Chapter 28

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Abel and I waited in Electra's living room as her and Jack showed Chuck the music video and made her an album. Abel was sitting on the couch and I was laying my head on his lap looking up at him, "did you like earlier?" Abel says smirking, "shut up..." I mumbled blushing, "you know there will be consequences..." I say seriously, "I'm counting on it..." he says smiling at me, "are you still mad about the Barrie thing?" I ask him nervously, "yeah, I just don't think it's a good idea Carmen." He says to me rubbing my sides, "well, you can be there, make sure we don't do anything." I say to him, "I wanna trust you Carmen..." Abel says stroking my cheek, "I promise nothing will happen, the night Barrie and I spent together I was high and drunk, he's a nice guy but I don't want to be with him you know?" I say to him giving him a small smile, "I meant it when I said I love you..." I mumbled hugging him, "you don't know what love is Carmen..." Abel mumbled looking at me. I pull away from him a bit, "Yeah I do, it's how I feel about you Abel-" "if you loved me, you wouldn't cheat on me, when weren't together for a fucking night, you went out and got high with Francesco than fucked Barrie, I know you didn't love me then, and that was two nights ago, you don't know how to love someone Carmen." Abel says looking at me, "then help me..." I say looking into his eyes, "Carmen...tell me why you can't trust me." Abel says looking back at me. I sigh, I didn't wanna tell him about Darren, "when I trusted people, I got hurt, every fucking time until I ended up fucked up, so now I just don't trust people anymore when they tell me shit." I say to Him, "you can trust me Lizzy you know that..." he says hugging me close to him, "I know..." I mumble, "I want to I just, can't..." I say looking at him, "Elizabeth-" "I'm sorry baby..." "I trust you-" "if you trusted me you wouldn't care about Barrie." I say to him. He looks at me and nods sadly, he knew it was true, "Car-" "I know I've fucked up Abel, I'm trying to change for you okay?" I say to him giving him a kiss, "I love you Tesfaye..." I say to him looking into his eyes, "I love you too Carmen." he says back, kissing me again. A few minutes later Chuck comes back with Electra and Jack, "how was it?" I asked her getting off of Abel, "it was really great I can't wait to download it." Chuck says smiling at Electra, "I'm so glad you like it, you think other people will? My other fans?" Electra asks nervously, "yeah it's amazing girl." Chuck says hugging Electra, "alright I'll see you later E." I say hugging her then saying bye to Jack also giving him a hug, then leaving. We go back to my house to drop Chuck off and then Abel and I go to the studio because I need to record for a bit. Luckily Kenny wasn't here to aggravate me today so I was in a kinda good mood at the moment. After I'm done, Abel asks me out for drinks and of course I say yes because well, drinks. We go to a bar and I order a beer and so does Abel and we sit and talk about what's going to happen throughout the week, I told him when I needed to go to the studio and he told me when he was gonna go to record as well.
-A few days later-
"Carmen wake up" Abel says as I feel him lifting me out of bed, "Abel! What the fuck!" I groan as he puts me down against my door, "you need to go to the interview in an hour, get dressed." he says. I giggled and bring him into a kiss, "come on Carmen..." I sigh and let go of him. He slaps my ass and I gasp jokingly, "how dare you!" I say chuckling Abel smiles and walks out of the room letting me get changed. When I'm done I come out and smile at Abel, "do I look good?" I ask looking at him giving him a small spin, "very cute Ms. Grant." He says. I smile and kiss Him, "thank you babe." I say smiling. He lets go of me and put his sunglasses on, "I'm going to get Chuck, we'll meet you in the car." I say to him. I go to her room and go to her bed shaking her awake and throwing clothes on her, "lets go time for school." I say. She groans but gets up, "go away..." she mumbles, "I'll be outside your door you better be done in like five minutes." I say to her. As I'm waiting for her I look at my phone and see pictures of me Abel and Chuck with Marina and Jack, 'is Carmen Grant sleeping with her bodyguard?' it read. Oh god Kenny's gonna freak out. I sigh and roll my eyes as Chuck come out of her room, "let's go..." she mumbles. I follow her to the elevator and we go in. I lean against the wall of the elevator, my back against the wall and look at Chuck. She looks tired and has dark circles around her eyes, "Chuck, are you alright?" I ask her slightly worried about my little sister, "I'm fine..." She mumbles, "you know you can tell me Chuck..." I say to her, "I'm fucking fine Lizzy, god." She says annoyed, "okay sorry, Jesus." I say rolling my eyes. We get to the parking deck and we walk to my car where Abel was waiting. I sit in the back with Chuck and Tesfaye drives us to dunkin. We get breakfast then drop Chuck off at school, "Chuck, You're going to have a good day, you know that right?" she nods slowly and hugs me, "I'll see you later..." Chuck says to me, "I love you." I say to her, "yeah..." she responds as she leaves. I sigh and look to the front seeing Abel, "are you alright?" He asks me, "something's wrong with Chuck and I don't know what..." I say to him, "maybe it's from the accident?" Abel suggests, "I was thinking that too but that was a while ago..." I say to him, "it takes a while to sink in sometimes Car..." Abel says, "but I wanna talk to her about it, she's so upset, and I don't think she's been sleeping-" "but she might not want to, you can't force her Carmen..." Abel says. I sigh and look back out the window, "I'm sure it'll be fine." Abel Says encouragingly. I nod and await my arrival at the radio station. We soon get there and I'm greeted by my adoring fans and paparazzi I say hi to everyone and tell them I'll sign their stuff on the way out which they seemed to happily except. I feel Abel's arm around my waist and he says, "let's go Ms. Grant..." The paparazzi love this and begin snapping pictures of us. I nod and Abel leads me upstairs, we get to the third floor and I see Kenny waiting for me seeming stressed and angry, "Carmen, are you fucking around with Tesfaye?" He asks me angrily, "No Kenny, were just friends." I lie to Kenny as makeup and hair put on my face. He shakes his head and nods, "well the public thinks you are so you better debunk this shit." Kenny says angrily, "if they bring it up I'll shut it down." I say to him, "good,  now..." Kenny was telling me all this other shit I didn't care about, all I could think about was Abel. I look over to him and he gave me a small smile. I smile back at him before I'm pushed to the studio door, "you're on in 8 seconds Carmen." The guy behind me says. I nod as he counts down and I walk to my chair across from the host, "alright everyone, we are here bright and early with our very special guest, superstar Carmen Grant, so Carmen how are you today?" The host, Jimmy asks me, "I'm doing fine how are you?" I ask, "I'm doing great, now what we're probably all wondering right now is information about Carmen's New Album, that she'll be releasing a single for this month, Carmen why don't you tell us about it?" He says to me. I tell him about Ultraviolence, describing a story about an abusive relationship telling him that I honestly wasn't sure about the project. "Is the album based on real events?" He asks me the question I dreaded to answer, "not specifically. The album will be very different then the title track." I say to him avoiding the real question. I actually wrote it to try and figure out why my mom could ever love a monster like Darren, that's why I wrote it. The others songs were about my break up with Fran and my new love with Abel, but I also couldn't tell them that either. He asks me some casual questions, my endorsement with Jaguar, my style, my past album compared to my new one, "after the recent success of your critically acclaimed music movie for Paradise, what are you planning for ultraviolence?" He asked me. I smiled, it's been a while since I talked about Tropico, "I don't think I'm doing anything similar to tropico, just a few music videos, but I'm sure my fans will still love it, and there may be a project coming up soon that people will adore, I just can't wait." I say with a small laugh. He asks me a few more questions before my relationships started to come up. He asked me about Francesco which I told him the truth aboht; we broke up. Then he asked me about Barrie, questioning me about our music video, summer wine and I just told him we were having fun, as friends. Then he brought up Abel, "so you and Abel Tesfaye have been together for a few months now?" He asks. I sigh, "no he's been my bodyguard for the past few months." I say, "have the two of you grown close?" He asked me, "yeah I mean, he's really sweet, and caring and nice and so protective, he's amazing at his job." I say, "when you were on tour, you let him preform with you, is that true?" He asks me, "yeah he did, I heard music in my apartment one day and saw Abel playing my piano and singing this amazing song, I knew right away he had talent and I'm hoping everyone else will agree with me." I say smiling at him, "that's very generous of you Carmen." Jimmy says to me, "well he's a very sweet guy, and so good to me." I say smirking to myself. Very good to me. "Hm..." jimmy hums to himself  he asks me a few more questions before stopping and ending the interview, "thank you so much mr. Neilson for letting me have Carmen on the show!" Jimmy says happily to my boss, "you're welcome Jimmy, I'm glad you could have her." Kenny says shaking his hand. I take Abel's hand and tell him I wanna go downstairs and talk to my fans and he agrees. We go and I begin to sign their stuff and hug them and shit, "I love you guys, remember That." I say as I go with Abel into the car. As were far enough away he takes my hand in his, "very smooth interview..." Abel says smirking, "Thanks I thought so." I say smiling back at him. "What was with the ultraviolence question though?" He asked causing my heart to stop, "what do you mean?" I ask him dumbly, "you kinda avoided it." Abel says to me, "well I guess I didn't feel like it..." I mumbled, "okay..." Abel said suspicious and confused, "I'm sorry..." I mumbled looking at him. He doesn't say anything but I worry about something else, if he noticed, other people defiantly will too.

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