Chapter 20

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I feel myself being shaken awake by Abel, "Ms. Grant, your sister's out of surgery, you can go see her." he says. I smile and get Up off of him and go to the nurse who leads me to the ICU. I see Her sleeping and sit next to her, Tesfaye standing at the door.
-2 days later-
I feel myself being woken up by Abel, "Carmen, Chuck's waking up." Abel says to me causing me to open my eyes and look at my sister, "Lizzy..." she mumbled sleepily. I got up and hugged her, "I-I thought you were-" "I'm sorry Lizzy." Chuck says, "it's okay it wasn't your fault it was mine, I'm so sorry Chuck, I shouldn't have let you go to that party, I'm sorry Caroline..." I say to her as I begin to cry, "Lizzy, c-can we go home?" She asks me, "I don't think so, you've been in a coma for 2 days the doctors want to talk to you..." I say to her, "I wanna go home..." she complains. I sighed, "I know Chuck but you just...have to I guess." I say to her I feel Abel's hand on my arm, "what?" I ask him, "ms. Grant, the doctor wants to talk to you." He says, "okay I'm gonna talk to him okay? I'll be back." I say to Chuck and Tesfaye. I go to the doctor crossing my arms, "is she okay?" I ask him. He nods, "your sister is doing significantly better, she should be able to go home tomorrow if that's okay." He says, "of course, thank you doctor." I say to him giving him a small smile. "One more thing ms. Grant." He says, "yeah?" "Your sisters xrays show signs of abuse, do you know anything about that?" He asks me, I sigh, "out parents used to hurt us when we were younger, that's probably why." I tell him, folding my arms "Okay, we're just making sure, thank you ms. Grant." I feel a hand on my shoulder causing me to flinch slightly, "It's just me Carmen." Abel says rubbing my back slightly. I nod, "yeah...right..." I mumbled. Abel holds my arms and he brings me back to Chuck's room, "so do you remember what happened?" I asked her, "um I was at a party and I was pretty drunk, my friends and I wanted to leave so we took my boy- I mean my friend, and we all went into her Car, I sat in the back, James sat in the front and my other friend was driving since she was the only one sober, and we were driving and her phone rang and she went to grab it and we drove into the other lane and there was a-another car, like a truck, and it smashed into us, that's the last thing I remember, wait my friends, Lizzy, are they okay?!" Chuck says scared and panicked, "Chuck..." "Lizzy, a-are they-" she's cut off by a small sob as she begins to cry. I hug her as she cries into my shirt, "it's okay Chuck..." I mumble to her as I stroke her hair trying to comfort her, "i-it should've been me Lizzy..." Chuck says in between her crying, "no Chuck don't say that..." I say to her, "y-you don't love me, you wouldn't miss me Carmen..." she says. I pull away from her, "of course I would Chuck, I love you, come on you know that, I'm your sister." she looks away from me, "that doesn't mean you love me..." she mumbles. I sigh, "Chuck, why do you think we ran away?" I ask her, "because of what Darren did to you-" "that wasn't why, I was afraid that he'd do the same thing to you Chuck, I was so scared, I didn't want him to fuck you up like he did with me." I tell her, "then why are you so mean to me?!" Chuck asks me confused and angry, "I don't know okay?!" I say to her, "I'm sorry..." I say beginning to cry, it was my fault Chuck was feeling like this, "I'm afraid to trust people I guess, so I push them away." I say to her, "Jesus Christ Carmen I'm your fucking sister of course you can trust me!" she says slightly irritated, "i-i know..." I mumbled, "look I'm sorry..." I say looking up at her, "I-I trust you Chuck." I say to her. She hugs me, "I'm sorry too." She says to me, "I'm sorry about your friends..." I say to her, "thank you Carmen..." she says wiping her tears away, "the Doctor says you can come home tomorrow." I say to her giving her a small smile, "great..." she says giving me a small smile back, we begin talking about my music and stuff and she asks if she could be my photographer which I agree to. She also begs me to let her hear my new songs for my album which I also caved into. "Tesfaye, you can go home if you want, I'm going to stay with Chuck until they let us go home..." I say to him, "ms. Grant-" "I'm sorry Tesfaye..." I mumbled grabbing his hand and pulling him towards me and kissing him, "E-Elizabeth..." he mumbles. I smile and bring him into another kiss, "I-I um, Carmen-" "Relax..." I mumbled beginning to kiss him some more. He puts his arms around me and brings me closer, kissing me more passionately. I smirk and push him away slightly, "calm down baby, I'll see you soon alright?" He nods and gives me another small kiss before he leaves. I sit back down next to Chuck and she smirks at me, "what?" I ask her, "what are you doing with Abel?" She asks, I feel myself blush but roll my eyes to try to conceal it, "w-were just friends..." I say, "well he doesn't seem to feel the same." She says, "what?" I ask concerned. Chuck smirks and raises an eyebrow, "shut up!" I say blushing hard, "what do you mean though?" I ask her, "he seems to like you more than a friend." Chuck says, "n-no Abel, d-doesn't like me like that, I-I told him I didn't want a boyfriend, or like him like that..." I say to her, "it doesn't matter Carmen, weather he knows it or not he's in love with you." she says to me. "shut up Chuck, how would you know anyway?" I ask her, "just by the way he acts around you, he loves you Carmen." she says. I sigh and roll my eyes, "I'm going back to sleep Chuck, wake me up in the morning if you can." I say to her as I get comfortable in my chair. "okay goodnight Lizzy." Chuck says turning on the TV.

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