Chapter 27

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Abel and I get to Chucks school she comes to the car smiling, "hey guys." she says getting in the back with me, "hey Chuck, how was school?" I ask her, "it was the same as usual." she says sighing. I nod and Abel looks back at us, "where's Electra's house?" he says. I put her address into the car and Abel follows the directions to her mansion. When we get there we go to the door and I knock. It opens to show Electra and she smiles at us. "hey guys!" She says happily stepping aside to let us in, "Hey Electra." I say smiling as she hugs me, "Hey Carmen." she says smiling back. Then hugging Chuck and Abel, "come on, Jack will be here in a few minutes, we can wait for him in the living room." She says. I nod and we follow her there, Abel immediately seeing Marilyn and starting to play with her, "she seems to like you Abel." Electra says with a small laugh, "yeah, I have two dogs at home actually." He says as he pets Marilyn, "that's so cool, what kind of dogs are they?" Electra asks him, "dobermans, Julius and Cesar." he answers as Marilyn rolls onto her back for Abel to rub her stomach and him and Electra began to talk about their pets until Jack gets here, "hey guys!" Jack says from the doorframe, "hey babe!" Electra says running over to him and kissing him, "so is this Carmen?" He asks smiling at me, "yeah, hi, it's so nice to meet you, Electra talks about you all the time." I say smiling and getting up to shake Jack's hand, "that's sweet, I didn't think she would" he says looking at Electra. She blushes and sits next to Chuck, "um Carmen why don't you introduce everyone else?" Electra says to me, "okay, this is my sister Chuck and my boyfriend Abel." He says hi to them and we sit down. We all talk for a while then decide we need ice cream. Electra insists on driving because she is, "the best god damn bloody driver out Of all of you, except Jack maybe..." so she drives. We go to a Dairy Queen and get ice cream cones except for Chuck who wanted a Blizzard. We pay then sit down at a table. I take a picture of all of us and put it on Instagram then we begin to eat and talk about our careers. Abel tells Electra and Jack about his music and how badly he wants to be famous, "Carmen, why don't you do a track with him? It will help him a lot." Electra says to me, "I did but he's putting it on his second album, he should try it himself first." I say to her, "that's true." Jack says, "so how has your album been going?" Chuck asks Abel, "well it's doing okay, people seem to like it and it's selling but I'm not on the Billboard or anything." He says shyly, "don't worry darling, I'm sure you'll get there." Electra says smiling at him, "when are you coming out with your album?" I ask Electra, "I'm not sure, in a few months maybe, I wanna release some more singles and music videos for it, Primadonna isn't gonna get me all the royalties." Electra Says as she eats some of her ice cream cone. "well I hope it's soon, I really want to hear it." Chuck says smiling at her, "darling I can get you a copy of it now." Electra says smiling at her, "really?!" she asks excitedly, "hell yeah, when we get back to my house I'll give you a copy, just don't leak it." Electra says. "of course not Electra, you're like my sister, I wouldn't." Chuck says smiling at her, "what about yours Carmen?" Jack asks me, "hm?" I mumbled confused, "your album, when is it coming out?" he asks, "oh I'm not sure actually, soon though, I promised my fans the new album after tour." I say as I finish up my own ice cream. As were talking With Chuck Electra and Jack, I feel Abel's hand on my thigh causing me to glance over to him, but not seeing any difference in his composure. I sigh but feel Abel's Hand running up, pushing up my dress. I feel Abel's hand push my panties aside and begins to rub my clit gently. I feel the blood rush to my cheeks as I feel myself get aroused. I look at Abel and he smiles back at me, "Carmen, are you okay?" Electra asks causing me to look at her, "uh, y-yeah why would you Ask?" I say to her smiling awkwardly, "because you're so quiet, you're usually so talkative, especially about your Music." Electra says to me, "oh, i-I'm just thinking about my album You know? C-concepts and shit..." I say as I feel Abel push a finger inside of me. Electra nods and smiles, "well, I hope it's all good things." she said, "w-well most of it is." I say smiling at her. She nods then goes back to talking with Abel Chuck and Jack about her new album and stuff, which I was too distracted to listen about. Abel continues to finger Me and I just want to moan and tell him not to stop, as he adds more fingers, prepping me. I bit my hand slightly to hold in a moan as I had to get comfortable to Abel's fingers. Once I did I knew I was close and so did Abel, he added another fingers and began to go faster, "guys let's go back to my house, Chuck I can show you some of my upcoming music video." Electra says getting up. Abel stops and helps me fix my dress slightly then I got up fixing it a bit more, "I'm gonna go to the bathroom really quick, I'll meet you guys in the car." I say to Electra, "okay we'll see you there." Electra says smiling. I go to the bathroom just to freshen up then I head to the car. I'd get him back for this...

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