy shit! Lo you scared me!" I say my heart rate returning to normal, "s-sorry..." she mumbles. I notice Lo was wearing an oversized t shirt that I've never seen, "what's that?" I ask her, "um, my shirt?" She says confused, "okay sorry, is it new?" "Um kind of..." She says awkwardly. I nod then go upstairs handing Abel his water as I smile at him, "thanks." He says smiling at me after he takes a drink. I put my arms around him and snuggle into him, "did you mean what you said earlier?" Abel asks me his arm around me and he caresses my shoulder, "about what?" I ask him, " you love me?" He asks me nervously, "yes..." I mumble out, "what did you say?" "Abel, I love you." I say to him looking into his eyes, "Car...what about Alex..?" He asks me, "I-I don't know..." I say to him. "Would you break up with him for me?" Abel asks me, "i-i don't know..." I mumble. I can feel Abel tense up, "baby please..." I mumble to him kissing his chest. He sighs and nods and we go to sleep.

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