Chapter 43

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-The next day-
After I ate I decided to go to Abel's. I knock and Abel opens the door immediately smiling, "Lana..." He says biting his lip, "Hey babe, is Bella gone?." I ask him, "yeah she left." Abel says stepping aside to let me in, "good..." I mumble as I walk in. I Put my jacket one of the hooks next to the door and turn to Abel smiling at him, "so what did you have in mind?" I ask him. He smiles and pulls me into a hug. I smile and hug him back, pulling back a bit to give him a kiss, "you wanna watch TV?" I ask him. He nods and lets me go, "why don't you pick out a movie, I'll make popcorn." Abel says going to the kitchen. I smile and get on the couch grabbing the remote and flipping on the TV and looking for my favorite movie the Godfather. Abel comes in with popcorn in a bowl and sat next to me, "hey baby what are we watching?" Abel asks me, "the godfather." I tell him. He smiles and nods, "cool." He says, "wanna cuddle?" He asks me. I smile and Nod leaning against him Abel putting his arm going around me. I smile and lay my head on nods chest and relaxing my arms around him. I feel him put his arm around me and kiss my head, as I start the movie. Later during the movie Abel put the blanket on us and pulled me a little closer. I smile and get comfortable again as I begin to go back to watching. I feel a piece of popcorn hit me and I look to Abel, "really?" I say to him. He smiles and nods throwing another piece at me, "you're a fucking child!" I say laughing and throwing a smile handful at him, "oh I see..." he says throwing more at me, "y-youre so stupid!" I say through laughs. He smiles and kisses me, "love you Car." He says smiling at me, "I love you too." I say to him as he relaxes on top of me. I put my arms around him and kiss him again, then we watch the movie again. If you stay here, he'll just leave you again... the voice says, but I quickly silence it as Abel gives me small quick kisses down my neck.
The movie ends and Carmen's asleep under me, "Car, wake up please..." I say to her rubbing her side. She groans and turns over causing me to smirk and sigh. I pick her up pulling her legs around my waist and bring her to my room placing her down on the bed and taking off her clothes, "Abel..." "shhh it's alright baby." I soothe her as I grab one of my shirts and put it on her. I hear her whimper as she turns away from me and goes to her side of the bed, which is usually my side. I kiss her forehead and go back into the living room cleaning up a bit. I throw away the popcorn that was scattered amongst the couch and floor and was Carmen and I's cups from our soda then go back to my bedroom grabbing some underwear and a t-shirt for a shower. I go into a bathroom and do all my necessities before going back into my room and laying next to Carmen. "Abel," She mumbles tiredly. I put my arms around her and give her a kiss, "goodnight Lizzy." I mumbled resting my head against hers and the pillow.
I wake up in Abel's arms making me feel safe and comfortable I missed feeling him against me, kissing me and cuddling. I also missed other things but I decided that it was not the time. I pushed his arms off me gently getting up and going to the kitchen. I look through the cabinets and notice Bella had everything nicely organized and labeled. I smirk and find pancake mix and a pan for one. I pour some and begin to make pancakes then after I finished with mine, I make one for Abel. Putting it aside for him for when he woke up later then preparing bacon, eggs, and coffee. I put in my earbuds and listen to Bruce Springsteen dancing around and bopping as I cook. About a half an hour later I look up to see Abel standing at the threshold to the living room/ kitchen. I feel heat rising to my cheeks and smile awkwardly, "h-how long have you been there..?" I ask him, "long enough to experience the whole Lana Del Rey concert." He says to me, "s-shut up..." I mumbled blushing, "awe you're blushing, thats so cute!" He says wrapping his arms around my waist and giving me a kiss on the cheek, "what do you mean? I'm sure I did when I was Carmen." I say to him, "not really, you're always so confident it's a nice change to see you all cute." He says squeezing my hips, "I-thanks..." I mumble. He kisses me, "don't get me wrong, I love your confidence too, just not too much of it." He says smiling at me "what are you making?" He asks me, "eggs and bacon, I also made you some pancakes, they're over there." I tell him directing him pointing at the plate with the pan in my hand. He smiles and thanks me taking his food and sitting at the little counter/bar thing he had, "when did you start like making food and shit?" Abel asks me after a few quiet moments, "I had to learn it when chuck and I started living in different places in Nevada we couldn't keep eating out we had to conserve some of the money." I say to him, "oh." He says continuing to eat, "how'd you...fake your death?" He asked me, "I payed the hospital to fake it, anyone will do anything with the right price, the overdose was real but the death was fake, I didn't go into a coma, and they just let me leave after Chuck 'unplugged me'" I explain to him, "you oded on purpose? Why didn't you just fake it?" He asks me confused, "I needed it to look real..." I say to him, "I'm sorry for what I put you through Abel, I saw your speech about me, and I saw you cry and shit, I'm so sorry..." I say to him, "y-you made me feel like it was my fault Lana..." Abel says sadly, "I'm so sorry Abel, I love you, I loved you then too..." "it was best for you, I'm not good for you baby, I never was." I say to him, "That's why I like you." He says smirking. I smile as I finish the eggs and bacon and put some on a plate for Abel. Then fixing a plate for myself sitting next to him at the bar, "what happened to you the other day? I woke up and you were gone?" I ask him confused, "I had to leave Bella was texting me and asking me where I was and shit." He says, "oh..." "I wanted to stay Carmen, I'm sorry." He says to me. I nod and go back to eating. We finish and go into the music room, and I show Abel some songs I wrote for my new album which I decided to call honeymoon. I ask Abel to help me with a few of the songs I wrote and and he agrees sitting next to me. I play one of my songs and he helps me fix a few things and then we move on.
-an hour later-
"How is your career going?" I ask Abel, "it's going really well, after you died I released starboy and we became a big deal, everyone basically found out about us but they loved it." He said placing his hand towards my knee, "everyone was really upset when you died Carmen, everyone thought they fucking knew you, they were playing your music everywhere-" "Abel-" "they thought they loved you, but they didn't even know you, I knew you Carmen, I loved you, you hurt me Carmen." Abel says to me sadly. I look at him and pull him into a kiss, "I'm so sorry..." "you made my album a hit though, my songs always play on the radio now." After he said this, an awkward silence arose and it felt like we were just strangers at the moment... "do you still love me?" I ask him finally breaking the silence with the question I think we both had on our minds. He nods and pulls me into a gentle loving kiss, "I couldn't stop thinking of you when you died, I couldn't let you go, even though I was with Bella." He says looking away from me. I place my hand on his and he looks to me, "leaving you hurt me the most." I say to him honestly, "I didn't even care about the money or the fans when I faked it, I was worried about you, how'd you react, if you'd be okay..." I say, "i-I never felt that way about anyone Abel, I don't think I ever felt like that before, I only cared about myself then but at that moment I realized I cared about other people, you, Chuck, and my fans, if everything would be okay..." I don't know why I'm telling him all this. I feel him hug me and give me a gentle kiss, "you loved me..." He mumbled kissing my cheek as I blush, "you didn't use me..." I mumbled back, "the first guy I trusted in a long time..." I say to him, "what about Kenny? He helped you a lot." Abel says to me, "Kenny, Kenny used to do things to me too, I exchanged my body for his management and a record deal, he never really cared about my career, he just wanted my pussy." I say to Abel, "why didn't you tell me?" He asks me, "I didn't want you to be worried or think I'm a whore." I say to him, "Carmen," "come on, you know it's probably true..." I say to him. He pulls me into his arms kissing me, "I'm not gonna use you Carmen..." Abel says to me, "t-thank you darling." I say giving him a small smile, "Abel, can you bring me shopping? I don't have much of clothes anymore." I say to him as I push myself up off the bench. I hear Abel follow me as we go to the bedroom, "yeah I'd love to, we can go now if you want, I'll get you something to wear." Abel says. I nod and go to the bathroom jumping in the shower, coming out a few minutes later to see Abel dressed up casually and holding a sweatshirt and some jeans in his arms, "here these are Bella's, you might be the same size." He says handing me the jeans, "and this is mine so I know it'll fit you." He says handing me the sweatshirt. I smile and pull him into a kiss thanking him. I get into my clothes and we go downstairs to his car getting in and Abel starting it up and beginning to drive somewhere. I admire the car, it's a Lamborghini, amazing expensive car, "Tesfaye your car is beautiful, I love it." I say to him. He smiles and chuckles, "thanks Carmen." He says smiling at me, "and you were afraid to drive my cars, they're worth about a third of the cost of this." I say chuckling, "I didn't have the money to pay for them if they crashed." He explains, "okay I guess that's true..." I say smiling, "could I drive it on the way back?" I ask him. He smiles, "we'll see." He says. I turn on the radio and listen to the asap Rocky song on the radio singing along to the lyrics. Abel smiles and laughs at me and I make faces on purpose to make him laugh more, "you're so cute." He says smiling and pushing me slightly. I blush and giggle but continue to hum along to the music anyway. "we're here." He says pulling up at a mall. "okay cool, where are we gonna go?" I ask him, "not sure, where'd you use to go?" He asked me, "urban outfitters and h and m and like Walmart." I say with a small laugh at the last one. Abel smiles at me and pulls up to h and m. "Alright let's go." He says, "wait." I say stopping him, "what? What's wrong?" Abel asks me, "just...when we're out call me Lana okay?" I say to him. He nods, "of course." He says as we actually get out of the car. We walk out of the car and into the store and I drag Abel to the women's section and he watches me pick out some shirts, jeans and jackets. Abel and I go To the fitting room and he waits outside the stall as I change. I give him the clothes that don't fit and ask him to get bigger ones. He comes back a few minutes later and puts them over the door so I could grab them.
-an hour later-
"Lana come on its been like a fucking hour." Abel whines. I giggle and get dressed then come out of the changing room, "okay okay, let me go pay." I say walking past him towards the register. He follows me and we get to the register and I pull out my wallet, "no Lana let me pay." Abel says to me, "Abel I can't ask you to-" "you didn't ask me, and I'm doing it, relax okay? Just let me do this for you." He says to me giving me a sweet smile. I wish I could kiss him. I smile and thank him as we get to the counter and the lady greets us as I place my stuff on the counter. Abel takes out one of his cards ready to pay and the lady continues to give us weird looks. When Abel gives the girl the card her mouth drops and she looks back up at us, "are you the Weeknd?" she asks. He smiles but puts his finger to his mouth meaning her to be quiet about it, "c-can you sign this?" She asks him. He smiles and nods signing the little paper for her. She thanks him and finishes ringing us up, "you know you look just like Carmen Grant." She says to me. I chuckle, "yeah I get that a lot." I say smiling to her as Abel takes the card back from her and she hands me the bags. Abel lets me drive his lambo back to the house and it was the best six minutes of my life, and Abel was terrified since my house was 10 minutes away from the mall. "Thank you baby..." I say to him as he lets us back into the house. When we get in I pull him into a kiss and thank him for the clothes. He nods and rubs my back gently, giving me another quick kiss pushing me onto a couch, "w-what are we doing?" I mumbled to him. Abel stays quiet as he gets on his knees in front of me, "Abel w-what are you-" He shushes me as his hands pull off my pants and panties in one swift yank leaving me exposed in front of him. He places a kiss on my knee going farther towards my newly found arousal causing my breath to quicken, "A-Abel..." I mumbled letting out a small whimper as he began to get closer to my pussy. He smirks and begins to kiss a spot on the inside of my thigh then taking the skin into his mouth and sucking on it causing me to moan out and place a hand into his hair pulling him closer to where I needed him, "eager are we..?" Abel whispers beginning to lick around my slit, "a-Abel p-please..." I mumble. He smirks leaning down to press a kiss right where I needed him causing me to moan, my eyes shutting as Abel began lightly licking along my clit, before beginning to suck gently on it, "Carmen..?" He mumbles pulling away slightly, "what..." I mumble frustrated, "a-are these scars new..?" He asks me gently swiping a finger across one of them on my thigh, "later please..." I mumble pushing Abel's head back between my legs. He sighs but begins to slide his tongue against my slit, "fuck...yes Abel..." I moan pushing him against me more beginning to grind against his face, "so fucking good Abel..." I mumble as he actually pushes his tongue inside of me, slipping in and out slowly causing me to moan my hand tightening in his hair causing him to moan against me, "t-Tesfaye..." I groan as his beard rubbed against me as well, "I'm fucking close Abel...shit." I moan feeling my orgasm quickly approaching, "A-Abel f-fuck..." I moan as I feel myself finally release. He smiles and cleans me up before bringing me to hid room closing the door and taking off his jacket, "I want you to ride me Carmen, can you do that?" He asks me. I nod and pull off my pants and panties fully, then my sweatshirt and bra, going over to Abel and kissing him. He seemed surprised but kissed back his hands going to my back and running to my ass grabbing it, "so fucking good to me Lizzy, you know that?" He asks me. I nod and begin rubbing myself against the bulge in Abel's jeans causing me to moan from the friction, "so fucking needy Car..." he whispers, "I-I just wanna feel you inside me..." I whisper into his ear, "fuck Elizabeth..." he mumbles as my hands run under his shirt rubbing his biceps and kissing him, "t-take it off..." Abel mumbles as his hand goes to rub his own cock through the jeans. I smirk at him and do as he asks then giving him hickeys everywhere, "oh, C-Carmen..." I push him onto the bed and straddle him beginning to grind on him more loving the feeling of his jeans against my pussy, "L-Lizzy please...I-I need you, oh, g-god Elizabeth..." he whimpers and moans as he pushes his hips up into me. I smirk and stop pulling down his pants and boxers seeing his hard cock ready for me, "y-you ready?" I ask him. He nods and groans watching me sink down on him. Once I felt him all the way in, I slowly grind my hips against his, riding him painfully slow giving me time to adjust to him, "Abel..." I groan out as I feel myself finally adjusting to him. I begin to go faster causing Abel to moan and grab my hips as I begin to thrust myself up and down on him, "Lizzy, y-you look so good, d-do you like this Elizabeth, like riding my cock?" He asks me his hands rubbing my hips gently as he guides me, "y-yes Abel..." I moan placing my hand on the headboard to gain more control. He smirks and kisses me as I ride him, "I-I'm so close Lizzy..." Abel mumbles, "cum with me Abel..." I moan out. He smirks and begins to rub my clit causing double the pleasure, "shit agh Abel!" I moan cumming on him, him cumming at he same time. "Fuck I love you..." He mumbles, "I-I love you too..." I say back as I collapse onto him giving him a kiss, "goodnight Lizzy..." he mumbles pulling the covers over us, "g-goodnight..." I mumble back.

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