Chapter 30

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I wake up with Abel, kissing him awake, "Carmen what are you doing?" Abel mumbles, "kissing you..." I say smiling at him. He groans and turns away from me, "What's wrong baby?" I ask him pouting, "I'm tired Car..." He mumbles. I sigh and go to my closet walking in and deciding on what to wear for the day. I decide a skirt and a black crop top then put them on my dresser and jumping on Abel causing him to groan again. I smile and kiss him, "come on babe." I say to him rubbing his shoulders gently. He sighs and turns around causing me to fall onto the bed and I giggle, pulling him closer to me, "look at you..." he mumbles, "what do you mean?" I ask him as he gets on top of me, "you're so cute..." he mumbles, I blush and kiss him, "thanks..." I say. Abel gets up and goes to the guest room where he had some of his clothes and I get dressed in my room then go downstairs where I see Abel and Chuck waiting for me, "alright let's go guys." I say as Chuck presses the down button. We go into the elevator and go to the parking garage. We get into my car and I drive us to a school I looked into for Chuck. We all get out and go into the school meeting the principal, "Hello I'm Mrs. Starican, it's such an honor to meet you Ms. Grant." She says to me, "thank you, this is my little sister Chuck, and we were thinking of getting her an education here." I say resting my hand on her shoulder, "Well Ms. Grant, I'm very happy you and your sister chose our school." She said smiling, "well we haven't chosen yet..." I say to her, "yes yes of course, let me show you around." She says beginning to walk. She gives us a tour of the school and then brings us back to the main office, "and that's our school, I hope you will choose us as your sisters school Ms. Grant." She says smiling at me and shaking my hand. I nod and thank her and we all start back to the car, "um...are you Carmen Grant?" I hear a voice behind me say. I turn and see some students standing there. I get a text from Chuck saying she'll be in the car, "yeah..." I say sighing, "c-can you sign our stuff?" She asks giving me a small smile, "yeah of course." I say smiling and taking her phone that she was holding out. I take a picture with her and her friends and sign their things also, "I knew it was you, I saw you in English with your sister and Abel." She says smiling, "yeah just don't tell anyone else it was me okay? Chuck doesn't wanna to have friends just because of me." I say to them. They nod and promise then leave. I take Abel's hand and bring him back to the car quickly trying to avoid being noticed. When we get there I see Chuck a little angry, "Chuck they won't say anything." She huffs and turns away. I sigh and start the car driving back to our house to drop Chuck off, Abel and I then going to Kenny's building for an 'emergency meeting'. We get to the building and Abel and I go to his office. I look up at Abel fixing his collar and jacket, "Okay baby, stay out here, I'll be back in a sec okay?" "Yeah..." He says smiling at me. I smile back then go into Kenny's office where my smile quickly fades as Kenny's stupid face is there, "What's up?" I say plopping down in one of the chairs, "your interview that's what's up." He says angrily, "what do you mean? I kicked that interviews ass." I say confidently, "I don't fucking think so." He says throwing a magazine at me with me on the front page, "Carmen Grant sleeping with her bodyguard? This secret and more recovered from Recent interview footage shows." I read, "what the fuck? Where?" I say annoyed opening the magazine and seeing the picture of me smirking, "Carmen Grant smirking after she says her bodyguard (up and coming star Abel 'The Weeknd' Tesfaye) is "very good to her." Could she be talking about something else? Also a question about Grant's new album ultraviolence was avoided when asking if it was about real events or not, what do we actually know about Carmen?" "They have no fucking proof." I say throwing the magazine back at Kenny, "why did you smirk though? Are you actually with Abel?" Kenny asks me. I felt my heart skip a beat and feel myself begin to panic, "no were not together, I consider him nothing more than a bodyguard. He's nothing to me." I say to Kenny angrily, "good. For a minute there I thought it was actually true." He said giving me a small smile, I laugh and shake my head no, I'm an amazing liar, "and ultraviolence, is it real Carmen?" He asks me, "yeah maybe it is, let's just not get into that." I snap at him. "I'm leaving, if that's all you wanted." I say, "well Carmen, there is another thing..." he says smirking, "what?" I ask looking at him, "you'll need to renew your contract, you know what that means..." he says smirking. I roll my eyes and nod, "not now okay? I'll be here on my birthday..." "even better you'll be legal..." Kenny says rubbing my ass. I sigh and get up going towards the door. I walk out and see Abel looking upset, "are you alright?" I ask him touching his arm gently, "im fucking fine let's just go." He says pulling his arm away from me. I look at him confused as we walk to the elevator. When we get in I go to kiss him and he pushes me away, "I'm just you fucking bodyguard, you don't mean anything to me." He says his voice cracking. I feel my heart break and my mouth open slightly, he fucking heard me, "Abel I didn't mean-" "what are you gonna tell me now ms. Grant? You love me? I'm your boyfriend? Well guess what Ms. Grant, you're nothing to me anymore." He says angrily as he gets into my car, "Abel, I-I love you-" "no you fucking don't! All you fucking do is cheat on me!" "Abel I'm sorry-" "it doesn't matter anymore! You don't trust me and I certainly don't trust you. We're nothing." He says coldly, "babe-" "a relationship is built on trust Elizabeth, if that's even your goddamn name! If we can't trust each other we're not gonna be together." "You don't trust me?" I ask him, "you lie to me about everything! Why should I?!" He yells at me, "baby, I fucking trust you!" I say angrily, "no you don't! If you did you'd tell me about whatever you're hiding from me!" He said angrily, "is that why you took what I said to that fat piece of shit seriously? Because I'm not telling you personal shit?" "Yes Elizabeth! If you told me the truth about your relationships and your past maybe I'd believe you!" He yells at me, "you should talk I don't know anything about you!" I yell back at him. We get to his house and he gets out of the car, where are you fucking going?!" I yell at him, "home you dumb fuck!" He yells back at me, "go fuck yourself!" I yell after him getting in the drivers seat. I drive back to my house thinking about how stupid he was being. He should have known I had to tell Kenny that, and he should know how I fucking feel about him. I go to my music room and begin to write songs, "Lizzy what do you want for dinner?" I hear Chuck's voice say through the door, "I'm not hungry! Just order something." I say to her taking a swig of my Jim bean and then a drag from my cigarette. I hear her say okay and I continue to fuck with some songs I was working on until I pass out from Jim.
-The next day-
I wake up the next day, my face on my desk and drool covering my face and papers, "ew." I mumbled immediately regretting it as I feel a pounding in my head. I groan and get up looking around for more liquor. I finally find the one I was working on last night only for it to be empty. I groan again and go to the kitchen. I open the fridge to find a 16 pack and grab it bringing it back to the room. Before I could go in Chuck stopped me, "Lizzy-" I roll my eyes and push past her, "Lizzy please..." She mumbles. I sigh and turn to her, "what?" I mumbled in aggravation, "it's 1 in the afternoon..." she says, "okay?" I say in an annoyed tone, "you've been asleep since 11 last night..." she mumbles worriedly, "don't worry about it sis, I'll be fine..." I say to her walking to the room. She sighs as I close the door behind me and grab a beer.

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