Chapter 82

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"Come here Lizzy..." Alex says smirking at me, "no Alex, Lolita's here we can't do this right now." Alex rolls his eyes and gets on top of me, "Alex stop what the fuck is wrong with you?!" I ask him angrily as I push him off me. He looks at me angrily as he grabs my wrists and pins them above my head, "stop fucking struggling." He says angrily. He grabs handcuffs out of my drawer and I push him off me quickly. He looks at me angrily and slaps me. I stagger back In surprise and then push him away again, "what the fuck is wrong with you?! This isn't the Alex I know!" He punches me in the mouth and I begin to bleed and it distracts me long enough for Alex to get me on the bed and put the cuffs on my wrists. He begins to kiss me and I finally understand what's wrong when I smell the alcohol on his breath, "Alex please don't do this, I love you baby, please I-" "shut up." He says tightening the cuffs on my wrists, "Alex you know what Darren used to do to me..." I say quietly. He ignores me and begins to push my shirt up. He kisses my stomach up to my breasts and pulls my bra away sucking and biting on my nipples, "Alex..." I groan. I feel his hand go between us and he pulls apart his pants and mine rubbing his cock against my entrance. I whimper as he puts his lips on mine. He pulls down his boxers and my panties and fucks me. Once he was done he pulled out and let me out. I go to the bathroom and take a shower. When I'm done I look at my wrists and see dried blood. I look up to the mirror and see a large bruise on my cheek. I shake my head slowly and go to Lolita's room, "honey," "What?" "Can I sleep with you?" I ask her. She looks up at me from her bed and sees my face, "oh my god mom, what happened?!" She was so concerned as she got up and came over to me. I closed her door and locked it and hugged her, "p-please Lo..." I whisper to her. She nods and pulls away from me, "mom what's going on?" Lolita asks, "Alex was just drunk and...he fucked me..." "I heard." "I didn't want to Lo, I knew you were here and didn't want you to hear that shit, but he...he hit me and got me on the bed, I'm sorry..." I say to her sadly, "mom he raped you." "No he's my boyfriend, I don't really think it was rape-" "mom you didn't want it and you told him that, when he sobers up, you've got to talk to him..." I nod and get into bed with Lolita, "love you Lo." "I love you too mom." She says as I fall asleep.
I wake up and go to the kitchen making breakfast. A little while later Lolita comes down and we eat breakfast. When we're done I bring her home and go in with her. I see Abel and he comes over to me immediately, "Lizzy what happened?!" He asks running a hand gently across my cheek, "I fell." I say gently pushing his hand away and giving him a small smile. Lolita says she's going out and she leaves. I'm about to leave but Abel grabs my arm, "wait..." He says. I turn to look at him, "I can't stop thinking about you." He says looking into my eyes, "Abel I have a boyfriend and you've got a girlfriend, we can't-" "I broke up with her." He says. I look up to him, "why?" "She cheated on me." He says looking at me, "I'm sorry..." I say to him, "I didn't love her anymore either, I love someone else." He says looking at me. "Abel I told you I loved you and you said you loved her. Why are you fucking with me?" I ask him, "I was scared okay? I don't want to lose you again..." he says looking at me sadly, "you wouldn't Abel." I say to him. He pulls me to him and kisses me. I don't stop him I kiss him back, "I love you Lizzy..." he mumbles against my cheek as he kisses it. I never felt more confused. I don't know what I should do. I love him. He stops kissing me and brings me to the living room. I sit on the couch and he sits next to me and we begin to kiss again, "don't leave please..." he mumbles looking into my eyes. I look back into his sadly, we both knew I had to. He pulls me onto his lap and I kiss him more passionately and I pull down the zipper to his sweatshirt. I pull away from him and look at him as he pushes away my sweatshirt, "baby..." I whisper rubbing his jaw gently, "what's wrong?" He asks me concerned, his hands resting on my waist as mine rest on his shoulders, "shouldn't we go to your room?" I ask him. He nods and wraps my legs around his waist and get up. I rest my head against his shoulder and turn into his neck gently kissing and sucking at it, "Lizzy..." he mumbles running his hands up the back of my shirt. When we get to his room he lays me on the bed and hovers over me. His eyes were full of lust as he bit his lip and looked me over. I watch him as his hand runs up and down his own bulge in his jeans and I get more turned on. I pull him on top of me and we kiss more. His hands grab my belt loops and he pulls down my pants then looks up at me, "You are okay with this right?" He asks as his fingers played with the waistband of my panties. I nod and he pulls them down. I watch him as he gets on his knees, "baby it's been so long..." I say to him, "I know babygirl." He says kissing the insides of my thighs, "so wet for me Elizabeth..." he mumbles teasing me with small licks on my clit before flattening his tongue against me "Fuck Abel," I say as one of my hands grip onto his hair, "missed your mouth..." I say causing him to moan. I feel his fingers gently rub against the outside of my entrance causing me to bite my lip to contain a moan. Abel pulls away from me slightly, "wanna hear you Elizabeth." He says to me sternly causing me to moan. I feel him smile as his tongue ran across my full entrance before returning to my throbbing core, "Tesfaye..." I groan as his thumb rubbed my nub, "d-don't stop...I-it feels so good..." I moan. He smirks and pulls away from me a bit, "wouldn't think of it babygirl..." he says against my entrance causing me to whimper and close my thighs slightly only for them to be pushed open by Abel then placing my legs on his shoulders, "so dirty baby..." he mumbles as his free hand runs down my thigh and assists his tongue inside of me, gently stroking my walls, "oh Abel..." I moan my nails digging into his scalp. His fingers thrust inside of me and I moan as his tongue and fingers pleasure me. He curls his fingers at the right angle and he hits my spot causing me to moan loudly, "b-baby, r-right there..." I moan grabbing his head and grinding his face against me, "s-so close, f-fuck Abel-I-i need to cum oh my god!" I moan as the knot in my stomach became unbearable, "cum for me Car..." Abel says against me as his actions quickened sending me over the edge, "A-Abel!" My voice cracks as I release on him. He licks up my cum and comes back up, his eyes still controlled with lust. He begins to unbutton my shirt as I pull his over his head, "you're still so beautiful." He says to me as his lips press against mine, when he pulls away then kissing the cut on my lip and the bruise on my chin, "I'm not stupid..." he mumbles his hands rubbing against my arms, "I know..." I say to him pulling him closer. I reach for his belt and open it slowly, "are you sure about this Lizzy?" He mumbles against my cheek as he kisses it. I hum and he pulls me into another kiss, "We can't keep doing this baby..." I mumble to him, "I know." He mumbles kissing down my neck, "come back please..." he mumbles against my sweet spot. I sigh, "I can't..." I say to him sadly, "I can't leave Alex Abel..." "do you love him?" He asks jealousy evident in his voice, "I think so..." I say to Abel sadly, "do you still love me?" He asks me, "I don't know..." I mumble. He sighs rubbing my sides, "I loved him for a while, before I left for New Jersey Abel, I've loved him for a long time." I say to him, "it broke me to leave him." I say sadly, "did it hurt more to leave me?" Abel asks me. I hesitate, "Carmen..." " did." I say to him. "Tell me you love me more than him Lizzy..." Abel says looking up at me, "I-i can't Abel..." I say sadly. He looks upset, "can we talk about this later baby?" I ask him stroking his cheek. He hesitates but nods and I pull him into another kiss and I let my hand wander down to Abel's pants unzipping them and pulling them down. I rub his erection through his boxers and he moans, "you feel so good..." He says against my neck. I smile at him and kiss him, "I love you..." he mumbles against my lips, "don't leave." He mumbles before kissing me again, "I'll stay the night..." I mumble. He smiles and begins to kiss to my breasts he looks up at me a bit as he licks my nipples the tickle of his beard almost being too much, "a-Abel..." I whimper grabbing at his hair. He smiles as I pull down his boxers exposing his thick cock, "already so hard for me hm?" I ask him wiping his pre cum from his tip. He hums and pulls me into a kiss, "always for you Lizzy..." he mumbles pulling me against him so we're touching. He kisses me and pulls away looking between us and guiding the head of his cock into my entrance, "mmm Abel..." I moan my arms going around his and holding onto his shoulders as he pushes inside me. He waits for me to adjust and I nod telling him he can go. He begins to thrust into me and I grab his jaw and make him face me and we kiss. I smile into the kiss as he picks up his pace. I moan my nails dragging down his back causing him to moan, "fuck Lizzy." He curses as grabs my tits rubbing my nipples with his thumbs, "yes Abel..." I whimper grabbing his face in my hands and pulling him into another kiss. He pulls away from me and kisses the side of my mouth and kissing down my neck to the sensitive area of it. I put my hands in his hair and rub his scalp as he fucks me causing him to moan against my neck. Abel's hands run down to my thighs and pull them around his waist to get a better angle, "you feel so good fuck..." Abel mumbles kissing my cheek, "god I love you..." I mumble pulling him back into a kiss. He smiles against me and goes faster hitting my spot causing me to moan loudly against his lips. He smirks and goes harder and faster, his hand going to my clit and rubbing quickly in circles, "harder daddy please, y-you feel so good please..." I moan. He listens and continues and obeys me. I feel my stomach tighten and feel myself clenching around Abel, "fuck Lizzy..." He mumbles pecking me gently, "i-I'm so close..." I gasp my nails rubbing his scalp, "I know." He says rubbing my nub faster and faster as his thrusts quicken. "Abel oh my god!" I moan and cum on him. His thrusts get sloppy and his arms tighten around me, "fuck Carmen..." he groans as I feel his warm cum inside me, "fuck." He grunts. I hug him tightly and he relaxes in my arms. He pulls out of me and gets off of me going into his bathroom. He comes back out with a washcloth and cleans me up, "thank you babe." I say to him as he cleans up our mess. Once he's done he throws the washcloth to the side and lays down pulling me against his chest. I grab the sheets and pull them over us giving him a kiss goodnight, "promise to stay the night..." He says to me, "I promise honey." I mumble holding him and cuddling

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