Chapter 1

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-2 years later-
I wake up with a pounding headache next to my boyfriend Francesco in my bed. I get out of bed, and look around my trashed apartment and noticed it was abandoned compared to last night. I notice my best friend Electra, passed out on the couch with some hot guy and smirk to myself. I go to the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror and I honestly looked like shit, there was puke left on my mouth from last night and my hair was a mess probably from Francesco. I brush my teeth and prepared for a shower. I go back into my bedroom and get some clothes out for the day. I pick out a grey sweatshirt, a leather jacket, and some jeans, its a chilly day in New York city. I get into the shower and wash up then getting out and drying myself off. I go to my bedroom once again and grab my phone from the charger. I see about a billion texts from my annoying manager Kenny. He's telling me about my behavior last night and complaining about the party I had. I roll my eyes and go to the kitchen getting out my cereal. A few minutes later I hear footsteps coming down the hall, "Carmen what the hell? Why do you have these freakin parties all the time? This is the second time I had to weave my way to my room then throw some people out of it." She says annoyed, "maybe if you weren't out so late you could get to your room before the people do." I snap back pouring myself some milk into the bowl. She sighs and comes next to me, "fuck off Carmen..." She snaps. "Hey! You want me to send you back to mom Chuck?!" I threaten her. She sighs, rolls her eyes and shakes her head no, "Just eat your fucking cereal." I say pushing her cereal at her. I hear a groan from the other room and see Electra's awake. "Morning sleepyhead!" I say loudly on purpose. "Oh shut the fuck up Carmen..." Electra grumbles in her Welsh accent rubbing her head. Chuck sighs and begins picking up the beer bottles which were scattered everywhere, the bitch has always been a clean freak. She got to the blunts on the floor and looks over at me, "you know Carmen you're not supposed to be doing these..." She says picking them up and throwing them away. I roll my eyes and ignore her then going to sit down at my small table. I hear Electra get up and come over, sitting next to me. "Good morning sunshine!" I say in a over exaggerated voice. Electra glares up at me and I laugh at her. I hear footsteps and see Francesco come in, "Hey babe." I say. He smiles and kisses me, "good morning love..." He says with a weak smile. He gets sone cereal for himself and sits next to me across from Electra, "Hey dickwad." Electra says to Francesco. He smirks and laughs, "fuck you Electra." He says looking at her. "Come on guys behave." I say to them. Electra rolls her eyes and says, "fine." Then looking over to me. I take out a ciggerate and light it, "Carmen you're smoking." Chuck says annoyed, "no shit." I say back. "Carmen can you light me one?" Electra asks. I nod and hand her a ciggerate lighting it for her. "Carmen, its bad for you...not to mention illegal for someone your age." Chuck says coming into the kitchen to drop the bag full of beer bottles. "Says you, you cant tell me how to live Chuck, you're my little sister." She sighed, "Carmen you have to go see Kenny soon, you should get dressed." I rolled my eyes and groan, "I think I'll skip that." I said taking another drag of my ciggerate. "Carmen you can't, he's your manager!" Chuck says. I roll my eyes as Francesco kisses me and gets up, "I'll let you get to work love." He says. "Okay bye baby." I say looking up at him. He smiles and leaves, "Chuck, I just came back from touring, I dont want work right now." I said annoyed at Chuck's persistance. "Carmen, you know I'm just trying to help you." She says starring at me with pleading eyes, "You don't have to Chuck, I can take care of myself." "Pfft, you can't even vote yet." She says with a small smirk, "neither can you bitch!" I retort with no hint of my fake sweet voice I usually had. "Why don't I just leave! Go back to mom and Darren! They were better parents to me than you ever were!" Chuck yells staring at me. I felt pain in my chest and tears nearing the verge of escaping. I stare at her, glaring, I couldn't do anything, I didnt know how or what. "Chuck, t-than leave then! You don't wanna be here and I don't want you here! Just fucking go!" I yell at her a tear escaping my eye. I quickly wipe it away looking away from Chuck hoping she wouldn't notice, "C-Carmen..." She mumbled, "just fucking leave Chuck!" I say angrily. "L-" "I said go!" I yell at her. I hear her begin to cry as she grabs her backpack and runs out the door. I felt a bit of regret, but quickly ignore it. I have to focus on myself right now, "Carmen," I hear Electra's voice say from behind me. I turn to look at her forgetting she was even there for the moment, "oh Electra! Um, I have to go okay?" She looks at me confused, "Carmen-" "I'm sorry I have to go..." I say giving Electra a hug, "Lock up when you leave okay? Stay as long as you want." I say going out the door.

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