Chapter 18

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I wake up the next morning in a Random guy's bed, shit. I get up and look around for my clothes, finding them throughout the house, must've been a wild night... I hear my um, special friend come behind me, "Carmen?" he says in a Scottish accent. I smile at him awkwardly, "um, I'm sorry I don't remember your name..." I say looking at him. He runs a hand through his long hair and smiled at me, "Barrie." he says, I smile, "hi, I'm sorry for last night..." I say to him feeling a blush on my face, "it's fine really, it was amazing, as you can tell." He says gesturing to the clothes on the floor, "yeah...I-I should really get going my sister-" "would you at least stay for breakfast?" He asks. I sigh and nod, "Can I um, use your shower?" I ask him. He nods and brings me to the guest bedroom and shows me the shower, "I'll go make breakfast." He says smiling at me. I nod and he goes to the kitchen as I hop into the shower. When I'm done I brush out my hair and put my clothes on then going downstairs, "what are we having?" I ask him, "eggs and grilled cheese." He says putting the stuff on a plate, "sounds good." I say as he brings it over and sets it down in front of me then sitting next to me, "so what happened last night?" I asked Barrie, "you were in a bar with some guy and the two of you got into a fight and I punched him out and you asked me to come back here and we had amazing sex." He says, I don't remember a lot of that, except for making out with Barrie, "aren't you a singer?" He asks me, "Yeah one of the biggest." I say smirking, "what kind of music do you like?" He asks me, "I don't know, Elvis, Nirvana, Nancy Sinatra..." "have you ever heard summer wine?" He asks me, "oh fuck yeah, I love that song." I say smiling at him, "can you sing some?" He asks me, "sure, Strawberries cherries and an angels kiss in spring, my summer wine is really made from all these things." He smiles at me, "You're really good." He says, "well I know." I say smirking, "can you sing?" I ask him, "I walked in town on silver spurs that jingled to, a song that I had only sang to just a few, she saw my silver spurs and said lets pass some time, and I will give to you summer wine." He sang, god he was good. "Damn! You're so good! We should record that song Barrie!" I say excitedly, "Can we? I think it'll do me really good as a singer." He says, "yeah sure, here call me." I say writing down my phone number. He smiles and thanks me, "I think we should be just friends though, I don't see you as a boyfriend." I say to him, "that's fine Carmen, thank you." he says smiling, "yeah." I say smiling back. I soon finish my food and after a bit of talking with Barrie about music and he walks me to the door giving me a kiss on the cheek, "bye Carmen." he says, "bye Barrie." I say smiling at him. I go find my car which is actually at Barrie's, he probably drove me here. So sweet. I smile and get in driving back to my apartment. As I walk to the building a bunch of paparazzi begin to swarm me, "Carmen who's the new guy?" "what about Francesco?" "did you do drugs?" I chuckle as I smile at them, "I'll see you guys on Friday." I say pushing past them and into the apartment building. Go to my floor and the door opens to an annoyed Chuck, "Carmen, do you know what time it is?" Chuck says angrily, "relax I was with a friend!" I say to her, "who Electra?" she asks me, "it's none of your damn business, plus you don't know him." I say to her, "Lizzy, what's with the glass on the floor?! That could hurt someone!" she said. I think about what happened before going to the bar and think of Abel, our huge stupid fight. I tried to hurt him, god I'm such a bad drunk. I begin to cry and Chuck's face softens, "what's wrong Lizzy?" she asks me, "i-I messed everything up with Abel Chuck, I-I'm so fucking stupid. God, i-I'm so fucking-" "relax, you'll get him back." she tries to comfort me, "Chuck, I threw that glass at him, sail horrible things, God I must've hurt him." I say to Chuck, "and you! Why did you tell him I was gonna kill myself?!" I say angrily, "Lizzy, I was so scared, I don't wanna lose you, you're like-" she stops, "nevermind, but it would probably break me Lizzy your the only one who...cares about me." she says to me. I hug her, "i-I'm sorry, I didn't think about-" "me I know, you never do..." "chuck-" "when I saw you with the handful of sleeping pills in your hand it hurt me Lizzy, I thought, being my sister and taking care of me was worse then getting raped by Darren and watching mom get beaten, I-I know now that you hate me more than anything-" "C-Chuck stop, I didn't do it because of you, I was gonna do it to save you and Abel and Electra, to stop everyone from always taking care of me, I just wanted the fighting to end, I wanted you guys to be happy." I say to her as I begin to cry again, "it wouldn't help with you being gone Lizzy, the government would take me away, I'd be back with mom and Darren and none of this would matter." hug her and apologize, "you should call Abel." Chuck says to me. I nod and thank her again, "I know I'm a bitch, I'm sorry Chuck." I say to her wiping my tears. She nods, "everytime you are I just try not to think about it." she says, "I'm gonna go call him." I say going upstairs. I find his contact and call him, going straight to voicemail. I call him a few more times but each time I'm sent to voicemail. I sigh get changed and go back downstairs where Chuck was sitting on the couch, "I'm going to Abel's, don't go anywhere." I say her after I grab my Jean jacket and putting it on. "Okay, good luck." She says. I smile and thank her, leaving her. I go to my Mercedes this time and drive to Abel's apartment building. I unlock the door using the key he gave me and his dogs greet me by jumping on me, "down," I say to them. They eventually listen and run to Abel's room. I follow them and I see Abel slumped over his laptop, "Abel, you okay?" I ask him, he doesn't answer but i see him breathing so I'm not concerned. I look at what he's writing and see it's lyrics to a song. It says it's written for an album called house of balloons, "Abel." I say pushing him gently. He wakes up slowly and looks up to me, rolling his eyes once he knows. "Come on Abel..." I say in a pleading voice. He turns to look away from me and I sigh, "Abel, I-I'm sorry..." I say to him, "you're sorry? That's all you can say? I guess I was right huh?" He says throwing the magazine he was laying on at me with me on the front with Barrie and Francesco, 'Carmen with all her men.' It said, "Abel-" "I shouldn't have trusted you!" "Abel, we weren't even together remember?! Friends with benefits, no strings attached!" I say to him angrily. "Easy for you to say, I fucking loved you!" He yells at me, "god just stop fucking yelling!" I say to him he's reminding me of, Darren. I feel tears running down my cheeks and beginning to shake, "Carmen, stop faking!" Abel says angrily, "I-I'm not..." I say scared. His face softens and he pulls me into his arms and hugs me rubbing my back, "I-I'm sorry Tesfaye, I'm a bad person, I'm an ugly stupid idiot." I say into his shirt, "you're not Carmen, stop..." Abel says rubbing my back soothingly, I just wanted to be with him I felt better in his arms. I feel my tears seeping into his Shirt, "do you love me?" he asks me. "I don't know..." I mumbled. He pushes me away, "I'll see you later Carmen..." he says annoyed, "come to my house later please..." "Carmen-" "Chuck won't be home alright? It'll be just us, we can talk..." I say to him desperately, "fine, I'll be there later." he says annoyed.
I have a few drinks and luckily Chuck tells me going to hang out with her friends or something. While I'm waiting for Abel I truly to think about what I could actually say to him. He finally came and I smile as he came to the couch, "hey." I said happily, "hi..." he mumbled. We both looked at each other nervously and I hugged him, "I'm sorry..." I tell him, "I was crazy. I don't know what happened..." I say holding him against me, "Me neither..." he said slightly angry "I-I didn't know you actually loved me...I'm sorry-" He pulled me close to him and he kisses me, "every song reminds me of you..." he says then continuing to kiss me,  Not sure what to do I let him and kiss back holding his head for him to get more. I "W-what are you doing?" I say feeling his thumb rubbing back and forth, going up slowly to my inner thighs. "I'll love you more than anyone else ever did..." He mumbles looking into my eyes. I gasp as his hand was inches away from my pussy, "Carmen, you're alright with this?" He asked looking at me, I nod and bite my lip, "I-I just forgot how you felt..." I mumbled as his touch on my thigh goes a little higher. "Does anyone ever touch you like this..?" He asks and drags his fingertips across my thigh gently. "N-No..." I stutter out as I feel myself get very horny. He pulls me closer by my thighs and were inches apart now, "did you love me Carmen..?" Abel asks as he pulls me into a kiss. I can tell he wants more, his hands go to my face as he slides his tongue into my mouth, I was surprised by him but kiss back anyway letting out a moan of pleasure as our tongues fight for dominance. He breaks away and begins to kiss me again, but soon pulls away from me a bit, placing his arms around my waist. He rubs up and down my back and cups my face gently. He kisses me softly making the kiss short and sweet and he continues doing this until I put my arms around him and make our kiss deeper. We begin to make out again and everything leaves my mind but Abel. He puts a hand in my hair to kiss me harder and more passionately. I moan as he squeezes my ass and thrusts his hard cock against me. I needed him, more and more by the minute, I put my tongue deeper into his mouth causing him to moan. I smirk and we fight for dominance again. I let him win, wanting to know what he was planning. "Oh...Abel..." I moan as I break the kiss and he begins to kiss down my neck. His hands run past my ass and grab the back of my thighs pulling them around his waist. He walks us towards the stairs as he continues to kiss down my neck until he reaches my breasts. I close my eyes and put my hands into his hair as i feel his mouth on my collarbones, sucking and biting down causing to moan and let my head fall back. I feel his hand snake behind me and unzip my dress pulling it off as quickly as possible. I Feel him kiss down my chest as he undoes my bra letting  it fall to the floor with my other clothes. "Abel..." I let out a moan as his mouth finds my nipple biting and sucking at it. He begins to thrust his dick against my panties, causing me more pleasure. "Oh god Abel!" I moan loudly holding his shoulders, "say it Elizabeth, you're mine, only mine Elizabeth..." He growls against my other nipple taking it into his mouth and sucking. His fingers go to my lace panties and pull them off, "Fuck Tesfaye! I'm yours..." I moan as he cups my burning pussy in his hand, "Fuck, you're so wet wet for me." He grunts rubbing my clit causing me to cry out and dig my nails into his shitty Tupac shirt, "Abel...please, please I need you...please..." I beg and moan as I feel my body on fire. He smirks and starts walking up the stairs again pulling off his shirt as he does throwing it somewhere. We're finally in my room and he puts me on the bed. He stares at me as he strips the rest of his clothes. I pull him on top of me and run my hands down his body until they reach his hard cock. I rub his tip slowly already feeling pre cum dripping off him, "Carmen..." He mumbles as he watches me. I smirk at him and begin to rub him slowly a little bit harder each time I go back up. "Fuck...fuck C-Carmen..." He groans as he trusts into my hand, I take in the sight in front of me, Abel on his back, his eyes tightly shut as he begged me for more. I smirk and lick his tip. Abel's eyes open as he feels my mouth on him. I start to take more of him and i feel his hand in my hair. He guides me the way he wants and thrusts up into my mouth, "Elizabeth...stop...I'm gonna cum..." He moans running his hand trough my hair. I smirk and continue wanting him to. I moan on him one he grips my hair roughly pushing me farther on him. I feel him hit the back of my throat, "Carmen stop please..." He moans helplessly. I smirk and pull off of him with a loud pop. He pushes me onto the bed and kisses me again, then trails his lips down my neck to my sweet spot, sucking and biting down causing me to moan and grab at his hair. I arch my back and thrust my hips towards him causing his dick to slide against my throbbing core. "Fuck Carmen..." Abel mumbles against my neck as he kisses down to my pussy. He licks my clit and I moan grabbing his head and pulling him closer, "fuck Abel..." I moan grabbing at his shoulders dragging my nails down his back. I grind myself against his face as he eats me out, "fuck oh god more Abel!" I moan. He smirks and licks my slit then pushing his tongue back into me, "You taste so good Carmen..." Abel says sending vibrations through my body "mmhm Abel..." "Did he ever eat you out like this Elizabeth?" Abel says as he gently bites down on my clit, "oh...fuck no Abel! Fuck! You're fucking amazing...i need to agh..." I moaned as I came on him. He smirks and laps up my juices, then coming back up to me kissing me, I feel him push my legs apart and slide a finger into me. I moan and hold onto him tightly until I get comfortable, "more baby..." I mumbled pulling him into a kiss. He pushes two more fingers into me causing me to moan, "I miss you...everything about you Elizabeth..." He mumbles fucking me with his fingers while rubbing my clit quickly, "I miss you too..." I admitted gripping his shoulders tightly as he adds a fourth finger, "fuck oh my god..." I moaned digging my red nails into his skin. He moans and kisses me thrusting his fingers in and out quickly. My stomachs burning again and I let out a loud moan as I released on him, "fuck baby you're so good for me..." Abel mumbles licking my juices off his fingers, "Abel I need you to fuck me right now..." I mumbled pulling him closer to me and kissing him. I feel him break the kiss and feel him rub my side soothingly as he pushes the head of his cock into my body, I still wasn't used to him, "fuck Carmen you're so tight..." Abel mumbles as he pushes in farther. I moan and grab at his arms causing little half moons all over his body from my nails. He waits for me to adjust and he feels me relax. He pulls out and pushes into me slowly he continues this until I tell him to fuck me hard and not to stop. He smiles and does what I ask going fast and hard until I feel him hit my g spot, "oh my god Abel!" I scream and scratch his back. He smirks and thrusts in as hard and as fast as he could. I feel the burning feeling in my stomach and scream out Abel's name and grab his ass tightly as I cum on him. He kisses me and moans letting his thrusts get sloppier as he comes inside of me saying my name as he finishes. He collapses on my chest, not giving a fuck, "Fuck Abel..." I mumbled as I ran my hand through his hair gently. I feel him kiss my collar bones lovingly, He pulls out of me and lays down next to me pulling me into his chest and pulling the sheets over us, "goodnight Carmen..." He says kissing me. "Goodnight..." I say my arms around him as I rest my head on his chest.

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