Chapter 57

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-5 weeks into tour, New York City-
I look around to make sure no one was around and take a shot. I know I shouldn't but I just, need the burst of energy to get through the show. Since I'm trying not doing coke or anything anymore for Abel i still needed the extra push, "Car, you almost ready?" Abel asks me through the door, I swallow down another shot quickly, "yeah! I'll be right out." I say hiding my bottle in one of my drawers. I go out to see Abel and I smile at him, "are you ready Carmen?" He asks me smiling. I smile back and nod giving him a kiss, "wish me luck baby..." I say smiling. I go onstage and perform for Abel and I's fans and then he comes out and we sing together. After we finish our songs I go into my dressing room and relax while Abel finishes up the show. When I'm alone I take a Xanax to calm myself down from the show and hopefully get some rest for the after party tonight.
I finish performing and go to my dressing room. Then getting an idea and going to Carmen's room. I see her sleeping on the couch and pick her up. I feel her put her arms around me and I smile knowing she was awake. I bring her into the bathroom and I begin to kiss her taking off my sweatshirt and pants and my underwear then reaching for the zipper on her dress pulling it down then running my hand down to her ass giving it a squeeze, "Abel," she gasps as I then push her dress to the floor then pushing off her panties, grasping her thighs firmly pulling them around my waist. I pushed her in the shower gently and closed tube door behind us as I begun to kiss down her neck towards her collarbones sucking and biting at her sensitive places I've remembered causing her to whimper and moan pushing her hands into my hair rubbing my scalp. I moan back then kiss her.
He pushes me against the door and I moan as he sucks and bites at my sensitive spots, he was driving me crazy and I think he knows it. I feel him push me against the wall in the shower turning it on as he grabs my tits from behind rubbing them gently as he kisses my jaw, "you okay?" He whispers to me. I nod and turn my head to kiss him, "I'm tired..." I mumbled rubbing my ass against his erection causing him to let out a low growl, "fuck Carmen..." he mumbles against my lips, I smirk slightly and look back towards the wall as Abel begins to kiss my earlobe gently as he pushes me against the wall more and his hand runs down my body, so close to my skin but not enough to let me feel him. His teasing only got me more turned on. He was so fucking hot, "What do you want Lizzy?" He whispers against my neck as his hand resting between my thighs. I couldn't get anything out just a moan and Abel smirks again rubbing my thighs gently so close to where I needed him, "fuck..." I mumbled as I grab his hand and bring it to my clit, "touch me Tesfaye..." I say to him, "anything for you babygirl..." he mumbles against my neck as he thrusts two of his fingers against me, rubbing small circles slowly. I let my mouth fall open and lean my head back against Abel, causing him to take the opportunity to kiss my neck. I finally feel Abel's fingers reach my entrance and my knees buckle causing me to almost fall Abel catching me. I smile and giggle, "Abel..." I gasp as he begins to push his fingers in and out slowly, "so good for me Carmen..." he whispers against my neck giving it a small kiss. I whimper and push my ass against him wanting more, "baby..." I whine causing Abel to smirk against the sweet spot on my neck, "you feel so good Abel, p-please." I beg him. He chuckles but gives in going faster. He begins to rub my clit at the same time causing me to lean my head back against his shoulder, "I love you..." I gasp holding his arm that was around my neck, "I love you too..." he mumbles kissing my forehead as his fingers brush against my g spot, "Abel!" I moan as I jolt against him. As he begins to hit it, thrusting his fingers into me faster and faster, "you're getting tighter around my fingers, you're gonna cum on my fingers Lizzy?" He asked me causing me to let out a loud moan, "f-fuck me, oh god please..." I moan. He smirked and pulled his fingers out causing me to whimper from his denial. He turns me around and kisses me pulling me against him, his cock against my sensitive clit. I pull away from Abel slightly and he runs his hand down my back grabbing my ass before running it down to the underside of my knee pulling my leg around his waist. He lines up with my entrance and pushes in slowly, "fuck..." He mumbles, "you're so fucking tight Lizzy...mmm." He waits for me to adjust and I nod letting him know that I'm okay. He smirks and begins to thrust into me slowly. I grab his shoulders and let out a small moan leaning my head back as I feel his full size fill me up. He leaned his forehead against mine as he fucked me and grabbed my hip with his free hand his nails digging into my hips, "you feel so good fuck..." he mumbled placing his forearms on either side of my head to keep himself up. We're both breathing heavily and saying each other's names in moans and grunts, Abel kissing me every time he could. I feel him hit my g spot again causing me to moan and buckle my hips into him, "f-fuck Abel yes, j-just like that..." I mumble placing my hand into his hair and rubbing his scalp, "so fucking good Abel..." I mumbled lightly dragging my nail across his chest, "C-Car..." he mumbles pulling me into a kiss. I knew he felt me clenching around him and I knew he was getting close too, his thrusts getting sloppier and his breath getting more shallow, "Cum for me Lizzy..." Abel mumbles rubbing my clit and one of my nipples. I moan as I feel myself coming undone and I moan out random shit along with I love you's and Abel's mane. He cums right after and moans my name. He pulls out and we stand together letting the water run down our bodies, "Carmen," He mumbles rubbing my sides, "w-what?" I mumble back looking up at him. He pulls me back into a kiss and then pulls away, "I love you..." He mumbled against me, "I love you too..." I mumble back, "we should probably get cleaned up for real now..." I say to him. He nods and the bottle of soap, squeezing some into his hands, "okay it's gonna be cold..." he says to me. I smile, "I think I can handle it Tesfaye." I say smirking. He smiles and shrugs running his hands from my chest to my hips causing me to shiver, "I told you so." He says. I roll my eyes as he continues to rub soap around my body. I do the same for him and when we're done we get out of the shower and get into different clothes for meeting fans. I sprayed perfume on myself and called Abel over, "babe do you think I look good?" I ask him, "you always look good Car." He mumbles. I roll my eyes, "Abel I need a real answer." "You look beautiful..." he mumbles kissing my temple, "Okay you ready to go babe?" Abel asks me. I nod and take his hand walking with him out of the dressing room. We go outside and greet our fans, "Carmen?" I hear someone say. I turn towards them and I see a familiar looking girl, "hi, do you want a picture?" "Yeah but do you remember me?" She asks me, "you gave me the jacket, I was 11?" She says. My eyes widen and I give her a hug, "oh my god it's been forever, how are you doing sweetie?" I ask her, "better now that I've heard your music again, I'm so glad you came back." She says with a smile. I smile back and take her phone from her taking a picture of us, "I'm glad to be back." I say smiling to her. I went over to Abel and we finished up with the fans and went to the after party. Abel went to hang out with Lamar leaving me to myself. I feel a weight on the couch and look next to me to see Chase, "what's a pretty girl like you doing here all alone?" He says with a small smirk. "oh my god Chase! You're here!" I say smiling and hugging him. He hugs back and then hands me a cup of beer, "thank you so much." I say smiling to him. We begin to talk about old movies and I told him about gigs, "how'd you get here anyway?" I asked him, "I was doing a modeling job and saw yours and Abel's names in a paper across town. I couldn't make the show but figured you wouldn't mind if I came here with you." He says. I smile and shake my head, "of course not." I say smiling. A few minutes later Abel comes in with his buddies and they disperse but Abel comes and sits next to me, "hey baby..." he mumbles kissing my cheek, "hey Abel, this is my friend Chase, Chase this is my boyfriend Abel." "Nice to meet you." Chase says extending his hand. Abel shakes it but lays his head on my shoulder slurring out something random, "baby are you okay? What did you do?" I ask him concerned, "don't worry Lanz..." he mumbles kissing my shoulder. I feel him pass out on my shoulder and he falls to the ground, "shit Abel!" I yell. Just about everyone in the party turns to see us and they gasp and talk amongst themselves, "Lamar!" I call for him. He comes over, "yo what the fuck happened?" He says looking at Abel, "what the fuck did you guys do?" "He just had a few drinks that's all." Lamar said with a shrug, "okay parties over everyone leave." I say, "Chase I'm sorry I'll talk to you later okay?" "Alright, do you want me to help you with him first?" I nod and he puts Abel's arm around his shoulder and we both carried him to our room. We put him on the bed and I thanked Chase and brought him into a tight hug. When he leaves I lay next to Abel on the bed and turn on the tv watching Sunset boulevard on Netflix. I looked at him a few times to make sure he was okay and pulled him against me. Running my hand through his hair gently. I feel my phone vibrating and pick it up, "hello?" "Hey it's Chuck, Sveta and I heard you were in town and wanted to know if you wanted to go to dinner with mom?" "Yeah maybe tomorrow, Abel and I are staying in New York for another day." "Okay can't wait love you." "Love you too." I say hanging up. I start to get up but feel Abel's grip on me tighten, "don't go..." He mumbles, "I'll be back I promise." I say to him. He lets me go and I go outside to the balcony and light a cigarette looking out at the lit New York sky line. My city was truly beautiful. I go back inside and take a shower then shut off the tv and go to bed.

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