Chapter 48

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I feel Abel's arms around me as I open my eyes in a panic, it was another fucking dream, "Carmen..?" He mumbles concerned, "I-I'm fine sorry..." I mumbled to him as I get up, "s-stay..." he mumbles, "I am, I'll be back babe." I say to him. He nods and turns over. I go to the kitchen and I see Julius who was in the living room perk his head up then coming over to me, "hey sweetie." I whisper to him as I pet his head. He licks my hand but whimpers, "what's wrong honey..?" I mumble to him, he looks towards the sliding doors and I nod, "okay, I'll bring you out in a second okay?" I say to him as I grab some water and then bring Julius out letting him do his business. He came back on the deck and I brought him back into the house. He follows me to Abel's room and curls up on the dog bed near the bed. I got back into bed next to Abel and put my arms around him and rest my head against his back, "I love you..." Abel mumbles, "I love you too." I say back to him. He cuddles up against me and snuggles into the cook of my neck, I smile and rub his back gently.
-the next day-
I wake up with Abel and see him looking over me, "you okay?" I ask him chuckling slightly, "y-yeah you're just so different..." he says to me, "l-lizzy, are you using again?" He asks me, "what? Of course not!" I lie smiling at him, "why would you even ask?" I ask him looking at him, "because of those..." he mumbles pointing to the needle marks in my arm, the makeup must've came off, "they're nothing..." I say to him. "You are, aren't you..?" he mumbles looking at me sadly, "n-no Abel-" he puts his hand on my arm, running it up slowly, touching the marks, "don't lie to me Lizzy..." he says to me. "Why are you using?" "I needed something to take away the pain, it's the only thing that made everything okay." I tell him, "Carmen-" "Relax okay? I'm fine, and it's none of you business anyway." I snap at him a bit, "It is my business Carmen, you're my girlfriend." He says to me, "so? That doesn't mean you can control my life." I say to him crossing my arms, "Elizabeth, you shouldn't do that shit, you know what happened to me, you know what drugs did to me." "It's just you Tesfaye, that doesn't mean it's gonna happen to me!" I say angrily, "Lizzy please, I don't wanna see you hurt..." "I won't don't worry." I say to him. Abel sighs angrily and turns away from me and I do the same.
-the next day-
I wake up to Abel shaking me awake gently, "Lana..." He mumbles rubbing my shoulder and kissing my neck gently. I smile slightly, happy he was here before I remembered our argument last night pushing him away slightly, "get away from me..." I mumbled, "I'm sorry for fucking caring about you." He says slightly angry as he gets out of bed grabbing some clothes to get dressed. I rolled my eyes and got up as well also getting dressed. Abel looks at me and sighs, "I fucking love you." He says to me, "yeah..." I mumbled as I feel Abel hug me from behind and give me a kiss as he wraps his arm around me. "I'm not good for you Abel." I say to him, "I know." He says, "I like the bad girls..." He says smirking, "is that true?" I say smiling and blushing slightly shaking my head, "yeah." He mumbles hugging me. I push him away smiling at him, "come on babe, let's go have breakfast." I say to him taking his hand and bringing him downstairs, "you wanna go out?" He asks me. I smile and nod Abel then grabbing his keys and us going to the door to the garage. We get into one of Abel's cars and he begins to drive. We go to a small restaurant and get a table outside. I look at the menu and read the choices thinking about what I'm gonna get, "what are you getting?" I ask Abel looking over at him, "a bit of everything I think, you know the breakfast special?" He says to me pointing at it in the menu, "what about you?" He asks me, "I'm thinking of waffles." I say to him, "Can I start you two off with drinks?" The waitress asks us, "I'm going to have some coffee." I say to her, "me too." Abel says after me. Once she's gone and Abel and I knew what we wanted for sure, I began to get cuddly with Abel, binging him towards me and kissing him, my hand resting gently on his thigh. He smiles at me and gives me a quick kiss before taking my hand in his rubbing his thumb over mine as he takes out his phone looking through it. I lay my head on his shoulder and look at what he was looking at. Abel was looking at assorted posts on Instagram and there's one of us walking together, "hey look," I say to him smiling "it's us from last year." "what does The caption say?" I ask him, "it says, I ship them." He says smiling at me then letting out a small chuckle, "they're about to be very happy." He says smiling. The waitress comes back and takes our orders then leaving again. Abel and I talk a bit about just about everything, "you're okay with us?" He asks me, "of course I do baby, are you?" I ask him a bit scared, "yeah of course!" he says kissing my hand. I look up at him and pull him into a kiss. We begin to make out and I feel Abel's hand running up my thigh, "w-we should stop." I say smirking. He nods and pulls back a bit, "you're so hot..." He mumbles running his hand up and down my thigh, "so are you Tesfaye..." I whisper smirking at him my hand near his cock, "Carmen..." He mumbles his voice deeper causing me to smirk again, "dirty boy..." I whispered against his cheek as I kissed it. I hear a camera snap and sigh, "the paparazzi are here." I say to him, "they were probably here earlier too." He says.
Later when we got home I get a bunch of notifications for new followers on Instagram, "Abel you're getting me famous again." I say letting out a small laugh, "that's great lanz." He says to me. I started to get a ton of DMS asking if I was Carmen Grant or if I really loved Abel and shit like that. I answered some truthfully but left the others not caring after so many. I went to the living room and laid down on Abel who was on the couch. I turned to face towards the TV and begin to watch basketball with him Abel's hand running up and down my back gently, "Carmen," He mumbled, "what?" I asked him "do, do you think everyone will be okay with us?" He asks me, "I don't know but who cares? As long as we're okay with each other." I say to him giving him a small smile. He nods and begins to kiss me. "Tesfaye?" He hums in response as he kisses me. "You wanna go to a club later?" I ask him, "I don't know Lizzy-" "please baby?" I plead as I kiss him, "o-okay fine..." He says, he knew why I really wanted to go.

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