Chapter 79

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I hear knocking on the door and groan knowing I have to get up. I get up feeling a headache come on from drinking last night. I roll my eyes slightly but ignore my migraine as the knocking on the door increased. "I'm coming!" I yelled regretting it after as my head pounded. I get to the door and open it to see Abel. I smile at him and step aside for Abel letting him in and when he gets in he pulls me into a hug, "what's up?" I ask him as we pull apart, "I just came to check on you." He says as we sit down on the couch, "how's Lolita?" I ask him biting my lip to contain my worry. He sighs a bit, "she's better, she's worried about you Carmen." Abel says to me a worried look on his face, "I'm fine Abel." I say to him. He sighs and looks into my eyes, "we both know that's not true..." he says. I look away from him but he takes my hand in his, "Lizzy I'm worried about you too..." "you shouldn't..." I say to him, "after everything I've done to you I can't believe you'd even come back to me..." I say to him shaking my head in disbelief, "I was with other girls too Lizzy. I-I'm...kinda with someone now..." my eyes widen and I look over to him, "why didn't you tell me? Abel we had sex, I-You should've told me..." I feel my heart breaking, "Lizzy, the girl I'm with, we're complicated, when we had sex last week we weren't together, I promise Car." I feel so hurt and used, "who is she?" I ask him calmly, "her names Selena Gomez, she's a singer-" "I know who she is. Are you her bodyguard?" He nods and I felt anger boiling up inside me, "do you fuck all your clients Tesfaye?" I ask him angrily, "Lizzy-" "Just fucking leave Abel. Tell Lolita she can come over whenever she wants I'll be there for her." I say angrily, "Carmen please, I still want to be friends with you." "I'd prefer acquaintances." I say angrily as I go to the door, "get out Tesfaye." I demand him, "Carmen I'm sorry..." I fee tears running down my cheeks, "get the fuck out!" I yell at him. He listens and leaves and when he does I drop to the floor and cry. I felt like Abel's whore and not in a good way. I loved him so much and that night I thought he still loved me too. I miss him and I shouldn't have left fuck I'm so stupid. I go to the fridge and grab my jack taking it to the music room and started drinking.
I go to Lana's house to see if she was alright. I knock on the door and no one answers so I knock again and no one answers again. I look in one of her plants and find a key opening the door. I look inside and I can't find her, "Lana! It's Lolita! Where are you?" I look around and find a door. I let myself in and see Lana laying on her desk with liquor in her hand, "Lana." I go to her and shake her gently, "Lana, Lana it's me." I shake her a bit more, "m-mom come on..." I say shaking her more. Her eyes shoot open and she looks at me, "Lo is everything okay?" She asks me, "no Lana, y-you were knocked out, Lana you scared me." I say hugging her, "I'm sorry honey..." she mumbles back, "baby you should get back your dads probably worried about you." She says to me. I roll my eyes, "he's with Selena." Lana looks angry but sighs, "okay I'll just text him and tell him you're here." She says leaning back against her chair and taking out her phone texting him. When she's done she gets up, "Lana? Where are you going?" I ask her, "I have to go to a show." She gets up heading towards the door to the room stumbling a bit as he gets up, "you wanna come?" She asks sweetly giving me a small smile. I smile back and look at hopefully, "r-really?!" I ask her. I don't care how mad I was at her, I've always been a fan, "yeah come on." She says as she reaches
the door. I follow her to the living room and she grabs her keys and we go outside to her garage. "Let's take my truck." She says going to a truck. I follow her and get in. We go to the concert and when we get there lana introduces me to her band and manager then bringing me to her dressing room, "stay here alright? I'll get dressed in the bathroom." I nod and lana walks away to get changed. I start snooping again and grab her phone. I figure out the password (it was my birthday) and get in. I go to her pictures and see a lot of her and dad, kissing and being cute. I look through more and see one of her and a older woman and a girl who looked similar to lana, "okay I just gotta do makeup-what are you doing?" She asks me, "who are they?" I ask her, "she's your aunt and she's your grandma." She said pointing to the women, "will I ever meet them?" I ask her. She shrugs, "if we stick around each other." Shes in a short blue dress with knee high boots, "can I keep looking through your phone?" I ask her. She nods surprising me and I look to her, "just don't look in my hidden folders or texts okay? I don't think you wanna see that shit." She says chuckling a bit, "okay." I watch her doing her hair and makeup as I continue to go through her pictures. I see a picture of lana with a different guy and ask her about it, "he's my ex boyfriend Chase." She says, "recent?" I ask. She nods, "how could you tell?" "The way you talk about him." I respond examining the man, "he reminds me of Francesco." She rolls her eyes, "that's what Abel said." She mumbles. She finishes and takes my hand in hers, "are you ready Lo?" She asks me. I nod eagerly and she brings me to the side of the stage placing a vip pass around my neck before the sound people horde her telling her to put her mic in, "wait a fucking second." She says to them then coming over to me, "I really hope you enjoy the show, I love you Lolita." I give her a small smile and hug her wishing her luck. Lana goes on stage and her fans all clap for her and she begins singing after thanking everyone for coming. After she was done she comes off stage and is crowded with paparazzi. She poses for them and signs some fans' stuff then comes over to me, "was I good?" She asks as we walk down to her dressing room, "you did great lana." I say to her smiling. She returns my smile and goes to shower and I play on her phone. I get a text from 'Abel :(' and read it,
A-so Lolita's with u?
A- you can bring her home now I'm there
L- I will in a bit
He left on read and I went back to Twitter tweeting funny shit until Lana comes out dressed sand ready to go, "you ready hun?" She asks me. I nod and get up as Lana grabs her jacket. We head out to the car and get swarmed again but this time lana ignores them and we get into her truck. She drives us to friendlys and we have dinner and ice cream. Lana wears a hat and sunglasses to disguise herself this time. As were eating and talking we notice it started raining, "gosh it looks like shit." Lana says looking outside, "I hope we'll be able to get home..." she mumbles. It starts thundering and we see lightning too and the wind picks up, "Jesus." I mumble, "we should get you back home." Lana says, "check please!" Lana pays and we go back to her truck getting soaking wet on the way there and when we get in lana starts driving back to my house.
I'm so fucking worried about Lana and Lolita, I'm just hoping they're alright. The storm just keeps looking worse and worse and I was fucking worried. I hear keys in the door and I knew it was them. I go to the door and unlock it seeing Lolita and lana dripping wet, "come on get in here." I say to them pulling them in, "Lo get changed and go to bed." "dad-" "please I don't want you to get sick." I say to her truthfully. She listens and goes and I turn to lana, "thanks for bringing her." I say to her truthfully, "of course this is her house." she says giving me a small smile, "okay I better get going-" "are you crazy Lana? You see the weather you aren't going anywhere, you can stay here with us." "Abel I shouldn't..." "I wasn't asking." I say to her. She sighs and comes in the house dripping all over the floor. I sigh and bring her to the bathroom. She begins to shiver and I grow concerned for her, "get undressed and take a shower, I'll get you some clothes. She nods and I go to my room getting her a shirt and some shorts. I walk into the bathroom and see Lana without her jacket on, her white shirt clinging to her wet body leaving little to the imagination. She catches me staring and smirks taking the clothes away from me, "thanks..." she says placing the clothes on the vanity. I nod and Leave letting her shower.
I come out of the shower and get dressed into Abel's clothes. They were big on me but I didn't mind, they were Comfortable. I go to the couch where I notice Abel has set it up for me already. I Smile and lay down trying to sleep through the storm.
I look up at Darren nervously. I knew what was coming and he knew I did, "panties off." He demands looking at me, "n-no..." I whimper terrified, "Lizzy do you want me to hurt little Caroline?" He asks me knowing my answer. I obey his request and pull off my panties looking down at my feet as Darren unbuckled his belt, "Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy come on!" I wake up and see Abel shanking be awake. I notice I'm sobbing and I hug Abel crying against his shirt, "shhh baby it's okay, I promise Lizzy..." I let go of him and look away, "I'm sorry about this..." I say shaking my head shamefully, "it's okay, come sleep with me." he says paint my jaw for me to face him, "come on..." he mumbles looking into my eyes causing me to feel safe. I get up and go with him upstairs and he opens the door. I get into bed next to him and look at him expectantly. He gets in next to me and I turn away from him. I feel his arm come around me and feel my cheeks turn red, "goodnight Lizzy." My heart skipped a beat when I heard him say my name, God I fucking miss him, "goodnight." I mumble back resting my arm on his. I wake up a few hours later, not ready to wake up yet, I turned over in Abel's arms and nuzzled closer to him, resting my face in the crook of his neck smiling as I feel his arms tighten around me, "Abel? Are you awake?" I mumble sleepily. He hums in response as his hand on my back makes small shapes. He knows it soothes me, "you had another nightmare." He mumbles. "I'm sorry..." I mumble back sighing, "it's not your fault Carmen don't apologize." He says stroking my hair. I nod and look up at him, "I miss you Tesfaye..." I mumble looking up at him, "Carmen," "I know you miss me too, definitely because of the other day." I say giving him a small smile. "it doesn't matter if I miss you, I got a girlfriend." I look at him and kiss him. "I still love you," I say to him looking into his eyes. He pulls me into another kiss and I melt, "please Abel..." I mumble kissing down his jaw gently. He pushes me away, "I can't Lizzy, I love Selena..." he says to me. I sigh and pull away as well turning over.

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