Chapter 22

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I drove to Electra's house and went inside greeted by her miniature poodle Marilyn, "hi sweetie." I say petting her as she barks and jumps around happily. "Carmen? Is that you?" I hear Electra say from the kitchen, "yeah are you in the kitchen?" I ask her, "yeah come here!" she says. I go in and see her eating a brownie and reading a magazine, "I see you've been busy." she says lifting the magazine and showing me the cover with me and Francesco, me and Barrie, and me and Abel, 'bad girl Carmen has 3 guys?' it says. I groan and sit next to her, "aghhh I don't want them to know." I say Annoyed, "I wouldnt either Jesus Carmen 3 guys????" I sigh, "it's only one guy but no one can know okay?" I say. She looks at me curiously, "when did you care about that shit Carmen?" she asks Me, "I don't..." I mumbled, "it's him? He's the one who cares?" she asks me confused, "why? Why would he care? He's dating one of the biggest superstars in the world, he should unless-" She looks back at me, "Are you dating your bodyguard? The one that was with you at the party?" My eyes widened slightly, how could she get it that quickly?! "Um, were not exactly dating-" "oh come on Lizzy! He's always so flirty with you, and you know you like him." "Yeah because he's hot, and I should've never told you my name Agh." I say. Electra rolls her eyes, "whatever you say Carmen." She says smirking, "so what do you want to do?" I ask her, "I don't know, I was thinking we could go to a club or something." She says standing up, "sure we can do that." I say smiling, "great let me get changed." Electra says going upstairs. As I wait I play with Marilyn who's having a lot of fun as we play tug a war with one of her dog toys. I let her win and she pulls it away from me, laugh And ruffle her fur causing her to jump on me and lick me, I smile and get up placing her on marinas couch as I hear Electra call for me. I upstairs and Electra comes over to me showing me her outfit for tonight, it was a short red plaid dress and a black crop top with a small gold chain necklace, "does it look good?" she asks me. "yeah it looks great, definitely for clubbing." I say. "is my outfit alright?" I ask Electra doing a small Spin, "yeah you look great girl, let's get going." she says, "somehow you're always ready for clubbing Carmen." Electra says as we go to the door. "I just dress like E, that's how you thrive as a professional party girl." I say smirking as we go to Electra's Blue Mercedes. She drives us to an elite club for big celebrities like Us and we get out Electra throwing her keys to the valet. We show the guy at the front our IDs (not for our age, for our celebrity status) and he lets us in. We weave through the crowd and go to the bar where we sit and talk shit about other celebrities that were around. I see Ariana Grande and Taylor swift, Electra and i's biggest Competitors ain the music industry and they wave to us, us waving back. Even though we were rivals, they were still nice to us which was good, I didn't wanna waste my energy on them. Electra and I keep taking shots until two hot men come toward us and ask us to dance which of course we excepted. We didn't wanna be rude even though Electra did have a boyfriend, she seemed to be having a good time.  I feel man beginning to grind on me as well and I let out a small moan, "you wanna go to my place..?" The guy asks me, "no just...let's go out to the back." I say desperately as I feel myself becoming aroused, as the man begins kissing me and pulling me to the back I remember Abel. God I didn't wanna hurt Abel anymore, I wish I wasn't like this, I literally can fuck any guy. I feel the man bring me into the men's bathroom throwing me on to the counter and pulling down my pants, "Carmen!" I hear Abel say angrily as the man is ripped away from me, and I look to the guy and Abel, "don't fucking touch Her." he says to the guy. "who are you? Her boyfriend?" he asks him. Abel pushes him again this time hitting him against the wall, "Abel, s-stop..." I say to him turning slowly, "I'm trying to protect you Ms. Grant, you don't know what you're doing." Abel says. "please Tesfaye..." I mumbled. Abel knocks the guy out and comes over to me and fixes my pants, "Carmen...were you okay with cheating on me?" He asks me scared, "no Abel...I didn't want to." I say to him, I wasn't lying, I felt bad and I didn't want to do it, but my body did. I put my arms around Abel and he wrapped my legs around his waist, my head resting in the crook of his neck. I begin to kiss his sweet spot gently causing him to gasp and his grasp on my ass to tighten, "Carmen stop..." he whispers. I smirk and giggle drunkly, "why are you even here? I didn't tell you to come." I say, "Kenny told me to come find you." He says rubbing my back slowly, "you're so fucking stupid Tesfaye, taking orders from that idiot." I say rubbing his shoulders, my nails running across the smooth fabric of his suit jacket, "so sexy Tesfaye..." I whisper into his ear, "wait, Electra." I say to him. Abel sighs and goes back into the club, putting me down but wrapping my arm around his shoulders so I don't fall over. We keep looking for Electra and soon find her doing heroin at a table, "Electra come on." I say to her. She looks up at us and as her head falls back and she smiles, "Carmen get in on some of this..." She says smirking and handing me a needle, I reach for it but Abel stops me, "no stop, don't do it please..." Abel says to me. I roll my eyes look down at my best friend, "Marina come on..." I mumbled. She sighs and Abel pulls her with his free hand to Marinas car. Abel puts her in the back and me in the passenger seat, "I'm sorry tesfaye..." I mumbled looking at him, "we'll talk about it when you're sober." he says to me. I put my hand on his and he holds it back, ""tesfaye...i-i want to trust you." I say, "I know you're a good guy, and I want us to be more than fuck buddies..." I say rubbing his hand slowly. "I do too Carmen." he says sighing. We finally get to my house and Abel Parks Electra's car next to where mine usually is and Abel picks up Electra and we go to the Elevator, "Carmen...are you g-good?" Electra asks me drunkly, "better than you're doing girl." I say back just as drunk. "o-okay, I lost you for a bit when we were in the club just making sure." she mumbles, "thanks Electra." I slur as I loose my balance a bit and lean on Abel. He smiles slightly, "what?" I mumbled looking up at him, "nothing." he says with a small laugh. We finally get to the apartment and the doors open. I turn on the light and Abel places Electra on the couch, "Carmen, please don't tell Jack about the guy, he won't understand." Electra mumbles as Abel throws a blanket over her and grabs a pillow for her, "I won't tell Electra but I don't know if other people won't." I say. I finally start to understand what's happening a bit and begin to walk up the stairs, "Car wait-" Abel starts to say as I almost fall but Abel catches me, "sit there Carmen, I'm gonna help Electra first okay?" He says to me. I nod and wait for him as he grabs a bucket and places it by the couch where Electra was. Then comes over to me and picks me up. I smile and giggle kissing Abel as he brought us up the stairs. We get to my room and he puts me on the bed as he takes off his jacket and throws it to the side. As I watch him I feel myself become nauseous and get up going to the bathroom and throwing up. I feel Abel behind me holding my hair back as I throw up, "Thanks..." I mumbled. Abel pushes my head back down and I throw up again holding onto the toilet. Abel stands there holding my hair for about another half an hour until I'm done. "Thanks." I mumbled as I finished. Abel gives me a washcloth and hands me a cup of mouthwash which I use and spit out before following Abel back into my room, "you wanna sleep with me?" I ask him. "No I'll sleep in the guest room." He says leaving me alone as he goes into the hallway. He doesn't want me. It's okay not the first time this has happened to me in my life.

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