Chapter 10

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I wake up and look at Tesfaye, who's arms were around me. This is the first time I haven't drank after one of those dreams. I go to the bathroom and take a shower and get dressed, then going outside and smoking a cigarette, the new York air was cold as fuck but I honestly didn't mind. After a half an hour I put out my cigarette going back in where I see Tesfaye waiting for me in my room, "good morning Ms. Grant." he says looking at me, "good morning Tesfaye." I say to him, "let's go wake up my sister." I say to him. I go into Chuck's room and shake her awake gently, "Chuck, it's Carmen wake up." her eyes open and she looks up at me confused, "Carmen?" She asks me confused, "yeah?" "how are you up so early?" she asks me. I roll my eyes and throw clothes at her, "get up and get dressed I'm going to bring us to dunkin doughnuts, you can get stuff there." I say to her. "thanks Carmen." she says smiling at me. I nod and leave her room going back into the living room where Abel was waiting, "she'll be out soon." I tell him, "you know it's supposed to snow later." Abel tells me as we wait for my sister. "fucking great." I mumble looking at my nails. A few minutes later Chuck comes in, "finally, took you long enough, let's go Tesfaye." I say as we go to the elevator and go in when it opens. Chuck looks up at me and smiles at me. I give her a small smile back as we get to the lobby. We go out to the back door where the garage was and get into one of my cars, "You're so quiet." Chuck says looking at me. "So?" I say looking at her, "I don't know it's just weird, you always have something to say." she says looking out the window again, "hey, um, when do you need that money?" I ask her, "what? Oh! I don't know." She says. "well here." I hand her a check for the money, "Lizzy-" "have fun." I say smiling at her slightly. She smiles back and hugs me, "I love you Lizzy." she tells me, "I love you too." I say quietly as we pull away. We soon get to Dunkin, and Chuck and I go in, she orders a coffee and a doughnut and I do the same. People recognize me so I start taking selfies and signing stuff for fans, "come on Carmen we're gonna be late!" Chuck says grabbing my hand and pulling me to the car. I see paparazzi and flip them off as I get in, "Carmen!" Chuck says trying to scold me while laughing. I laugh and sit down as Tesfaye starts driving to Chuck's school. We soon get to there and she hugs me goodbye and tells me she loves me. When we're done I tell Abel to bring us to a restaurant and he does, I put on sunglasses and a hat hoping no one would recognize me and we go in. "how many?" a waitress asks me, "two." I tell her. She nods and leads Abel and I to a table. "someone will be right with you." she tells us. I nod and she leaves menus with us. I pick one up and look through it, "Carmen, are you alright?" Abel asks me, "yeah I'm fine why?" "you're just...acting different." He tells me, "I just, I'm just not tired I guess..." I say to him. "You slept well in my arms?" Tesfaye asks smirking. I blush and look back down at the menu, "what are you going to get?" he asks me, "I don't know, probably French toast." I tell him "what about you?" "Maybe everything." he says with a small smile, "like this one?" I say putting the menu down and showing him, "it has eggs bacon and toast." I say looking up at him, "yeah exactly." he says smiling at me. "we probably look like two FBI agents sitting here." I say with a small smile, "why?" Tesfaye asks me, "because we're both wearing black and have sunglasses on." I tell him, "well we can change that..." Abel says looking at me, "okay take off your glasses." I tell him, "I'll take mine off when you take yours off." Abel says leaning against the booth, "I'll get recognized-" "please Carmen?" he says looking at me. I sigh and take them off then looking up at him, "your turn." he does as I say and I smile at him, "now was that so hard?" I ask him. He smiles and shakes his head as the waitress comes over, "can I start you guys off with some drinks?" "I'm gonna have some coffee." I tell her, "same for me." Abel says, "what would you like to eat?" she asks us, we tell her and she goes off to get our stuff. "so when are you going to let me hear one of your songs?" I ask him. "I'm not." he says casually, "oh come on, you hear my songs!" I protest, "that's different Ms. Grant you're a singer." he says. I roll my eyes, "so?" "so you don't mind people hearing your songs." he says, "awe, are you shy Tesfaye?" I ask him smiling as the waitress brings us our coffees. "No! I-I just-" I smirk, "pussy." I say taking a sip of mine. Abel rolls his eyes, "such a child." he mumbles. I laugh and lean back against the booth. We talk for a little while more until our food comes. We eat then Tesfaye drives me to the recording studio where I finish up my album, "Carmen, You should tell your fans you're dropping the album soon." Kenny tells me, "when can we come out with it?" I ask him, "I don't know maybe next month." "okay." I say pulling out my phone. I start an Instagram live, "hey guys it's Carmen!" I say smiling. About 34 million of my 120 million followers were already watching, 'hi from Brazil Carmen!' I smile, "hi Brazil." I say happily, I started this live to tell you guys something," 'the album????' someone types, "yes it's about the album, its done." I tell them, they all start freaking out causing me to laugh slightly, 'when is it coming out????' "it's coming out sometime next month, but I'm sure I'll be dropping some singles soon. I also have some songs for another album I'll produce after tour, which will start after the release of the album." 'r u gonna have Merch???' someone asks, "yes I will have merch, you guys can buy it on my website or at one of the shows." I stay on a bit longer to answer questions and then I say goodbye blowing them a kiss and hanging up, "it's been done Kenny." I tell him, "they're very excited." I tell him, "great, I guess you can go home now." he tells me, "okay great." I say, "come on Tesfaye." I say standing up and grabbing my jacket.  
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