Chapter 9

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Here I am once again in Kenny's fucking office waiting for his stupid ass. "Carmen, relax." I hear Tesfaye say from the door, "shut the fuck up..." I mumbled, "get me some freakin coffee or something..." I say to him. He sighs and leaves, When he does Kenny comes in and sits down, "listen Carmen," "hurry this up I need to meet Fran in an hour." I say to him. He sighs, "this will be quick." He says, "now listen, you're going to urban outfitters tomorrow and doing a signing for your fans." "Alright whatever, call me tomorrow I'll be there." I tell him rolling my eyes and getting up, "Carmen, you should care more about your career." Kenny says to me, "I do." I tell him leaving. I meet Tesfaye near the elevator and pull him in with me. He hands me my coffee and I take it from him drinking it. The ride to the airport is silent, when we get there I tell Tesfaye to wait for me at the door as I go into the airport. I go to the gate Francesco was supposed to be at. I wait there for him and finally see him coming over. I smile and run to him kissing him passionately. I hear a camera flash but ignore it, nothing could ruin this moment. I break away from him and smile at him, "hi baby, how was your movie?" I ask him taking his hand in mine as we begin to walk to the car. "It was good love, but I missed you." He says smiling at me, "I missed you too baby." I say to him smiling back as we get to my car, "Where to Ms. Grant?" Abel asks as Fran and I get in, "back to my house Tesfaye." I say to him then turning to Francesco. I begin to kiss Fran as and we begin to make out, "Carmen..." Fran growls against my cheek. I smile and grab his belt pulling at it slightly, "in a bit my love." Fran says to me smirking. I smile back and take his hand into mine leaning against his shoulder and awaiting our arrival at my penthouse.
-2 days later-
I drop Carmen off at her house, "can you bring Fran to his office for me Tesfaye?" She asks me. I roll my eyes under my sunglasses but agree. I hated driving them around they acted like snobs. I bring Francesco to his studio and he leaves thanking me. As I'm about to pull out of my parking space I see some other girl running to him and kissing him full on jumping into his arms. "That bastard." I muttered under my breath. I took a picture with my phone and began driving to Carmen's. When I got there I go to Carmen who was watching TV on the couch, "Ms. Grant, I dropped off Francesco." I say to her, "good thank you Tesfaye." She says to me, "Ms. Grant, when I dropped him off i saw him kiss another woman." I tell her. At this she got up and looked up at me, "You're fucking lying." She says to me, "I wouldn't lie to you about this Ms. Grant." I tell her honestly, "why the hell not?!" She asks me angrily, "because my ex girlfriend did the same thing to me." I say to her anger running through my body. She huffs and looks at me, "get this printed out." She barks at me. I nod and listen leaving.
-more hours later-
I come back to Carmen's and see Chuck sleeping on the couch, "Chuck? Chucks it's Abel." "Abel?" She mumbles sleepily, it was 10 pm, "yeah, maybe you should go to bed." I tell her. "Yeah I will." She says getting up and heading upstairs, "where's your sister?" I ask her, "in her music room, she's been in there all day." She says to me. I thank her and say goodnight as I go down the hall. I've never been to Carmen's music room but I assumed it was down here because I didn't know what was over here. I found A door and opened it, seeing Carmen's small figure laying on her desk. Around her were empty bottles of beer and one half full 750 ml bottle of jack Daniels, besides the booze, there were also crumpled up pieces of paper. I look around the room and see an Elvis signed guitar, "oh my god..." I gasped going over to it, but then shaking my head, "I'll ask her about it later." I say then walking over to Carmen. I lift her body off the desk carefully and turn her to face me. She was drooling and I grabbed my hanky and wiped the spit from her mouth. I picked her up bridal style and began walking up to her room, "Tesfaye..." She slurred lazily, "Relax Carmen..." I tell her. She listens and snuggles into my chest. I bring her upstairs and put her on her bed, "stay..." she mumbles, "no Carmen you're drunk and you'll hate me tomorrow-" "just come here..." she mumbles pulling me in next to her. "Carmen-" "ssshhhhh baby go to sleep." She mumbles pulling me close to her. I sigh and let her, closing my eyes and try to go to sleep.
I felt Darren hit me, "just kill me!" I yell at him, "I just want this to stop!" I say as tears run down my face, "you want this to stop?! Let go of that stupid boyfriend of yours! No one else is allowed to fuck you! Do you understand?!" He asks angrily as he grabs a knife. "No please! Y-you cant!" I say crying as he grabs a knife and putting it against my thigh, "spread your fucking legs Lizzy." He says to me as he stands behind me, pressing his dick against my ass. "N-no please-" "do it!" He yells pressing the knife into my skin. I obey and do as he says, "Darren stop!" I hear my mom yelling at him as he begins to fuck me. I cry harder and he yells at me to shut up. A few seconds later I feel it stop and turn to see my mom with a frying pan, "m-mom!" I say nervously as I pull up my shorts, "honey, are you okay?!" She asks hugging me. "I-I'm so sorry mom-" "why are you apologizing?" "He said you'd be pissed if you found out..." I tell her. "Pat! You bitch!" Darren yells getting up, "mom!" I say nervously as she pushes me away for my own good, "run Lizzy!" She says quickly. I did as I was told and ran towards my room, "Lizzy! Lizzy-" "Carmen! Carmen!" I wake up to Abel shaking me again. "I-I'm sorry." I say to him through tears. He stares at me confused and concerned, "who's Darren?" He asked me, "no one, please Abel it was nothing." "Then why are you crying?" He asks wiping my tears away, "Abel-" he puts his arms around me and brings me closer. I rest my head against his chest and he rubs my back soothingly, "I'm sorry." I mumbled. "Its okay Carmen." He says holding me tighter.

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