Chapter 26

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I feel myself being shaken awake and look over to see Chuck, "Lizzy, p-please wake up..." Chuck says to me, "C-Chuck? What's wrong?" I ask her. "i-i had a dream Lizzy..." I get up and I look at her, "what was it about?" I ask her, "our mom, and him..." she says crying, "it's okay..." I mumbled hugging her, "it's okay Chuck..." I try to reassure her, "were safe now Chuck, it's going to be alright..." I say to her, "c-can I sleep with you tonight?" She asks me. I nod and she goes to the other side of the bed getting under the covers and turning away from me, "Lizzy..." she mumbles, "what?" I ask her, "y-you think mom will ever come for us? Without Darren?" She asks me, "I don't know Chuck...I don't think so..." I mumbled. I hear her begin to cry some more, "I'm sorry Chuck..." I say to her, "l-Lizzy, did mom ever love me?" She asks causing me to turn and face her, "yes, Chuck of course she loved you." I say to her. "Lizzy, h-how do you know-" "I promise Chuck..." I say giving her a small smile, "I-I'm so sorry about hitting you..." she said to me, "it hurt me Chuck..." "I didn't mean it Lizzy, I was just hungover and-" "I know Chuck...y-you shouldn't even be drinking." Chuck glared at me, "what are you talking about?! You drink almost everyday Carmen." She says angrily, "you shouldn't be like me Chuck-" "Why? Your job is so fun, and you get whatever you want for free, why shouldn't I?" "Because I'm lying to everyone, and I'm hurting people, including you Abel and Electra, you don't want my life, I don't want you to have my life." I say to her. She sighs and turns away again and I do the same. "Goodnight Chuck." "Goodnight Carmen."
-the next day-
I wake up and see Chuck sleeping shaking her awake, "Lizzy?" She mumbles, "Yeah, go to your room take a shower and get dressed, I'll meet you at the elevator." I tell her, "Okay...were gonna go to Electra's after school right?" She asks me, "yeah, we're gonna meet her and Jack there." I say to her. She nods she leaves going downstairs. I take a shower and get dressed then going downstairs and see Abel waiting at the elevator, "where did you go last night?" I ask him, "I went home, I had to go." "Oh...well I was really hoping to-" "I know Carmen, I-I just had to." He said. I look at him with confusion but I just except it. I didn't wanna start shit with him, "we stuff when we come back right..?" I ask him biting my lip as I put my arms around his neck smiling at him. He smiles and nods giving me a kiss, "I'm ready to go." Chuck says coming from her room into the living room. Abel does the usual, we go to Dunkin then bring Chuck to school. As were on our way home, I get a call, "hello?" "Hey Carmen, it's Barrie." He says, "oh hey Barrie, what's up?" "Oh nothing, my bodyguards just bringing me home." I say to him as I look at my nails, "where are you going so early in the morning?" Barrie says in his cute accent, "oh I had to drop off my sister at school." I explain to him, "that's cool, when can you record with me? I can't wait." Barrie says slightly anxious, "um soon I hope, not today though, I have very important things to attend to today." I say looking at Abel, "Okay is Thursday good?" He asks me, "yeah that's fine, I'll see you then Barrie," I say saying goodbye and hanging up. I look over to Abel who seemed a little angry, "What's wrong?" I ask him, "nothing I'm fine." He snaps at me. We soon get home and as we get to the apartment Abel turns to me looking angry, "Youre gonna be with him? Carmen you know what happened last time!" He yells at me, "Barrie and I are just friends Abel, nothing else, Jesus Christ Tesfaye, you think everytime I see a guy I just want his dick. " i cheek shaking my head slightly and look around in the cabinets to find something to drink, "carmen what the fuck are we?!" He yells at me, "I told you what we were Tesfaye, friends with benefits, no strings attached." I tell him. "Carmen...I-I thought you liked me more than that, I-I thought you loved me..." I looked into Abel's eyes unsure of what to say, "Carmen! Are you gonna fucking say something?!" He yells at me. I stare at him "Carmen!" He yells again. I turn around and grab my bottle of jack taking a swig. He looks at me hurt then says, "Ms. Grant I'd like to become just your bodyguard from now on." Abel says. I nod and turn to him, "its best for you." I say to him. He stares at me, "Ms. Grant can I be dismissed?" Tesfaye asks me. I nod grabbing my bottle and walking to my record player. I sit down and let tears fall down my cheeks as I watch Tesfaye's feet walking to the door, "Carmen..." "Leave." I say to him, "Car-" "If you hate me so much just get out!" I tell him still not looking up. I hear him walking towards me and I look up at him, "Car..." He mumbles as his hand rests on my cheek.
I feel bad for Carmen, I loved her, she was actually upset, she was sad, not mad or annoyed with me. I kneeled in front of her and looked into her green tear filled eyes, "Carmen, you're sad?" I say looking at her confused, "I have feelings Abel." She says to me looking at me bating her eyes. I wipe away her tears and kiss her gently, "I thought you wanted to leave..." She said looking at me. I take her burban out of her hand and place on the floor, "stop drinking...please." I say looking at her. She ignores me and kisses me, "Abel I'm just...not good at this..." She says looking at me. I nod and bring her legs around my waist. I bring her into her bedroom and lay down on her bed. I hug her and kiss her, "Ms. Grant, I love you." I say to her. She sighs and kisses me. "I-I love you too okay? Just dont expect me to say it all the time." She tells me. I nod and smile hugging her tightly. She kisses me and flips us over.
I flip us and kiss up his jaw, "Carmen..." He gasps and whimpers as I find his sweet spot and begin to suck and bite at it. I pull at his tie and undo it. I put it around his eyes, "Carmen? What are you doing?" He asks me confused, "do you trust me?" I ask him as I suck at his spot, "y-yes..." He moans as I tie his tie around his eyes. I feel his hands go to my sides holding me as I kissed down his neck. "Fuck Carmen..." Abel says as I unbutton his shirt and push away his jacket. Abel pulls at my shirt asking if he could take it off. I put his hand on the top button and smiles as he unbuttons my blouse pushing it off and grabbing my breasts and rubbing through my bra, "babe...agh fuck..." I moan as he goes for my bra. I let him take it off and he rubs my nipples roughly. I moan at the sensation and Abel smiles, "stop." I tell him. He obeys and stops. I move my body up and until my tits are in his face. "Suck it." I tell him. He grabs my right breast and begins to lick over my nipple, "T-Tesfaye..." I mumbled as I watch him. He sucks my nipple into his mouth and swirls his tongue around it. I moan and buckle my hips. He feels me do this and smirks. He undoes my jeans and pushes them off. I feel Abel's left hand go to my other breast and his right goes to my ass squeezing tightly, "fuck baby you're so amazing..." I moaned as he continues to do everything for me. I moan, "stop Tesfaye." He once again obeys and lets go. I take off my panties and grab Abel's hand touching it to my burning pussy, "you feel that Abel? Its all for you baby..." I tell him. He smiles and rubs slowly, "'re so wet..." He says devilishly. I move back and sit on his clothed dick rubbing myself against his erection. He moans and thrusts his hips against me, "fuck're so fucking good. So fucking hard for me." I say and i grind against him harder and faster, "C-Carmen! Fuck! You're-AGH!" I feel his cock twitch in his pants and he cums. "Oh Abel you're such a bad boy, I didnt even touch you..." I say to him as he squirms under me. "You know I'm not done with you..." I tell him "y-yes Ms. Grant..." He says panting. "Tesfaye, I want you to eat me out." I whisper into his ear. "I'd love to help you." He mumbles, "just tell me how you want me." "Just right there baby..." I mumbled as I moved myself to hover over his face taking his hand and putting it against my entrance, "fuck Carmen you're so wet..." Abel said. His warm breath against my throbbing pussy felt amazing, I couldn't help myself anymore, "Tesfaye, are you ready?" I ask him. He nods and I lower myself onto his mouth. I feel his arms go around my thighs and he begins to lick my clit slowly, slipping his tongue into my slit every so often teasing me. I groan slightly and rock my hips instinctively, "b-baby..." I hear fall from my lips as my nails dig into the headboard. His hands grab my ass and rubs it slowly. Abel then pushes his tongue into me causing me to moan and grab his hair, "oh fuck Abel!" I say as his tongue begins to thrust in and out of me, "f-fuck damn...abel..." I moan. I feel one of his hands leave my ass and go to my clit rubbing slowly as he ate me out. I grind against his face and continue to go faster, I dont know if I was hurting him I just knew it felt good, "Mmm Carmen..." Abel says against me sending vibrations throughout my body causing the knot in my stomach to explode, "fuck!" I moan. Abel laps up my juices as I come down from my high. I got off of him and begin to kiss him again as I open my nightstand and take out handcuffs, "Ms. Grant? What are you doing?" He asked me as I cuffed one of his wrists and pulled the cuffs around the headboard cuffing the other. "You said you trusted me right?" He nods as I kiss down his body to his pants. I pull them off along with his boxers and Abel sighs in relief as his cock sticks out at me. "Fuck..." He mumbles as he squirms under me. I sigh and rub his cock slowly, "C-Car..." He mumbles. I smile and I kiss his tip causing Abel to gasp, "Carmen" He whimpers. I smile and begin to suck his tip. He moans and leans his head back. I smile and run my hand up and down his dick taking him in fully, "Car!" He moans as I deep throat him, "Abel...can I try something with you?" I ask him as I pull him out of my mouth. "Y-yeah..." He mumbles. I put three of my fingers to his mouth, "Carmen-" "hey you said you'd let me try it." I say looking at him. He sighs and opens his mouth. He takes my fingers into his mouth and sucks on them. I pull them out and push one into Abel's ass, he winces in pain and lets out a yelp. I rub his cock a bit, "baby its gonna be alright just relax..." I tell him kissing his knee trying to sooth him. He sighs and adjusts nodding. I push my finger in and out of him slowly causing him to curse and mumble my name, "You ready babe?" I ask him, "y-yeah..." He mumbles. I add another finger stretching him out and pushing my fingers in and out of him, "Carmen..." He moans. I go a bit faster adding another finger, "Carmen!" He moans grabbing at the headboard. I go slow at first, gradually quickening the pace, "Car-fuck..." I hear him moan. He was starting to like it. I push them deeper and hit something causing Abel to jump, "yes Carmen!" He yells arching his back. I smile and continue pushing my fingers into the spot. I smile at the amount of pleasure I was giving him. I continued for a bit and rubbed his dick until I couldn't take it anymore. I pull my hand out and he whimpers, "C-Car?" He mumbles. I rub his shoulders, "hold on okay baby?" I tell him. He nods and I get out the vibrator I had in my drawer. I turn it on and push it inside of him, "is it hitting your spot?" I ask him, "yes..." He mumbles as he arches his back and moans, "Carmen oh god..." He mumbles. I smile and straddle him once again "Carmen..." He mumbles in an almost pleading voice. "You want me to fuck you Abel?" I mumbled into his ear as I grind against his cock, "yes Carmen..." He mumbles I smirk and line myself up with Abel. I slam my hips down and moan from his size, "fuck!" I moan. Abel moans with me and I feel him continually bucking his hips from the vibrator causing him to go further into me. I matched the pace causing Abel's cock to go inside of me deeper and deeper, I feel him hit my spot and I moan loudly. "Carmen...let me see you..." He asks me i ignore him and continue moaning, "p-please Elizabeth!" He moans. I look up at him and pull off the blindfold. He watches me ride him, "I-I wanna touch you..." He moans pulling at the handcuffs. "Not gonna happen Tesfaye..." I say as I feel the knot in my stomach about to burst, "C-Carmen!" He moans as he continues to buckle his hips thrusting into me, "f-fuck Abel!" I moan as I cum on him, "please let me cum inside you..." Abel begs. I ride him a bit more as much as I can until he follows with a loud moan. He comes insides me and I collapse on him, "fuck Abel..." I mumbled looking at him, "C-Car, please t-take out the- agh!" I smirk and look over at him grabbing the vibrator and pulling it out, "F-fuck..." He mumbles. I uncuff him and he pulls me on top of him. I kiss him and he puts his arms around me, "I-I love you..." He tells me holding me, "I-I love you too Abel." I tell him kissing his cheek sweetly, "i-I'm sorry about Barrie..." he says slowly as he rubs my shoulder. "it's okay, I get why you're upset, you'll be there baby, it'll be fine." I say to him smiling as I grab a ciggerate and light it bringing it to my mouth and taking a drag. Abel and I talk and make out and go again in the shower before we pick Chuck up from school, today was gonna be fun.

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