Chapter 62

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-Carmen's birthday-
Abel and I walk into the club and everyone is already there. I hug everyone and thank them for coming and they say happy birthday to me. I go to the bar and have a beer and Abel comes with me. We talk for a bit and Electra and Jack come over and talk to us for a while too. And we're joking around when someone comes over to us, "hey can I get a picture with you guys?" She asks, we all say yeah and take the picture with her, "I love your guys' music it's so good, I love you guys." She says. We all say thanks and she leaves. After she leaves we start drinking a bit more and I ask Abel to dance and he accepts of course. We go to dance and I feel Abel pushing up against me grinding against me, "you feel amazing..." I mumbled pulling him closer. He smirks against my neck as he gives me a kiss, "so do you..." he mumbles kissing up to my cheek then pulling me into a kiss, "do you love me abel?" I ask him. He turns me around and looks at me confused, "of course I do Lizzy, why would you think I don't?" He asked me rubbing my shoulders gently, "I-I don't know, there's just a lot of reasons to not I guess." I say shrugging, "look baby I love you..." He mumbles kissing me. I smile and we dance for a little while longer then we go back to our table. We're joined by all my friends and they sing happy birthday to me as Chuck brought out a cake. I smiled and blew out the candles and everyone claps. We all have a piece and talk about our lives , careers and whatever. I feel Abel's hand on my thigh and I turn to smile at him giving him a quick kiss. He pulls me onto his lap and I lean back against his chest him resting his head on my shoulder. Electra comes over to me and pulls me over to a table, "Lizzy lets play beer pong." Marina says. I agree and we begin to play. I was winning and Marina was getting more and more drunk. Jack and Abel came over and Jack was basically holding her up, "Marina I think you should forfeit." I say to her, a bit concerned, "Marina Diamandis does not forfeit!" She says throwing another ball at my cups. She gets it in and smirks, "you see Carmen? That's skill." She says laughing. I drink the beer and smirk throwing another ball missing Marinas last cup, "fuck." I curse. Chuck and Sveta come over as well to watch and stood by the side of the table. Marina got a few more of my cups but when she got me down to three cups I got her last one, "Maybe you should've thought of challenging a party girl." I say smirking, "I was a party girl too once." Marina slurs. Jack pulls her arm around him, "you still are darling." He says chuckling slightly, "Lana we're gonna head out, we'll see you later, and oh, this is from Marina and I." He says handing me a present. I smile and thank him and hug Marina, "Lizzy, I love you dude." Marina says. I laugh at how she says it, "I love you too bitch." I say to her. Her and Jack leave and Chuck calls me over, "Sveta and I are gonna leave too, but before we go I've gotta talk to you about something privately please." Chuck says to me, "yeah that's fine let's go to the bathroom." I say to her. She nods and we go and when we shut the door Chuck smiles at me, "I'm gonna propose to Sveta..." she says smiling, "what?! Chuck you guys just started dating like 4 months ago, You're only 22." I say to her, "I know but I love her." Chuck says. I nod, "if you feel it's right do it." I say to her. Chuck smiles and hugs me, "I love you Lizzy." She says hugging me. "Love you too." I say smiling at her, "I wanna show you the ring." Chuck says as she digs through her purse, "here it is." She mumbles as she pulls out a velvet box. She opens it and shows me the ring. It was truly beautiful and I can't believe my sister could afford it to be honest, "Chuck this is beautiful she'll love it." I say to her as I examine it. Chuck smiles at me and takes the box back and puts it away, "wish me luck, I'm proposing tomorrow." She says as we start to walk towards the bathroom door. "I do, I know she'll say yes though." I say smiling at her. When we get out Sveta and Abel come over to us and I hug Sveta and Chuck goodbye. They leave and Abel brings me to our car. He drives us home and smiles, "Okay I got you two presents, this is your first one." Abel says handing me a small velvet box. I smile and take it from him opening it to reveal a key, not just any key my old penthouse key. "A-Abel, y-you're fucking with me?" He smiles and shakes his head. I begin to cry and hug him, "oh my god baby I-it's so expensive-" "I bought all your old shit back too, it's all there Carmen. I know we have our house here in LA but now we have one in New York too so you can visit your mom, Chuck and Marina" He says to me. I kiss him and he wipes my tears away, "thank you so much baby I love you." I say to him, "okay so as for your second present..." He pulls me into a kiss and I kiss back. I put the box down on the table next to us then Abel pushes me towards the wall. His hands roam to my breasts rubbing slowly and kissing down my neck desperately trying to find my sweet spot while marking me along the way, "baby..." I mumble out, "hm?" He hums against my neck, "w-what can I do to thank you?" I ask him, "you don't need to do anything Carmen, this night is about you baby." "O-Okay..." I mumbled placing my hands in his hair, "lets go upstairs." Abel says pulling away from me. We get inside and I see Chase laying on the bed. I look at Abel then to Chase on the bed, "I-I um," "I'm okay with it Lizzy..." Abel says as he rubs my back gently, "Lana you're okay with this right?" Chase asks me. I nod eagerly and go over to Chase. I pull him into a kiss and he begins to rub my clit through my pants slowly opening them and pushing them down. Abel comes behind me lifting my shirt off then gently pushing down my bra straps and kissing down my shoulders, "Abel, I-I've never done this before," I mumbled pulling away from Chase slightly, "it's okay Car just trust us..." he mumbles kissing to the base of my neck sucking and biting at the sensitive skin as Chase unclips my bra and pulls it off admiring my breasts, "wow..." he mumbles causing me to smirk slightly, "better than you imagined?" I say before I gasp as Abel finds the sweet spot on my neck. Chase puts his hand in my panties rubbing my clit causing me to moan. Abel smirks against my skin feeling the vibrations in my neck. I feel Abel's hands go to my breasts rubbing my nipples as Chase slips his fingers inside of me, pushing in and out of me slowly with two of his fingers, "fuck..." I mumbled leaning my head back against Abel's shoulder. He brought me into a kiss and Chase took his spot against my neck, "Abel," "what?" He mumbles pulling away slightly, "kiss Chase..." I say to him with a small smirk. "W-what..?" I smirk looking at him as Chase pulls him into a kiss causing me to moan slightly, "fuck, didn't think you'd do it Tesfaye..." I say smiling. They pull apart and they begin to kiss me everywhere. Chase kisses down to where I wanted him, slipping his tongue inside of me causing me to moan and lift myself up with my elbows wanting to watch Chase properly. He lifted one of my thighs over his shoulder, submerging his mouth into me completely, this angle giving him better access. A few seconds later I feel Abel's mouth on me too causing my eyes to open quickly to see him putting my other thigh on his shoulder. Abel stuck in two of his fingers and Chase did too cause me even more pleasure. They're tongues brushing against each other before running across my bud. They continued this until I couldn't take it, "f-fuck, I'm gonna cum!" I moan then releasing on their mouths. When I feel myself relax a bit I open my eyes again, I groan lustfully at the sight of them kissing and their hands wrapped around each other's cocks, sharing my taste with each other while pumping each other. I've never been more turned on in my entire existence and lower my hand towards my pussy. They let out quite moans and grunts as they pleasures each other only giving me more of a reason to masterbate. I rub lazy circles causing myself to moan until Chase stops me, "don't be greedy's our job to touch you..." "then do it." I say to them smirking. Abel ran a hand against my cheek hand for a second, before finding its way to my hair, tugging slightly so my head tilts back for Chase. Chase licked the skin from the tattoos on my collarbone to my chin passionately. Then moving his mouth right beneath my ear placing a kiss there, somehow knowing its one of my sweet spots, "beg for us to fuck you birthday girl..." Chase mumbles against my ear, "Abel, Chase, fuck me please, I need you guys..." I plead, "p-please, please..." Abel comes in front of me and Chase behind me. Chase rubs one of my nipples as Abel sucks on the other causing me to moan and lean my head back against Chase's chest, "get the lube Chase..." Abel says to him. He lets go of me and leaves the warmth of his body was gone and I whimpered from the cold air hitting me instead. Abel seemed to notice releasing my nipple and sitting up to face me and we begin to kiss, Abel putting his arms around me and we begin to make out and Chase comes back with the lube, "you ready Lana?" He asks me. I nod and Chase opens the bottle and lubes himself up then him and Abel line up with my entrances and brush their tips against me, "agh, fuck me-" I start before they push into me. They wait for a second, "guys please move, I-I need more, I need to cum..." I whimper. Abel smirks and begins to thrust into me and so does Chase. They build up a steady pace and it feels amazing. "Fuck, baby, you're so tight," Chase mumbles into my ear while Abel keeps kissing and biting at my shoulder. "I-I'm so close-" "no lizzy, hold it in, just a little..." Abel says into my ear as chase let out small grunts and moans in the other. I couldn't take it, "Abel..." I whimper, "Okay Lizzy cum." I obey him and release Chase coming after me, then Abel. They relax for a bit then pull out of me, "fuck that was amazing..." I mumbled laying between them, "Chase fuck Lana." Abel says to him, "what?!" Chase says confused. I was shocked I never thought he'd let me, "yeah I want to see it, it's just like porn and I want a break for now..." Abel says. I look at Chase and he smiles at me, then I look to Abel, "baby are you sure about this?" I ask him, "yes just..." he leans over to me, "promise that you only love me..." he whispers in my ear placing his hand on mine, "I promise..." I say back pulling him into a kiss. I turn to Chase and pull him into a kiss. He puts his arms around me and deepens it and I lean back on the bed pulling Chase with me, "you're so hot..." Chase mumbles against my neck as he kisses down. I feel Abel's hand in my hair gently stroking it causing me even more pleasure. Abel kisses my forehead as Chase sucks at my neck. He comes back up to kiss me as he rubs his cock against my entrance causing me to moan out his name and buckle my hips. Chase smirks and runs a hand through his hair before smirking, "do you want it Lana?" He asks me. I nod desperately, "say it Lana, beg for me to fuck you..." he says, "Chase I need your dick..." I mumble looking up at him. He smirks and pushes in slowly, "let me know if I'm hurting you." He says to me. I nod, "I need to hear it Lana..." "I will Chase, j-just fuck me please..." I whimper. I feel him begin to push in and out of me slowly and I let my head fall to the side and see Abel jerking off watching us, "you're so dirty Lana..." Chase mumbles as he pushes in and out of me forming a steady pace, "f-fuck..." he mumbles kissing me. I moan and dig my nails into Chase's shoulders, "Chase yes fuck me..." I groan, "Slut..." he mumbles against my neck only causing me to moan, "wait..." Abel says. We stop and Abel whispers something to Chase and he smirks, "babe what's up?" I ask him, "get up for a second." Abel instructs me. I do and Chase catches me from falling slightly. Abel sits on the edge of the bed, "sit on me..." He says to me, "Abel?" "Just come here." He instructs me. I do and come towards him. He turns me around and sits me down on his cock. Chase then comes over and pushes himself inside me too causing me to moan loudly. I feel Abel put his hand around my neck and Chase grab my tits as they begin to thrust into me at a steady pace, we all become moaning messes rather quickly, the feeling of both of them inside of me, rubbing against each other and every inch of me got me so horny, "I'm so close holy shit..." I moan holding onto Chase. Chase grabs my tits as Abel rubs my nipples causing me double the pleasure, "I-oh my god you're amazing holy shit..." I moan. I then feel Abel's fingers rubbing my clit putting pressure on my nub causing me squeal in pleasure and cum on them. They continue moaning and kissing me until Abel comes next, then Chase. "Fuck oh my god..." I moan as they pull out of me. Abel holds me as he lays down on the bed completely, and Chase goes over to the side of the bed and puts on his clothes, "thank you Abel, thank you Lana, happy birthday love." He says kissing my forehead, "thank you Chase." "You're welcome." Abel says to him.

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