Chapter 54

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I feel Abel take my hand as Darren and Adam walk into the court. He was right to as I feel myself about to tear up, "it's okay." He whispered to me. I nod before the security guard says, "All rise." Everyone stands up as the judge walks in. The case is long and painful for chuck and I to talk about but in the end Darren got a double life sentence for Statutory rape, Pedophilia, domestic abuse, and first degree kidnapping. Adam was charged with statutory rape and kidnapping but had a lesser sentence. I was so happy it was finally over but I wanted to know one thing, "Darren." I say to him, he turns smirking at me, "what is it Lizzy?" He says to me, "where's my mom?" I say to him. He chuckles, "she doesn't want you-" "tell me where she is." I demand. He rolls his eyes but writes down and address giving it to me. He smiles at me, "I'll only think of you baby." He says to me. I roll my eyes completely grossed out but leave with my boyfriend and sister back to the car. I bring Chuck to the airport thanking her and then going back to my place. I go upstairs and sit on the bed looking at the floor and finally realizing that I was free. Abel kisses me gently and strokes my hair from behind causing me to jump, "oh shit Lizzy I'm sorry-" He says "it's fine what's up?" I ask him, "Carmen can we talk?" He asks me. I nod and turn to him, "yeah what's wrong?" I asked him looking up at him, "listen Car my new album is coming out and I need to go on tour for it, which means I'm gonna have to leave you for a few months." He tells me, "oh..." I mumble looking away from him, "I'm so sorry you know I have to-" "yeah it's fine Abel, really..." I say to him giving him a gentle smile. In reality I feel my heart sink and my anxiety pick up. "C-can I go with you?" I ask him nervously. "Of course." Abel says then bringing me into a hug and kisses the top of my head, "I love you." He says to me, "I love you too." I say to him smiling, "baby, can you come to New York with me tomorrow? I'm gonna go find my mom, I want you to be there Abel." I say to him, "I can't Lizzy, I'm sorry I'm working on my album, but this should be a time for you and your mom anyway, I'm only a call away if you need me Elizabeth I promise." He says giving me a small smile and a little kiss. I smile and nod agreeing.
-the next day-
I wake up early but decide it's better for me to get a head start. I look over and see Abel sleeping next to me. As I get up I hear Abel stir and I look behind me, "Carmen..." he whimpers as he puts his arm around my waist clinging to me. I chuckle and lay back down with him, "okay okay, a few more minutes. I say to him. I rest my head against his and we cuddle for a bit. I feel him relax and fall asleep on top of me again causing me to let out a small sigh but then going back to sleep as well. After a bit I'm waken up by Abel kissing me and whispering my name. I giggle and reach out my hand to stroke his cheek and rubbing his beard, "Carmen before you leave to go get your mom I wanna ask you something..." Abel says slightly nervous, "of course what is it?" I ask him still a little sleepily, "okay babe, I-I was just thinking, I think we should move in together." He says to me. I smile and nod, "yeah I think we should too." I say to him, "what house do you want to move into?" I ask him, "I kinda wanna move in here, I don't like my old house just because it's all Bella-ie." He says giving me a small kiss. I chuckle slightly and nod, "sounds good babe." I say, "now I've really gotta go okay?" I say to him. He sighs but lets me go and I grab my clothes for the day and go into the bathroom taking a shower then going to the airport and boarding my plane. The gave me breakfast and I watched a movie on the way to New York. When I finally get there I call a cab and go to chucks apartment. I knock on the door and am greeted by a different girl, "can I help you?" She said in a Russian accent, "hi, I'm here to see Chuck Grant." I say to her, "oh okay hold on." She says. She leaves then comes back with Chuck. When she sees me she grabs me and pulls me into a hug, "oh my god Lizzy! You're here!" She says happily. I let out a small laugh and nod, "yeah, hi." I say hugging her back and chuckling, "Lizzy this is Sveta, Sveta this is my sister Carmen." She introduces us and I shake her hand, "Chucks told me a lot about you." I say smiling to her, Sveta smiles and blushes, "she's told me a lot about you too." She says, "I think we should all go out for coffee later, but right now I've gotta talk to Chuck." I say to them, "That's fine I've got a modeling gig, I'll see you later babe." She says to Chuck giving her a quick kiss, "nice to meet you Carmen, I can't wait to talk to you again." She says smiling at me. I smile back and say, "same to you." Before she grabs her purse and leaves, "so what's up Lizzy?" Chuck asks me when Sveta is gone, "I found mom." I say to her. Chucks eyes widen and she gets up, Lizzy what?" I nod and take out the paper with the address on it, "she lives here in New York Chuck, we can go see her." Chuck stares at me shocked her eyes beginning to tear up, "l-Lizzy please don't be fucking with me-" "I wouldn't Chuck this is real." She begins to cry and hugs me, "w-what if she doesn't want us anymore Lizzy?" She mumbles against my shoulder, "don't worry of course she will..." I say to her rubbing her back. She pulls away from me and I smile at her, "should we go?" I ask her. She nods and smiles and we go to Chuck's car, "let me drive." I say to her. Chuck sighs and I go to the drivers side and I put the address into the gps. We get to a small house and I look over to my little sister and she looks nervous, "hey honey, it's okay she'll love us, okay?" I say to her giving her a small smile. She nods and gives me a nervous smile, "no matter what happens Chuck I love you." I tell her, "I love you too." She says before we get to the door. I knock on the door and ring the bell. My heart starts racing and I feel Chuck take my hand in hers holding it tightly. The door opens and I see my mom standing there, "can I help you?" She asks us confused, "m-mom, i-it's us, Lizzy and Chuck." I say to her. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped, "m-mom-" Chuck starts before our mom brings us into a hug. We begin to cry and hug for what felt like minutes until we pull apart and mom pulls us inside, "you shouldn't have come if Darren comes back-" "mom don't you know?" I ask her, "what?" She asks us, "Darren's in jail." Chuck says. My moms face brightens up, "oh thank goodness..." she mumbles hugging us again, "he hit me for years, telling me, you guys left because of me, that it was my fault. He always had this crazy obsession with you guys too, scared the shit out of me when he kept trying to find you. I was so worried about you I'm so sorry I ever loved him, I'm sorry I never got rid of him-" "I don't care anymore mom I'm just glad we're back together now." Chuck says. We were quiet for a bit, "when Darren left I started reading up on you too, you've got quite the careers now, I'm so proud of you two." She says to us. We smile and Chuck begins to tell mom about what was going on with her and stuff and I listen to them while I stay rather quiet. When Chuck finishes telling mom about herself mom seemed concerned a bit. Mom looks over at me, "what about you Lizzy?" She asks me. I told her about everything and she looks at us sadly, "I'm sorry you guys had to go through this, I didn't mean it to be this way." I smirked to myself, "what did Darren do when he found out we ran away?" I asked her, "he flipped, you guys stole a car and his money, he was pissed throwing shit around the house and everything and destroying your room. I was happy you guys left, I didn't want him to hurt you anymore." She says looking at us, "mom, did you love us?" Chuck asks us. She nods a tear rolling down her cheek, "I-i knew where you were...I had someone follow you for a bit to make sure you were okay, I didn't tell Darren of course. I just wanted to make sure you guys were okay, to make sure you'd be alright." She says to us, "Lizzy was an amazing sister, she did everything she could to take care of me even though she could be a bitch sometimes." Chuck says giving me a small smile, "I'm sorry about that Chuck, I was going through a lot back then, I was confused and scared, I didn't want anything to happen to us again." I say to her, "a lot of things hurt me didn't care." She said, "of course I did,I was just stupid." I say to her, "Chuck, why don't you get us some take out, I wanna talk to Lizzy a bit." Mom says to her. She nods and hugs us goodbye as she gets off the couch and leaves. Mom sits next to me and takes my hand in hers, "I remember what he used to do to you Elizabeth, I remember everything from back then...I hated when he did that stuff to you, you didn't deserve it Lizzy it was my fault, I'm so sorry, it kills me that I let that monster into our lives, it kills me that I didn't do anything to stop it, I was scared Lizzy he told me if I did anything or said anything he'd kill you girls, he said he'd rape you to death." She says, "I wish he did..." I say looking down, "what?" "I wish he just killed me, what he did to me was worse than death and he knew it, he knew he was torturing me. He just wanted to fuck me, he wanted me to be his little doll. I wish he killed me Mom. It fucked up my life. I couldn't trust anyone for years not even my own sister." "Elizabeth...I-im so sorry." She says to me. I stand up and take off my jacket lifting my shirt to show her the scars on my stomach, "these are from the kidnapping, everytime I'd groan or make a noise he'd slit my skin, they go higher too..." I mumbled. I push up my skirt and show her the scars on my thighs, "these are from when I was younger, he'd do it when I didn't obey him or when I'd try to stop him..." I say to her, "Lizzy, I'm so sorry..." she says tears breaking away from her eyes and rolling down her cheeks, "when I married him I didn't know about his true side...he said he'd help me through the divorce, help me raise you girls I had no idea he'd...he'd do this to you..." she says hugging me tightly, "I'm so sorry," she repeats, "I love you Lizzy." She says to me, "I was hoping you'd leave him..." I say to her slowly, "I'm sure you were, but he scared me too much to leave." she said. I nod and look down, "I'm glad to have you back mom." I say to her smiling slightly. Soon Chuck comes back with the food and we eat together discussing our lives.

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