Chapter 66

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I kiss Abel passionately on the couch pushing his shirt up slowly, "wait," he mumbles, "what's wrong?" I ask him, "do you wanna do something?" He asks me pulling away from me slightly, "um sure what do you want to do?" I ask him holding his hand in my own, "you wanna see a movie?" He asks me, "I don't know what's out?" I ask him leaning my head against his shoulder. "There's a movie with Tom Hiddleston I wanna see." Abel says to me, "okay let's go." I say to him giving him a small smile. He smiles back and I grab my sweatshirt and we go to my car and I drive us to the movies. When we get there we get our tickets and go to the concessions stand. We get candy and pop corn and drinks and then go into the movies. As I was watching the movie it related to my life so much which kinda freaked me out because of the ending where the characters broke up because of his alcoholism and cheating. I feel tears run down my cheeks, "Carmen are you okay?" Abel whispers to me. I nod and look away from him wiping my tears away. When the movie is over Abel and I walk to my car discussing the movie, "it reminded me about us." I say as we get to the car, "I know." Abel says as we get in. When we're in I look at Abel, "babe, look at me..." I say to him. He looks up at me, "what Lizzy?" He says, "I'm sorry." I say to him. He pulls me into a kiss. I smile against him and push him away slightly, "let's go home." I say to him. We were silent and I feel Abel's hand on mine which was relaxing comfortably on the arm rest. I glance over to him and then back to the road. He looked like he was thinking. I wondered if he was thinking the same thing as me, "I love you Carmen." I nod not really believing him. We get back home and I go upstairs, "babe, do you want me to come up with you?" He asks me, "you can but I'm gonna be writing for a bit..." I say to him, "okay I'll come up in a bit then." He says. I go up and start writing out some lyrics I came up with on my laptop. And then mixed a remedy I thought of earlier. I was concentrating so hard that I didn't realize Abel came in until he slid off my headphones, "Car come on its midnight..." Abel says, "oh sorry..." I mumble. Abel goes into the bathroom then comes out a few minutes later. I put away my laptop and shut off my light as Abel gets into bed. I feel him put his arms around me and I hold his hand in mine, "Lizzy..." Abel mumbles, "yeah?" I mumble back. I feel Abel's hand run under my shirt slowly and he runs his fingers against my scars. My eyes open slightly and I look to my boyfriend, "what's up?" I ask him, "tell me about what happened..." Abel says, "I-I did baby you know that-" "what's the worse thing he did to you..?" Abel whispers his free hand stroking my hair and hugging me close, "the first time he cut me I guess..." I say to him, "what happened?" Abel asks me, "I started to fight his advances I obviously didn't want him but he wanted me. He pushed me against the kitchen counter one day and took one of the knives and pushed my legs apart and then he raped me." I say the memory bringing tears to my eyes. Abel wipes them away with his fingers and brought me into a kiss, "I'm really glad you told me..." he says to me. I nod and cuddle up with him. I feel him hold me tighter and he kissed me slowly running his hand up and down my arm in a soothing way. I push Abel away slightly to look at him, "I'm sorry I've been so bitchy to you." I say to him looking up into his eyes, "you haven't been as bitchy to me in a while since we got back together." Abel says bringing me into another kiss. I feel Abel's hand go into my shorts and his fingers rub against my scares gently, "this is where he cut you?" Abel asks me. I bite my lip and nod as I feel myself getting turned on, "I'm so sorry Lizzy..." he says kissing my temple, "it' happened a long time ago," I say looking up at him. I turn towards him and he kisses me, "you still get upset when you talk about it Carmen so I know you still think about it." He says. I stay quiet and look at a picture on my wall behind Abel, "it's not your fault you know." He says pushing a hair behind my ear, "people have been saying that for years." I say to him, "I should've stopped him Abel-" "what could you do Carmen you were like 12." Abel says kissing down my jaw slowly, I sigh and put my arm around him as he kisses down my neck to my collarbone he sucks and bites on it gently causing my breathing to increase and my arms to go around him, "Elizabeth," "hm?" "Are you okay?" He asks me. I nod and push his chin up to face me and brought him into a kiss. He slides his tongue against my bottom lip and I let him in and we make out. I feel his hand run up my shirt slowly grabbing my breast gently and rubbing it, "is this okay Car?" He asks me. I nod and he begins to kiss me again. He kisses down my neck once again and finds my sweet spot sucking on it then pulling away then licking it again. It felt amazing, "Abel," I mumble out placing my hands into his hair. He smiles and pushes off my shirt. He kisses down to my breasts and slips my left nipple into his mouth causing me to let out a small moan, "Lizzy," "what..?" I mumble looking down at him, "Lizzy I want this time to be different," Abel mumbles, "what? How baby?" I ask him, "no not like-agh Carmen I just want to take it slow." He says looking at me, "why?" I ask him, "fuck never mind it's stupid." "No Abel come on..." I plead, Abel looks at me "because I love you, and I want you to know that- to really understand how I feel about you" "oh okay." I say. I feel his mouth go back to my nipple and I smile slightly and let out a small whimper. "Abel..." he pulls away after a few seconds and then he begins to kiss me again and I feel his hand slip into my panties and began to rub my clit the jolt of sudden pleasure surprising me causing me to moan against Abel's mouth. He smirks slightly as I begin to sync my hips with his hands magical work, "baby...y-yes..." I mumble closing my eyes and letting my head fall back giving Abel access to my neck. He kissed my neck as he switched the positioning of his hand so his thumb was rubbing my clit and his fingers were against my entrance, "Abel, what-what about you?" I mumble out between moans and his mouth on mine, "don't worry Lizzy this is about you right now..." he mumbles as he pushes a finger inside of me surprising me causing me to moan out "tesfaye..." his name and fuck were the only words I could work with at the moment as he begins to push a second finger inside me, "f-faster Abel..." I mumbled against his cheek. He listens and his pace intensifies, causing me to moan and say his name more, "a-Abel oh my god..." I mumbled as I trembled underneath him, "are you ready Carmen?" He asks me. I nod and he pulls out his fingers causing me to whimper at the loss. Abel sits up and pulls off his shirt then taking off his pants, "car just let me know if I hurt you okay?" He says as he pulls off his boxers, "you know I can take it Abel..." I say breathlessly as I give him a small smile. He smiled back, "I know just...please Lizzy?" "of course I'll tell you Abel." I say. He nods as he grabs his cock and pushes it inside of me, "fuck..." I mumbled holding his shoulders. Abel lets me adjust and I bite my lip and look up at him, "go..." I mumble. Abel listens and begins to thrust into me slowly. I bite my lip loving every inch he was putting inside of me, "Abel fuck..." I mumble pulling him into a kiss as he continues to thrust into me faster, "Carmen," he grunts as his hand goes down to give my clit only to add to my nirvana, "Abel oh my god!" I moan as I put my leg around his waist giving him a new angle, "deeper Abel please..." I moan pulling him into a kiss. He listens pushing the leg that wasn't around him over his shoulder and he begins to thrust into my g spot, "a-Abel I'm so close baby..." I moan grabbing at his hair, "fuck Lizzy...." Abel moans as I feel his thrusts gettin sloppy and seeing Abel moan and whimper, "you're close too..." I mumble smirking slightly, he rolls his eyes, "let's cum together Elizabeth...please..." I nod, "yes baby, cum..." I mumble. We cum together and Abel continues to thrust into me until we're done. He pulls out of me and brings me into a hug kissing me, "you okay?" He asks me, "of course I'm okay Abel, t-that was amazing, y-you we're amazing, as always..." I say giving him a small smile, "you're being so sweet Abel..." I say to him giving him a small smile, "Abel, look I...I love you." I say to him smiling at him, "I love you too..." Abel says bringing me into another kiss.

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